The Trump Administration Declares That The US Will Stay In Syria To Now Defeat Assad. This Is Only Going To Help Turkey And Revive The Ottoman Empire

By Theodore Shoebat

The United States armed Turkey to the teeth, so that it could be the superpower in the Middle East. Now, the US is staying in Syria to go against Assad, and this is being done to help Turkey control the region, which will only lead to a revived Ottoman Empire and the resurgence of genocidal policies the likes of which the world saw in the Armenian Genocide. 

All of you believed that Trump was not going to continue the military policies that were done under the Bush and Obama administrations, but you were all wrong. Now the Trump administration wants to stay in Syria, and its not to defeat ISIS — since ISIS has been pretty much vanquished by Syrian, Russian and Iranian forces — no, its to defeat Assad. As a Washington Post source says:

“An abrupt US withdrawal could complete Assad’s sweep of Syrian territory and help guarantee his political survival – an outcome that would constitute a win for Iran, his close ally. To avoid that outcome, US officials say they plan to maintain a US troop presence in northern Syria… and establish new local governance, apart from the Assad government, in those areas”

The Trump administration is saying that it is “expanding its goals” from just ‘fighting ISIS’ to now fighting Assad. Assad’s forces have been completely burdened since 2011 with fighting not just ISIS, but a flood of savage Islamic rebels who have been unleashing a reign of terror on the Syrian people for all these years. Assad’s forces have been so exhausted by all of these years of fighting rebels armed and backed by the US, now the US wants to stomp on the weary fingers of the Syrian government while it is barely hanging off the edge of the cliff.

ISIS is the result of US foreign policy, since by removing Saddam, and by arming rebels against the Assad regime, terrorists were enabled to come together for their jihadist cause. Since 2014, ISIS was being used by the Americans as the boogeyman to justify a further US presence in the Middle East, all in the name of bringing order. The war in a Iraq left a bitter taste in the mouths of Americans, even those who initially supported the war in the early 2000s.

But thousands of American soldiers dead, the increase of Islamic terrorism, the persecution of Christians and the massacres heard about and seen in videos taking place in the Middle East, has left the American populace, for the most part, adverse to war. So, when American politicians talked about going into the Middle East, they could not justify this with talks of regime change, but rather, on the basis of ‘fighting radical Islamic terrorism’ (a term used a lot by Ted Cruz).

The US government had to use this scheme in order to gain the favor of the American populace for military activity. Remember when the Republican candidates were all vying for the Republican nomination, they were all talking about crushing Islamic terrorism, and really being excessive about it, with Trump and all of the gang vowing that they would utterly destroy the jihad.

In 2016 Trump said: “I will quickly and decisively bomb the hell out of ISIS … I would bomb the shit out of them.” And remember Ted Cruz’s words: “I will utterly defeat radical Islamic terrorism”. I am here to tell you that all of this jargon is nonsense, said to excite the crowds of American nationalists in fear of an army of malnourished Somalis invading their neighborhoods. The constant jargon of ‘destroying Islamic terrorism,’ was done to justify one thing, and one thing only: keeping US military presence for regime change in Syria.

The American government knew that they had to change their strategy a bit to get the populace on the side of military action. They could not just come out and say, ‘We are going to get rid of Assad,’ because Assad is fighting the Islamic rebels (armed by the US and NATO), and the American people would have no positive view on removing such a leader whose actions bear no threat to the United States. The US government used the emotional reaction from the 9/11 attacks to justify the Iraq war. And even though Saddam had nothing to do with 9/11, it worked very well in the beginning, because of the fact that thousands of Americans were slaughtered on US soil, and the American people wanted to see Middle Eastern blood spilt, regardless of who was being bombed, people wanted to see blood.

ISIS is to Syria what 9/11 was for the justification of the Iraq War. As the US government needed a terrorist attack to justify the invasion of Iraq, so they used ISIS to justify a US intervention in Syria. Trump talked about working with Assad to fight ISIS, because ISIS supposedly was the big priority. Well, now that ISIS is gone you would think that the US would leave. No. The US is sticking around, notwithstanding Trump’s statement during his campaign that he would work with Assad to stop ISIS.

Did Trump lie? Is Trump being overpowered? These questions are asked by the public. But here is the reality: in American politics, parties change but policy does not. What is happening in Syria is the same policy that we saw when Obama was president; nothing has changed, except for the tone of voice in the propaganda lines. From the soft spoken Obama now we have the loud mouth and jock like Trump, with nothing changing as far as policy goes.

The US wants to remove Assad from Syria, in order to enable the NATO superpower, Turkey, to control the Middle East. In the 1980s, the US armed Turkey, immensely, making it the second most armed country in NATO. This was done under Operation Gladio, in which the CIA and European secret service agencies were recruiting, arming and training neo-Nazis and ultra-nationalists in Europe, all under the guise of ‘fighting Russia.’

With Turkey gaining more and more power, this is only going to give rise to the Islamic caliphate, a revived Ottoman Empire, and genocidal policies that will consist of a mixture of both Islamic anti-Christian ideology and eugenics (as was the case in the Armenian Genocide).

As we showed in our last article on the Max Planck Institute, the Turkish government promotes, not just Islam, but Darwinism as well, and funds eugenist experiments, such as dissecting murdered unborn infants.

As we also showed in the article, both the Turks and the Germans are working together to create military robots, and both the Turks and the Germanians are collaborating in advancing eugenist objectives. What happened before the conquest of Constantinople? Hungarian and German engineers created the biggest cannon of that time, for the Ottoman Empire’s expansionist plans. The Ottomans used the cannon to break the walls of Constantinople, ending the Eastern half of the Christian Roman Empire.

We will see the same activity in the future, but in a much greater, technological scale, with genocide and enslavement being the end goal of these evil doers of Turkey and the Germanic militarists, and the Western technocracy. Cain murdered his brother with a rock, and those possessed by the spirt of Cain today, continue the same evil but with a greater means by which to do evil.

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