Pope Francis Declares To Politicians ‘Stop Attacking The Migrants, You Are Just Fomenting Racism and Violence’

Pope Francis released a statement in which he asked for politicians to stop ‘fomenting fear of migrants,’ calling their actions as sowing ‘violence and racism’ across Europe:

Pope Francis on Friday excoriated politicians who foment fear of migrants, saying they were sowing violence and racism, and urged them to “practice the virtue of prudence” to help them integrate.

The pope, who has made defense of migrants and refugees a major plank of his papacy, made his comments in a message prepared for the Roman Catholic Church’s World Day of Peace, which is celebrated on Jan. 1 each year.

The message, whose title for 2018 is “Migrants and Refugees: Men and Women in Search of Peace,” is traditionally sent to heads of state and government and international institutions.

The message is being released as migration has become a top political issue in countries including Australia, Canada, United States, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Sweden, and Germany, among other western countries.

“Many destination countries have seen the spread of rhetoric decrying the risks posed to national security or the high cost of welcoming new arrivals, and doing so demeans the human dignity due to all as sons and daughters of God,” he wrote.

Pope Francis on Friday excoriated politicians who foment fear of migrants, saying they were sowing violence and racism, and urged them to “practice the virtue of prudence” to help them integrate.

The pope, who has made defense of migrants and refugees a major plank of his papacy, made his comments in a message prepared for the Roman Catholic Church’s World Day of Peace, which is celebrated on Jan. 1 each year.

The message, whose title for 2018 is “Migrants and Refugees: Men and Women in Search of Peace,” is traditionally sent to heads of state and government and international institutions.

The message is being released as migration has become a top political issue in countries including Australia, Canada, United States, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Sweden, and Germany, among other western countries.

“Many destination countries have seen the spread of rhetoric decrying the risks posed to national security or the high cost of welcoming new arrivals, and doing so demeans the human dignity due to all as sons and daughters of God,” he wrote. (source)

There is much to be said that is critical about the Muslims and other recent people who have been brought to Europe. As we and others have documented, there are many “refugees” who openly destroy the free things they have been given at taxpayer expense, who neither possess nor attempt any drive to integrate into society, and whose presence has done little more than breed crime and social decay. Nothing of this at call can be said to be incorrect, and there are mountains of evidence at this point to support it.

However, as it has been pointed out before, the “recent arrivals” absolutely, without question must be understood in the context of HOW they arrived in Europe. Such people are incapable of traveling to that nation of their own for the most part, especially in large numbers, and as such there is no other way they could have arrived that to have been brought there by an outside subsidy. That is exactly what has been happening as well. Thus one must remember that in light of the European situation, the social problems it continues to face with the Muslims and others is not one of invasion, but one that was manufactured and tolerated. Europe is literally “importing” its own problems because, as we have said before, they are using it in conjuntion with economic stress and at the current time, minor political fractures in order to justify the rise of a new social and political order which will necessitate a war, militarism, and the return of eugenics.

An excellent example of this political crisis is the current religious situation that one sees growing in the controversy between Catholics who are “mainstream” versus the SSPX.

Now make no mistake, there are a lot of serious issues involving Pope Francis and heresy that definately need to be investigated and have been reported on by many Catholic individuals, such as the absolute scandal connected to the Amoris Laetita document regarding homosexuality and the fact that Pope Francis, having bee publicly challenged about his views in a formal arrangement by various Cardinals charged with maintaining doctrine for his heresies, has openly refused to follow proper procedure and respond. These are very serious issues and must not be ignored, and many members and supporters of the SSPX have been instrumental in bringing these issues to public discussion.

However, at the same time, there are also issues with the SSPX that are of practically and equally serious nature, and these issues are not theological, and nor are they connected to the organization’s many ties with National Socialist groups, but financial.

