MS-13 Drug Cartel Kidnaps And Ritually Sacrifices Man In Maryland, They Stab Him Over 100 Times Then Cut His Chest Open And Rip His Heart Out Before Dismembering His Body

Eight members of the MS-13 drug cartel were arrested after a gruesome murder in Maryland. In something straight out of a pagan Aztec ritual, they kidnapped a man and then stabbed him over 100 times before ripping his heart out according to a recent report:

As many as 10 members of the gang MS-13 stabbed a man more than 100 times in a Maryland park, ripped out his heart and buried him, officials say.

Court documents released Wednesday reveal gruesome details about the killing of a man officials in Montgomery County still have not been able to identify.

Miguel Angel Lopez-Abrego, 19, was arrested and charged with first-degree murder.

A ranking gang member told police Lopez-Abrego was the first person to stab the victim, court documents say.

The informant said that he, Lopez-Abrego and eight other MS-13 gang members lured the victim to Wheaton Regional Park this spring. For about two weeks, they planned how to get the man to go from the Annapolis area to Wheaton because they planned to kill him and dispose of his body, the informant told police.

Lopez-Abrego helped dig a grave for the victim and used a walkie-talkie to tell the other gang members when the victim had arrived, the informant told police.

Then, the gang members choked him, stabbed him more than 100 times, decapitated him and dismembered him, the informant said. They ripped his heart from his chest and threw it into the grave they dug for him.

On Sept. 5, the informant led detectives to the body. The man’s remains were where the informant said they would be, and he had injuries consistent with the torture the informant described.

Lopez-Abrego was found in North Carolina on Nov. 11 and arrested on a first-degree murder warrant. He has been extradited to Montgomery County.

Police are still working to identify the victim. In September, investigators released several photos of clothing and a rosary that were found with him. (source)

This is a horrible story, and it is terrible that this is coming to the USA however, it is no surprise. In fact, not only is it not a surprise, but American Protestant Evangelicals and specifically, those involved in the “manliness” movement” actually played a major role in facilitating its rise.

Last year, Ted of did a documentary called “Hell Across the Border” discussing the situation of the Mexican drug cartels as part of our continued efforts with the Rescue Christians project in helping the Christians of Mexico stand up to these barbaric drug cartels. One of the major cartels of concern was called Los Caballeros Templarios, or The Knights Templar. The atrocities of the Templarios were horrible, as they were involved in ritual human sacrifices, cannibalism, drug running, and kidnapping innocent people in order to harvest their organs and sell them on the black market.

The founder of the Templarios was a man by the name of Nazario Moreno, an ex-Catholic who FOUND JESUS thanks to American Evangelical Protestant missionares, and specifically the teachings of the very popular American Evangelical Johb Eldridge and his work on the “manliness movement”:

The cartel’s founder, Nazario Moreno, left his home state of Michoacán and went to the United States where he would leave the Catholic Faith and become “born again,” adhering to Hispanic evangelical preachers. Moreno became hugely influenced by the Evangelical teacher, John Eldridge, who operates from Colorado Springs, a hotbed for heresies, cultists, and American religious charismatics.

John Eldridge experienced inspiration during a hunting trip in the Sawatch mountain in Colorado, in which, he says, he was guided by “the Holy Spirit”. The Mexican writer, Humberto Padgett paralleled this spiritual experience of Eldredge with Nazario Moreno’s religious experience in the Cerro del Hungaro, or the Hungarian Hill, which lies in his hometown of Apatzingan in Michoacán. It was on this hill where Moreno began his Pensamientos, a book that shares his religious beliefs. Moreno’s book is mandatory reading for the Templar cult, as is Eldredge’s book, Wild at Heart, which served as the spiritual foundation for the Templar heresy.

While Eldredge never explicitly orders to kill anybody, his theology does act as an underpinning that would help form an ideology for a violent religious cult.

This heretic believes that “aggression” is a return to the original state of man before the fall, and not a result of the fall of man. He teaches a definite heresy in his book: that Adam lived in a wild, uncouth terrain before God placed him in the Garden of Eden. So Eldredge, by saying God moved Adam to the Garden of Eden from the rugged wilderness, blames God for weakening and pacifying man. (source)

John Eldridge, author of “Wild At Heart”, which is supposed to be a book that teaches young Christian men how to be a man in a feminized world, the reality is that as he admits in his own words, a man rediscovers his manliness by becoming like an animal living in the wild. While certainly not all people who read this book will do this, the philosophy is such that if a man desired to follow it to its logical end, this is what he would eventually embrace, and as Nazario Moreno was a serious believer, he simply followed the heresy of Eldridge to its logical end. The result was the creation of the Templarios and all of the horrors. Now while John Eldridge has not encouraged violence, he has also not renounced his work with Moreno, and he even admits shamelessly to continuing to meet with him and knowingly sell him and his cult books while Moreno was committing all of his atrocities.

But Eldridge is not the only one of such cults. There are many in Mexico and across Latin America that while proposing to be Christians, they promote merely the evils of old Mexico before its conquest and conversion:

The agendas of these pseudo-Christian cults remain conspicuous since the world thinks the killings are simply drug related. To say that drug cartels are all about drugs is the myth that is covering up the reality of the dark spiritual side; the narcoculto (narco-cult) that is converting Christians to slaughter Christians. Like ISIS these have theology, salvation ideology of self-sacrifice component of the holy warrior, spilling of blood as martyrs, rules, code of ethics, religious books, rituals … And like Muhammad began his mission in Mecca, it all started when such cults provided representation for the poor taking over all functions formerly administered by society. (source)

John Eldridge is a “Christian” and so are these groups, but the Christianity they teach would seem to be a gateway to paganism, for instead of raising a man up from his animal nature to a divine nature, it debases him to embrace his animal nature even if it comes at the expense of his divine one. This is an absolute gateway to all the pagan heresies of the ancient world, where a man’s value came through the perception of power and wealth he had and his ability to parktake of the most bestial aspects of life. To the ancient pagans, even the “civilized” ones, a man’s humanity was found in embracing barbarity. This idea that a civilization must become a society of barbarians in order to elevate it is a paradox and monstrous heresy, and is the exact teaching of Jack Donovan, a homosexual and anti-Christian pagan with ties to the National Socialist movement who is a central speaker on the “manliness” circuit.

Jack Donovan speaking at Richard Spencer’s “National Policy Institute,” thus again underscoring the connections between National Socialism and the “manliness” movement that we have spoken about.

Jack Donovan’s hallmark book, The Way of Men, speaks specifically to this idea, about becoming a barbarian and embracing a new form of ancient and Christian-hating paganism of old.

The barbarity of these Central American drug cartels is not an accident. It is the direct product of a return to paganism, which has been promoted in their nation and in the USA. In the Americas, it began with heretical Christian sects attacking the Catholic Church attempting to make their particular sect wealthy and expand its influence. Since all heresy inevitably leads to a return to paganism or Islamization, what has happened in Mexico is a gradual return of the old Aztec ways. In the USA, this in manifested in the decline of “Christianity” and its replacement with nationalism.

It is terrible what happened to this man and that it happened in the USA, for the rise of the drug cartels is no good for any one. However, this did not happen by accident, and many times these pagan drug cartels were created by the vacuums formed by the very same American Protestants who called the Catholic Church pagan even though it was she who destroyed the paganism of the Aztecs in the first place.