Seventeen Hundred Child Sex Abusers And Abuser Enablers Arrested In Nationwide Crackdown

In positive news coming from the government, seventeen hundred child sex abusers and abuser enablers were arrested in a nationwide crackdown according to a report:

The Department of Justice today announced the arrest of almost 1,700 suspected online child sex offenders during a two-month, nationwide operation conducted by Internet Crimes Against Children task forces. The task forces identified 308 offenders who either produced child pornography or committed child sexual abuse, and 357 children who suffered recent, ongoing or historical sexual abuse or were exploited in the production of child pornography.

The 61 ICAC task forces, located in all 50 states and comprised of more than 4,500 federal, state, local and tribal law enforcement agencies, led the coordinated operation known as “Broken Heart” during the months of April and May 2019. During the course of the operation, the task forces investigated more than 18,500 complaints of technology-facilitated crimes targeting children and delivered more than 2,150 presentations on internet safety to over 201,000 youth and adults.

“The sexual abuse of children is repugnant, and it victimizes the most innocent and vulnerable of all,” Attorney General William P. Barr said. “We must bring the full force of the law against sexual predators, and with the help of our Internet Crimes Against Children program, we will. Over the span of just two months, our ICAC task forces investigated more than 18,000 complaints of internet-related abuse and helped arrest 1,700 alleged abusers. I would like to thank our Office of Justice Programs, all of the task force members, and especially the state and local partners who helped us achieve these important results. We are committed to bringing the defendants in these cases to justice and protecting every American child.”

The operation targeted suspects who: (1) produce, distribute, receive and possess child pornography; (2) engage in online enticement of children for sexual purposes; (3) engage in the sex trafficking of children; and (4) travel across state lines or to foreign countries and sexually abuse children.

The ICAC Program is funded through the Department’s Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) within the Office of Justice Programs (OJP). In 1998, OJJDP launched the ICAC Task Force Program to help federal, state and local law enforcement agencies enhance their investigative responses to offenders who use the internet, online communication systems or computer technology to exploit children. To date, ICAC task forces have reviewed more than 922,000 complaints of child exploitation, which have resulted in the arrest of more than 95,500 individuals. In addition, since the ICAC program’s inception, more than 708,500 law enforcement officers, prosecutors and other professionals have been trained on techniques to investigate and prosecute ICAC-related cases. (source, source)

This is a really good thing that happened, as children are truly vulnerable and exploited by many to indulge their own perversities. Unfortunately, it is simply not enough. has predicted that child sexual abuse is going to be an upcoming major “hurdle” in the sodomite agenda seeks to overcome. This is based on the statements in recent times and the example of history, where sodomy gives way to pedophilia, specifically with the purpose of enabling sodomites to sodomized children without legal repercussions.

Milo Yiannopoulos and Michael Voris have both alluded to this, expressing a desire for lowering the age of consent at a time when the age of consent is being attacked by the sodomites.

The worst part is that so much abuse is right in front of one’s face.

To illustrate how pervasive and prevalent it is, I went onto the Darknet and went to DeepPaste- the equivalent of PasteBin on the clearnet -and clicked on the “last posts” item. Keep in mind, I did not search for ANY keywords at all. I just went to what is essentially an “open notebook” of the Internet that is well-known and is plain text only just to see what people were writing. This is what I found:

Of the nineteen notes posted IN THE LAST HOUR, four of them, as indicated in red, were either marketing or inquiring for child sexual abuse material. The two in green were offering services involving necrophilia.

This was in the last hour.

Imagine if you logged into Wikipedia and right there on the front page was links to child sexual abuse material. That is what you find on the Darknet equivalent of Wikipedia.

The list of this goes on continually, and it seems that no matter where one goes on the Darknet, there is somebody offering something repugnant.

So how does one combat this in a successful way? Indeed, there will always be evil that needs to be purged. but there must be something that the common man can do.

To answer this question, I am reminded of a well-known medium-to-large size city somewhere in the southern half of the US. This city was once prosperous but came on hard times and remained so for many decades. Eventually, the crime was so bad and the city was so desperate to revive its former self that it took action.