It is a known fact that throughout Church history, there have always been struggles over money and power, and these are well-documented. In the current day, this a particular issue with the SSPX because there is absolutely NO financial transparency regarding the organization, and the more one looks into the group’s finances, the more questions that one naturally asks. For example, where does the SSPX money go? We know that it goes to an account in Switzerland, but what is that account? Who oversees it, how much is there, has it been audited, and how do we know the money is being spent properly? This does not even include issues such as the distribution of church property holdings, business transactions, and personal or social expendatures, including the support of groups and causes that may be against Catholic teaching.

I am not saying this to absolve the Vatican’s current or past issues with finance. As mentioned above, there is a LONG history of these issues that is well-documented and given the situation today, the Vatican’s finances again need to be audited and cleaned because certain men with evil intentions are using them for corrupt purposes. That said, if the corruption found in the larger Church is indeed a serious issue today, then such corruption is only expected naturally to be magnified in smaller groups with even less oversight, given historical experience.

It is of interesting note to say that, speaking on a financial level, there is a tie between the Rothschild Family, a wealthy Jewish banking family and one of the richest on earth, if not the richest, and the SSPX. The connection comes through the Gutmann family, which is blood-tied to the Rotschild family since the 19th century. Both are of Jewish extraction, and through a combination of industry and finance, the two families exerted considerable power and influence over European politics.

In modern times, the tie comes through a man named Guntard Gutmann:

Cathrin Gutmann exudes positive energy. When you see her competing in Hunter Under Saddle, she presents a picture of elegance and poise, clad in tasteful show outfits that complement her top Quarter Horse contenders. But there is much more than meets the eye when it comes to this young, energetic mother and competitor. She is a true Renaissance woman, whether she is playing with her adorable three year-old daughter, Emilie, competing with her string of blue-blooded Quarter Horses, or immersing herself in the extensive restoration of Gut Jaidhof, the historic family seat in Austria.

Having been married for almost four years to investment banker Baron Guntard Gutmann, Cathrin’s story seems like a tale from a Disney movie. She met the dashing Baron Guntard when she was 19 years old and was smitten from the start. A courtship followed, and despite a twenty-year age difference, they are a strong couple, sharing a love of their daughter, their pug, Lui, horses, the outdoors, and their historic land holdings at Gut Jaidhof. Though she’s still in her twenties, this busy, thoroughly modern woman deftly juggles the role of being Baronen Cathrin with motherhood, the restoration of the vast, 6,500-acre estate, and competing with American Quarter Horses at the elite level in both the U.S. and Europe.

Cathrin is linked through marriage to one of the most interesting and historically influential families in Europe. Baron Guntard Gutmann’s family has ancestral ties to the powerful Rothschild banking empire. The Gutmann family made their fortune in coal and steel before fleeing to South America during the Nazi genocide in Europe. Cathrin explains, “Because my husband’s family is Jewish, the Nazis seized their 35,000 acre estate that had been in the family since the mid-1800s. They also confiscated the family’s steel mills, which employed over 80,000 people. The Nazis used the steel mills to produce tanks and armor during World War II and turned Gut Jaidhof into a training camp. My husband’s family was forced to flee to South America to save their lives.”

The Gutmann family survived the war and shortly thereafter began to reclaim their family holdings in Austria.

“Because Austria was split four ways after the war, the section that held Gut Jaidhof and the steel mill had been claimed by Russia,” Cathrin says. “In 1947, after the war, Baron Wolfgang von Gutmann had to actually buy back the family property that was taken from them. The family has been able to retain about 6,500 of the original 35,000 acres. Because the steel mill had been nationalized, the family could not get it back from Russia.” A few years ago, Cathrin’s husband inherited the estate from his aunt, and the couple embarked on a major effort to restore the property to its former grandeur. “My husband’s aunt deeded the family castle to the Catholic Church, and we have been working very hard to do a historically sensitive restoration to the rest of the property including the manor house, out-buildings, and barns,” Cathrin says. “There were many families that lost everything to the Nazis, so we were fortunate to get this beautiful property back.”

