Famous Muslim Missionary Preacher Hunted By Indian Government For Tax Evasion

Zakir Naik is a Muslim missionary preacher and the student of the famous Ahmed Deedat, the latter of which lost a series of well-propagated debates to the Arab Evangelical Dr. Anis Shorrosh during the 1970s and 1980s. Deedat was also known for his long-standing ties to the Bin Laden family, which also provided funding for his particular evangelistic efforts.

Deedat died in 2005, and Dr. Zakir Naik has since taken over Deedat’s legacy. However, Naik is now finding himself in the crosshairs of law enforcement as the Indian government is seeking a decree to extradite him from Malaysia over tax evasion charges according to a report:

A court decision in India, due on June 19, is expected to set the next course of action for Indian authorities in their attempt to extradite controversial preacher Zakir Naik from Malaysia.

The decision, in a special court in Mumbai, will be about whether a non-bailable warrant of arrest should be issued against Naik on money laundering charges.

India’s Enforcement Directorate, its main agency against money laundering, has filed a charge sheet against Naik and others under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act. The ED is expected to get the warrant from the court, according to the Times Now news website.

If a warrant of arrest is issued, Indian police could be able to make a request to Interpol seeking a red notice against Naik and his extradition from Malaysia.

The red notice allows Interpol to seek the aid of all member police forces for the detention of the subject. Malaysia is a member of Interpol and also signed an extradition treaty with India in 2010.

The Times Now report said the Enforcement Directorate would also be able to initiate proceedings against Naik under the Fugitive Economic Offenders Act, based on the warrant.

The charges involve a total of more than 1.93 billion rupees (RM115 million) held in India and abroad.

Zakir Naik, who has been granted permanent residence in Malaysia, also faces allegations by the National Investigation Agency of inciting enmity and hatred between different religious communities through provocative speeches. (source, source)

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