What the city did was to start massive police enforcement of the areas with the highest potential for tourism and local revitalization efforts. It isolated the unsavory elements into certain neighborhoods and kept them in there, enforced with constant police patrolling. It then rebuild the areas with potential and began aggressively marketing them. The plan worked, and today that once-violent area is one of the biggest tourist attractions for both locals to visit regularly as well as persons who come from afar on travel.

Noting this same strategy, and given how the darknet is truly “democratic” in that there is no real “police enforcement” save for selective government actions, the way to start driving out the perverts from the Darknet is to USE the Darknet more frequently because this will drive out the perverts as they will be overwhelmed by mere presence.

A current raid that has been happening on 4Chan’s infamous “/b/” board illustrates this. /b/, also known as the “random” board, has become overrun with people posting pornography, especially that of hentai cartoons depicting the anime abuse of children. While legal and technically within the “rules” of /b/, it has admittedly destroyed the character of the board by reducing it to a cheap porn website rather than a discussion of any and all topics that do not have any choice other than their own, which while most discussions are garbage, at times will yield some of the most fascinating and insighful conversations on Internet messageboards.

Some people from 8Chan and 4Chan /pol/ decided to “take back” /b/ from the pornographers out of disgust for what has turned into the promotion of filth, and have been waging a 24-hour-a-day war for almost a week now posing memes in the color yellow as a form of protest. The people pushing porn have responded, but are being slowly beaten back, and the number of such threads has declined, as screenshots from /b/ show:

I show this to illustrate the point that while authorities are powerful, there are also tools to counter evil that the average man can avail himself of and, when used properly, can be very effective.

In the age of the Internet, one of the most powerful tools is presence. Exposing the cockroaches of society means also occupying their spaces and making it uncomfortable for them to live where they are. Surely some will persist, but the quantity and spread of their damage will be reduced.

There has been much discussion about censorship and the future of the Internet. The deep web is used by child sex abusers because it does provide a shield of anonymity, but it does not need to be limited to them. Indeed, anybody can use it, and use it for good or for evil.

If you are concerned about privacy and censorship, do consider using the TOR browser. Learn to use the Darknet, as if the rate of censorship and forced shutdowns of websites deemed not worthy of having a voice continues, the tool made to connect the world (the Internet) will be used to bind her to silence. The Darknet is, for now, a tool to escape this coming dystopian situation.

At the same time, an increased presence of people into the deep web will also force more of a discussion about the filth peddlers, and likewise in time not only drive them from many of the posts that they hold by simple presence, but also provoke government scrutiny that will crack down on them for political reasons. They will not disappear, but they will lose the strength they currently have.

One of the most important lessons that a man can take away from dealing with evils is that one does not stop evil by running away from it, but by running towards it as hard and as fast as he can. The only time that he would retreat at all is if he has already planned out a strategy that involves running toward it as hard and as fast as he can, he has a reasonable guarantee of success, and the outcome will be better than if he stayed to fight it.

I have a friend- I’ll call him Derek -who works as the head of mall security for a large mall. He told me that his favorite thing to do on the job is to identify and drive pedophiles out of the mall. Derek is a large man, about 6’8″ and 275 pounds, who carries a billy club and sports a shaved head with piercing blue eyes and military boots. He is a friendly person to be with unless one is attempting to commit a crime or indulge in perverse activity.

What Derek would do is to simply walk up to a man he suspected of pedophilia, get right next to him, look on for a minute before turning to the man and saying “How are you doing?” with a smile. At that point, the person usually would begin to retreat, and as Derek would have worked with his team to gather evidence already, he would escort the person out of the mall and permanently bar him. He said that it was a constant job because there were always such people coming who were obsessed with abusing children.

Derek’s story testifies to both the prevalence of abuse and the fact that presence drives out abusers. Derek has never had to use physical violence against them, and only once had to restrain somebody before police came and took him away. The police did the rest. It was Derek’s presence in the face of evil that drove the cockroaches from the mall and his refusal to back down.

In an age of increasing censorship, dead privacy, and sovietesque control, consider taking steps to preserve the wonderful freedoms that the Internet enables while also driving out those men who deface the beautiful choice that freedom offers to indulge their own perversities to the pain and destruction of the most vulnerable people in society, for it will be by embracing the increased privacy and security the Darknet offers that the darkness will be progressively expelled from it and the true beauty of the Internet free exchange of ideas will continue again.

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