Cathrin describes the physical and emotional effort needed to take on such a daunting project. “There were still many ghosts from the Nazi occupation on the estate,” she says. “For example, there is a beautiful riding hall that was built at Gut Jaidhof in the 1800s. It has big, soaring windows and tons of natural light, but the Nazis had built a second floor across the riding arena and turned it into a training center. When we inherited the property, it was a very dark place, both physically and historically. I knew we had to change that and cleanse the estate of the Nazi influences.”

Thus far, the couple has completed a meticulous restoration of the manor house, original riding hall, added a separate modern 30×60-meter indoor arena, and converted and updated some of the existing barns. A smaller barn houses Cathrin’s multiple champion Quarter Horses and a sprawling Tudor-style barn houses boarding horses and an 11-stall equine medical and rehabilitation clinic, The Salutory. “Equine rehabilitation is not yet as advanced in Europe as it is in the United States, so I’m very excited to have The Salutary here as a tenant,” Cathrin says.

“They do amazing work.” The clinic, which opened in March of 2014, offers lameness diagnostics, biomechanics, physiotherapy, and rehabilitation. (source)

There is much here that is of suspicion, but pay particular attention to the “Jaidhof Foundation” which was the owner of the Gutmann family’s Jaidhof Castle. Interestingly, the Castle was used as a “relocation camp” by the National Socialists in the Second World War, and then it was given to the SSPX in the 1970s, as the website itself mentions

The Jaidhof Palace, which has been in a classical façade since the 19th century, was probably founded as early as the Babenberg period. The builder of the originally castle-like Jaidhofes is unknown.
In the year 1381 the “Jaedhoff” is mentioned for the first time. In the following centuries, the rule Gföhl -Jaidhof was pledged. During this time, the pledge owners never lived in Jaidhof, which meant that he fell more and more. After 1662, a brisk expansion activity occurs when Georg Ludwig Graf von Sinzendorf acquires the rule Gföhl to Jaidhof and thus also the castle.

Around 1800, redevelopment and new buildings were made at the castle.

In 1834 Georg Freiherr von Sina bought the Gut Gföhl with Jaidhof and in 1847 the goods Imbach, Droß and Rehberg.

Starting in 1884, Max Ferstel and Wilhelm Ritter von Gutmann carried out further renovations and new buildings, which brought the castle almost to its present form. His son Bergrat Dr. Max Ritter von Gutmann (around 1900) completed the structural alterations. Until 1938, the castle was property.

From 1938 to 1945 it was used as Gauschulungsburg, relocation camp and barracks. After the Second World War, the Russian occupying forces were quartered.
Until 1970, the castle was inhabited by the estate. In 1985 it was leased indefinitely by the owner, Mrs. Rosa Gutmann, to the Society of St. Pius X, founded by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, and after her death she became the property of the Society of St. Pius X.

On November 24, 2003, the wife Baroness Rosa v. Gutmann and was buried on 9 December 2003 in the family vault in Vienna-Döbling to rest. (source)

Why did the Gutmann family, a family with centuries old blood ties to the world’s most infamous banking family who has a known hatred of the Catholic Church, suddenly gift a major property to NOT the Catholic Church, but the SSPX in particular?

Interestingly, the SSPX has spoken about its tied to the Gutmann family. But this is not a discussion of their land holdings- it is that they openly have admitted to The Remnant Newspaper that the SSPX is directly linked through a series of trusts with the Gutmann family’s Jaidhof Foundation, and the Remnant specifically said they did the interview in order to ‘allay fears’ that the SSPX was indeed being administered by anti-Catholic agents:

Several years ago, internet rumors began to circulate about a scandal brewing inside the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX).  According to these rumors, in early 2009, a Jewish Freemason named Maximilian Krah was appointed to the board of a newly founded corporation.  This corporation was to serve as the financial vehicle for the investments of the SSPX.  The board included the Superior General of the SSPX, Bishop Fellay, his first assistant, Fr. Nicholas Pfluger, the SSPX Bursar General, Fr. Emeric Baudot, and the purported Jewish Freemason, Maximilian Krah, who had a general power of attorney and hence access to the funds.

