Holland Claims That It Cannot Deport Migrants With Criminal Records Because It Costs Too Much

The small nation of Holland has recently said that it cannot deport migrants with criminal records because the cost is too high according to a report:

The Dutch immigration service is failing to pursue and deport all asylum seekers with a criminal record due to cost and time constraints, alleges the NRC.

It claims to have seen documents revealing crisis meetings at the IND where employees admitted that residency documents from known criminals were not being withdrawn, due to a lack of time and resources.

From January 2017 to February 2019, 37 residency permits were withdrawn from asylum seekers with a criminal record, representing 2.4% of cases referred to the ‘withdrawals’ team, claims the NRC. Last year a whistleblower from the IND reported problems within the organisation, and an independent report last month said that the withdrawal of permits has not been ‘organised adequately’.

The organisation has pledged to improve. Crime amongst asylum seekers is a controversial topic. Junior justice minister Mark Harbers resigned last month after police figures were published that apparently ‘hid’ the number of asylum seekers suspected of committing serious crimes in the Netherlands. A new minister for asylum issues was appointed on Wednesday. (source, source)

The claim that deporting such people costs too much is highly unlikely. Perhaps the question that one should ask is, what cost do the Dutch prefer to pay? I say this not in the context of the “price” of Islamization, but rather in a geopolitical gamble where crime is preferred for now because the eventual price will be paid- with willing gladness by the Dutch and other European governments -by the blood of these people they claim they cannot deport now.

Dr. Jason Jorjani is a former professor at the New Jersey Institute of Technology who was fired after the below footage surfaced showing him praising Hitler and what he called the future deaths of hundreds of millions of people, most of them migrants and Muslims, in Europe to create a new social order:

A New Jersey university is reviewing a video interview in which one of its professors foresees a future where concentration camps will return to Europe, and Adolf Hitler will appear on the currency and be considered a “great European leader.”

The video featuring New Jersey Institute of Technology lecturer Jason Reza Jorjani surfaced as part of a New York Times opinion piece about a Swedish graduate student who went undercover in the world of the alt-right on behalf of Hope Not Hate, a British anti-racism group.

“The statements made by Mr. Jorjani in a video recently published by ‘The New York Times’ are repugnant and antithetical to our institution’s core values. We presently are conducting a review of this matter and will provide additional information as soon as that review is complete, the statement read.

“NJIT is a university that embraces diversity and sees it as a source of strength.”

Though Jorjani did not immediately reply Friday to request for comment on the video and his status at NJIT, he did post a statement to his website Wednesday condemning the article and video.

He slams the student for filming video without his knowledge, and says the video has been “deceptively edited to make it appear as if I am advocating genocidal extreme right-wing policies.”

The student, Patrik Hermansson, said he secretly recorded his conversations with Jorjani and other alt-right leaders as part of the project, which culminated in a Hope Not Hate report on the alt-right and its expansion around the world.

Jorjani, an Iranian American, founded the AltRight Corporation, an entity aimed at connecting the American and European alt-right movements. He has since resigned from the organization. In the video, Jorjani also talks of his ties to the Trump administration — claims he backed off of in an interview with the article’s author, Jesse Singal.

The White House denied any connection to Jorjani in the report.

“My nightmarish prediction of a future that would follow from western policymakers’ failure to address the Muslim migrant crisis in the present has been taken out of context and made to appear as if it is advocacy for ‘concentration camps and expulsions and war… at the cost of a few hundred million people,'” Jorjani wrote. (source, source)

For years, I have said that the entire “refugee crisis” was a non-crisis because it could not exist unless without the direct and expensive support of the European governments. Indeed, Europe and the USA spent money trafficking people to Europe through a network of charitable organizations, companies, and smugglers who coordinated with the government bureaus. They wanted countless numbers of undocumented, likely unemployable and unintegratible people in Europe and then to furnish them will generous amounts of welfare because such a situation is how criminal activity is encouraged. This also comes at a time when nationalism is being promoted once again throughout the continent, and the criminal activities of the migrants caused by the situation created for them serves to justify the nationalism and also the calls for militarism.

This is why Shoebat.com has ardently warned that people seeking to migrate should not do so right now to Europe, especially if they do not “look European,” and that they should pursue other options. Economic considerations are always important, but one’s life matters more. The “migrants” to Europe are sacrificial pawns in a game of geopolitics being played by the US, Germany, and her allies, as they are being blamed for the current political state and will be targeted for extermination as conditions lead to war.

Holland will not deport migrants because they want them in her nation, as it is likely they value the shedding of their blood at a future time as more valuable than sending them home now alive.

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