Christians Deserve To Get Destroyed By The LGBT Agenda Because They Refuse To Take Personal Responsibility Regarding Those Who Promote It

The LGBT agenda is spreading everywhere, and in another move, the Disney Channel has introduced the first “trans princess” character in the character of a boy who is a “princess.” The LGBT are lauding it, and Christian groups have condemned it:

The Disney XD channel has introduced the company’s first male princess on the same show that previously drew controversy for featuring the first same-sex kisses. reported that a recent episode of “Star vs. The Forces of Evil” featured the character of Marco Diaz disguising himself as a princess named Turdina, in what LGBT-friendly outlets called a bold statement.

“Marco is about to reveal his truth to the students when Ms. Heinous storms in and outs him herself, pulling down his shirt to reveal a strand of chest hair. But the other princesses stand by Marco’s side,” detailed.

“That doesn’t prove anything. Princesses can be hairy,” one princess shouts.

“Why does it matter if he’s a boy? Nothing he said was wrong,” another exclaims.

Others state “Turdina is a state of mind” and “He can be a princess if he wants to!”

Huffington Post’s Queer Voices section called it a “beautiful moment and one that could be incredibly influential for kids who are soaking up social cues about what it means to be a boy or a girl ― or any gender in between ― and what supposedly is or isn’t possible because of how they identify.”

In February, the same Disney XD show featured a scene with same-sex couples kissing.

Conservative groups, such as the American Family Association, have warned that Disney’s portrayal of gay characters is dangerous and could have “grave and eternal consequences.”

“It is not Disney’s place to assume the role of parents deciding when to confront children with alternative lifestyles. I’m not saying that it’s wrong for children to know that gays and lesbians exist, only that parents should be the ones to tell them. Disney should not circumvent parents on this matter,” said Ed Vitagliano, AFA executive vice president.

“It has grave — and perhaps eternal — consequences.”

The Disney Channel recently also featured it’s first ever gay storyline on kids’ series “Andi Mack,” concerning the “self discovery” path of a 13-year-old character who realizes he is gay and comes out to his friends.

Show creator Terri Minsky explained that his aim for the program is to be “appropriate for all audiences” and to send a “powerful message about inclusion and respect for humanity.”

The “Andi Mack” storyline has caused controversy, however, with the series being banned in Kenya.

The predominantly Christian country explained that it opposes “any attempt to introduce gay programming,” with Ezekial Mutua, chief executive of Kenya Film Classification Board, declaring that “homosexuality goes against the collective and values of the people of Kenya.”

U.S. evangelist Franklin Graham also warned parents about the Disney Channel.

“Disney used to be the brand that parents could trust. They were kind of like the ‘gold seal’ of family programming. But those days are long gone,” Graham wrote on Facebook.

“Disney is in the LGBTQ camp, and they’re wanting to use so-called family-friendly programs to influence the youth of today to accept and to be a part of the destructive LGBT lifestyle.” (source)

So what are Christians going to do about it, other than merely complaining for a moment before moving onto the next topic of discussion for the day?

Imagine you had a neighbor- for the sake of this discussion, we’ll call him John- who continually treated you, your family, and your property with contempt. In fact, he was so disordered that every morning, he would walk over to your lawn a relieve himself on your property. If he saw you while he was doing the act, he would verbally abuse you.

Now many people would say “well, that is what the police are there for.” But say the police knew about this and refused to investigate. In fact, when you called to complain they attacked you for complaining and threatened to arrest you. You can’t move away from John because you are unable to, and even if you could, this is YOUR house, and he is treating you and your family and property with absolute contempt.

What do you do about it? Do you continue to let him get away with his behavior, and perhaps get away with even more of such behavior? Or do you address the issue directly with your neighbor, albeit in a different manner? This is not about promoting “vengeance,” encouraging immoral activity, or acting with any sort of “extremist” measures- far from it- but rather about the fundamental issue that Christians are going to have to come to terms with in the coming years, which is how to live one’s faith in a society that is increasingly intolerant of Christ and Christians and has the power of the government to back it.

As we have noted, the LGBT has openly taken control over America in that they have the backing of the majority of the people and their desires are given preference in matters of economic and social policy. What the LGBT wants, the LGBT is either given or will eventually be given. There is no “homophobia” in America in the sense that the LGBT is “persecuted minority,” but rather that the LGBT aggressively stigmatizes and attacks people or groups who criticize their actions. This especially true of Christians, where the charges of “hate speech” and “religious extremism” are used to socially ostracize those who would say what Christian sacred scripture and tradition have said for milleniae, which is that homosexuality is so heinous of a sin that it cries out to Heaven for vengeance and must be dealt with for the sake of mercy and justice alike.

While there are many reasons for the current situation, what Christians have done in America regarding the LGBT is to accept progressively more laws, ideas, and philosophies in conjunction with supporting economic structures that have allowed for the LGBT to gain more power to such a point that Christians now find themselves being persecuted by the people they directly or indirectly supported. I do not say politics because far from the common and misguided understanding that politics changes society, the reality is that social philosophy and economic movements are always the precursor to political change, and politics as well as politicians are merely but reflections of the people and their beliefs.

For example, the example of the story above uses Disney’s promotion of homosexuality to children. Yet how many parents who claim they are Christians still purchase Disney products in mass? Does it matter if Disney products from “years ago” did not promote homosexuality, if the money that one spends to acquire them is uses to support homosexuality today?

Christianity is a lived faith, and hence the phrase “practice what you preach.” This is not just about believing in terms of words and personal philosophy, but it necessarily must translate into an entire way of life that is lived for the sake of the philosophy itself without regard to personal inconveniences.

For example, Protestants for YEARS have mocked Catholics, especially decades ago, for having “fish fridays”, keeping Holy Days of obligation, and various other social practices. However, the reason that such practices existed was because they helped to designate Catholics in society as a people set apart by God just as God gave certain signs and practices to the Hebrews. In a Catholic majority society, as well as in these smaller Catholic communities in non-Catholic societies, these practices provided for a social unity that brought cohesion to the people and helped them to order their lives with their obedience to God first and everything else orbiting around that belief.

This is the great lie of “American exceptionalism,” and the reason why the Masonic ideas of “freedom,” “liberty,” and “egalitarianism” regardless of the form in which they manifest are evil, for they are manifestations of a libertinism that leads to social anarchy and out of which order can only be attained by a new heavy-handed authority given by the same people who sought to depose the previous authority. It is simply a tool used by one group of people to destroy the authority of a current group in power so they might take their place and reinstate the same forms of control, albeit usually in a heavier, more arbitrary manner for the sake of power alone.

Many American Christians wonder why the LGBT is rising, and the reason is because they allowed them to rise. By promoting “freedumb of religion” and attacking ancient Christian tradition, as well as a laissez-faire attitude towards purchasing goods and services from people who do not care about Christianity at all, they empowered their enemies to execute their own demise, and then wondered how the found themselves in the position they are in today.

If a Christian wants to survive in the years to come in the USA and other countries in the Anglosphere, there are many hard choices they are going to have to make. This includes standing up for one’s faith in situations where they have little to no support from the society around them. It means making sacrifices to set them apart from the greater society, and enforcing strict prohibitions on certain behavior or purchasing patterns that support or would promote ideas contrary to their Faith. It will require discomfort and a walk down the way of sorrows which Christ had to walk if there is to be any hope of a resurrection of Christianity in the Western world.

It does not matter what previous generations did or did not do at this point, because regardless of the good or the bad, the future is determine by the actions of the present. If sacrifice is not made today and going forward each day, one cannot guarantee there will be a future tomorrow in which to make it.