As coincidence would have it, the founding of this corporation coincided with the airing of the now famous interview with Bishop Williamson, in which he provided his personal opinion regarding certain aspects of the Holocaust.  The interview was subsequently aired on television in Germany, a country that requires an absolute unthinking adherence to the purported facts associated with the Holocaust, the questioning or denial of which constitutes “holocaust denial” – a crime punishable by fines and up to five years in prison.  When Bishop Williamson dared to question several of the purported facts, during a television interview, quite literally all hell broke loose.  Dr. Krah, himself a lawyer, was entrusted with the task of locating a criminal attorney to defend Bishop Williamson.  Additional rumors began to circulate over Dr. Krah’s choice of an attorney to represent Bishop Williamson, and increased when Bishop Williamson decided to hire a different lawyer to defend himself.

More rumors concerning Dr. Krah have continued to spread across the internet ever since.  Message forums are filled with speculation, and websites and blogs have been set up in multiple languages to cover the latest events in what has come to be known as “Krahgate”.  But interestingly, as I performed an internet search of the rumors in order to prepare this opening commentary, I realized that the rumors, while heavy on speculation and insinuation, are light on specifics, and even lighter on evidence.  There is a lot of name-calling, but very little in the way of substantive accusations.  One recent rumor, which seems to be based on a picture that has surfaced, is that Dr. Krah is a Zionist and might even be a secret Mossad agent.  Although I did not follow the events of “Krahgate” very closely myself, I am aware that Dr. Krah’s reputation is less than revered among many SSPX faithful, and within certain circles ranks somewhere between that of Lucifer and Beelzebub.

With this brief background in mind, let us fast forward to The Angelus Press Conference, which was held at the Marriot Hotel in Kansas City, Missouri, during the weekend of October 19th through the 21st – a  conference that I happened to attend.

On the first evening of the event, while on my way to cocktail hour, I struck up a conversation with a man in the elevator.  We continued our conversation as we made our way to the Pavilion, which was set up on the water behind the hotel, for the Conference attendees.  The gentleman and I continued our discussion as we proceeded to the bar for a glass of wine.  At some point, we realized that we had not formally introduced ourselves.  It was then that I learned the identity of the man I was speaking with, and it was none other than Maximilian Krah himself!  As he stated his now famous, or should we say infamous name, one could almost hear the screeching noise from the Psycho shower scene sounding in the background.

I spent the remainder of the evening, and indeed the entire weekend, getting to know Dr. Krah.  We discussed the Faith, the situation in the Church, the current events within the Society, and even our personal opinions on the best way of dealing with the present crisis of Faith that we are living through.  Of course, we also discussed the many rumors circulating on the internet about him.  Needless to say, he was well aware of them.  He was more than happy to discuss them, and even seemed somewhat relieved to be able to finally give his side of the story.

Dr Krah, was baptized Catholic as a baby and raised in the Faith, and his parents were married by his uncle, who was a Catholic Priest.  Dr. Krah, who is now 35 years old, found his way to Tradition in his early to mid- 20’s; and, after a brief pass through the Indult, has been a regular attendee of a Society chapel ever since.

Over the weekend I got to know Dr. Krah fairly well.  We ate together, spent the evenings socializing, and he rode with me to the Pontifical High Mass at St. Vincent’s Church, which was celebrated by Bishop Fellay.  During the course of the weekend, as he would meet new people, I would observe their reaction as he told them his name, and then the conversation would usually turn to the rumors.

Siscoe: Another company name that is mentioned is Jaidhofer Foundation. Can you discuss this company?

Krah:  Yes, this is linked with the SSPX, and it is absolutely no secret.  There is a family in Austria which wanted to donate to the SSPX, but did not want to donate directly.  They wanted to establish a foundation that would support the SSPX.  And in every foundation you need some trustees.  It’s a kind of trust, and I am one of the trustees.  I was chosen by the family who established the foundation, firstly because I am a Traditional Catholic attorney with links to the SSPX, and secondly because of my professional record.  This foundation is supporting the SSPX and using the money which was donated by this family. As an example, it is supporting the new Seminary project in Virginia.  It has nothing to do with individual donations people give to the SSPX.  Everything we do is completely transparent.  We are supervised both by the General House of the SSPX, and by the Austrian tax authority, because we are philanthropic, and that means we are tax free.  We must always open our books to the public authorities.  So we have two supervisors, so to say, and everything we do is completely transparent and clean.

The interview is lengthy, and well worth the read to completion.

If one searches for “Jaidhof Foundation,” there is no webpage on the Internet for it.

Am I saying there is a direct conspiracy by these mere sources? No. However, there are more questions that are raised than answered.

We know as a historical fact that the Rothschilds were directly tied to the National Socialists. How curious it is that the SSPX, which as we have discussed also has National Socialist ties, is so heavily backed by members of the Rothschild family. This is opposed to giving such monies and properties to the Church or diocese as opposed to a splinter group within the Church. Why so much emphasis on the SSPX?

Why is there no information available about the Jaidhof Foundation and its finances, or other groups tied to it? What about other connections that the SSPX has with this family and its holdings, as well as members of the family sitting in positions of legal or financial power in the organization?

Why did so many members of the Gutmann family flee to south America? After all, while many people of good will fled there, it was also a MAJOR place of refuge for former National Socialists.

While the Gutmann family raises horses now, they speak of “biomechanics” with regard to horse training. Are any of the ‘biomechanical’ works tied to other medical organizations or individuals, and if so, who or what are they and what are their past and present associations?

Gutmann speaks of the family having to “buy back” their holding after World War II, which was precisely the modus operandi of the National Socialists, having stored their money in Swiss Bank accounts during the War. What other details are about this and the SSPX’s financial connections to the Swiss banking system?

These questions, and many others, ultimately speak to a greater question that few in the Traditionalist movement want to ask: Who is running the SSPX? 

Now this is not new information in the absolute sense of the word, for as noted, this scandal has been ongoing since at least 2009. However, it is rarely, if ever, being discussed. Instead, the perspective being propagated today is one of GOOD AND RIGHT CONSERVATIVE SSPX vs HERETICAL APOSTATE EVIL NO GOOD NOVUS ORDO FRANCIS.

Again, there is MUCH to be said in the way of criticizing Francis- a criticism that is well deserved, necessary, and important because the evil is open and obvious. However, the SSPX has many scandals too, and given their relative size and proportion to the greater Catholic community and in the context of Catholic history, the organization may have an equally grave scandal in terms of supporting the very causes they claim to oppose, and about which the truth of the matter is only being obscured and compounded by the complete lack of transparency in the group.

In this way, one can look and the situation in the Church today with the same eyes that one can see the current “refugee crisis.” Francis and his scandals are similar to the open scandals of the “refugees”. The dysfunction is open, everybody can see it, nobody can deny it, and it is clearly wrong. However, the emphasis is that while it is wrong, it is a transparent wrong- there is no hiding it.

As we have pointed out, there are many people of good will who are against the dysfunction on the “opposite side”, but the closer one looks the more one realizes that the dysfunction is the same and possibly worse. Those opposing the “migrants,” at least at the top leadership, are supporting a return to paganism and the same philosophy of the National Socialists. Their dysfunction is covered with a veneer of truth, because while many things that the National Socialists say today are objectively true, they say them not because they believe in truth, but because they seek to use the truth to expand their own power without actual regard for it. I am not saying absolutely that the SSPX is doing this- what I am saying is there is a parallel here in the Church that eerily reflects the political situation of today that is not being addressed, and a deeper investigation into the matter is absolutely needed, as well as a clear audit of the SSPX finances in order to see more clearly the organizations associations and transactions.

Pope Francis is clearly not the best pope that the Church has had, and there are a lot of problems with the “migrants” to Europe. However, one must be careful not to over focus on the obvious problems while ignoring the equally serious and sometimes greater ones that are more subtle and less able to detect because they are covered with a veneer of truth.