Satan Worshipper In Louisiana Burns Down Three Churches And Declares: ‘I Want Christians To Be Scared’

By Theodore Shoebat

A Satanist in Louisiana burned down three black churches and declared: “I want them to be scared,” as we read in a report from WAFB9:

Holden Matthews, the man accused of setting fire to three historic black churches in St. Landry Parish, took photographs of his crimes as they occurred on his cell phone, then used the images to create album covers for his black metal band, federal prosecutors said Monday, according to The Advocate.

Prosecutors showed images of the massive fires recovered from Matthews’ phone, along with edited versions that included superimposed images of Matthews in robes, face paint, and holding a knife, The Advocate reports. The edited versions included a logo for his one-man black metal band, Pagan Carnage.

Prosecutors say Matthews bragged about the fires and asked for feedback on the album covers in a series of Facebook messages during the 10-day span in which three churches were completely destroyed in Opelousas and Port Barre.

In the Facebook messages, Matthews included song lyrics about burning churches.

“I ain’t no damn poser,” Matthews wrote to a friend. “I practice what I preach.”

Matthews was indicted on three counts of intentionally damaging religious property, which is classified as a hate crime. He also faces three counts of using fires to commit felonies, as well as state charges in St. Landry Parish.

Matthews wrote to friends on Facebook that he wanted to exact revenge on the Christian religion for “centuries of oppression,” a belief popular in the Scandinavian origins of black metal music.

“I want them to be scared,” he wrote.

The fact that he wants to be a metal “singer” famous for burning down churches in the name of Scandinavian religion which he believes suffered under “oppression” by the hands of Christians, tells me that this guy is a wannabe Varg Vikernes, a Norwegian Nazi metal singer and terrorist who burned down dozens o churches throughout Norway in the name of “revenge” for Christians suppressing paganism in Scandinavia. Vikernes, while denying that he burned the churches, nonetheless called the burnings an act of revenge:

I am not going to say that I burnt any churches. But let me put it this way: There was one person who started it. I was not found guilty of burning the Fantoft stave church, but anyway, that was what triggered the whole thing. That was the 6th of June and everyone linked it to Satanism … What everyone overlooked was that on the 6th June, year 793, in Lindesfarne in Britain was the site of the first known Viking raid in history, with Vikings from Hordaland, which is my county … They [the Christians] desecrated our graves, our burial mounds, so it’s revenge.

Rolling Stone in fact reported about how Matthews was inspired by Vikernes:

While it’s unclear whether Matthews was a fan of Vikernes, a friend of Matthews told BuzzFeed News that his alleged crimes may have been “inspired” by the film Lords of Chaos, which tells the story of Vikernes, the church burnings, and the Norwegian black metal scene of the early 1990s; one Facebook comment authored by Matthews, while not explicitly endorsing Vikernes’ actions, also endorsed the film, writing, “It’s a good movie, yea it’s a ‘Hollywood’ movie but hey it’s still fun, the only people against it are people who take themselves too seriously, and people who listen to everything varg says.”

This type of metal music cult is also seen in the cult of Jack Donovan, the American sodomite pagan who pushes for pagan tribalism and who is also an ideological terrorist who openly promotes lying to people who are not part of ‘the tribe,’ and pushes for violence against people who are “not your people,” meaning not white. He also pushes for a religion revolved around bloodshed, where violence is “sacramental.” It is the pagan aspiration to replace the Catholic sacraments of Eucharist, Chalice and Confession, with a sacrament of human blood. There is a video of Donovan’s speech which he made in February of 2017, at a conference in Germany organized by Sezession, the German nationalist organization which was behind the PEGIDA movement:

Donovan runs a pagan cult called the Wolves in Vinland, where they stay in a compound on the outskirts of Lynchburg, Virginia, and conduct satanic rituals. When Donovan was in Germany to give his talk for the Identitarians, he also went to an ancient pagan sacrifice site and did “a blood ritual.” He also took dirt from the pagan ritual site to take back with him to the Wolves of Vinland compound to use for an abysmal ritual. As Donovan wrote on his website:

“In February 2017, my brother Afi and I performed a blood ritual at the center of the Sonnenobservatorium Goseck in Germany. The construction of the solar observatory there has been dated to approximately 4900 BC. We traveled home with a jar of soil from this site where ancient pagans left traces of ritual fires, animal bones and human remains, and we buried some of it inside our own altar or “Hargu” (drawing from unattested Proto-Germanic).

Notice, he mentions “human remains”, which means he wants human sacrifice.

One of the members of the Wolves of Vinland cult, Maurice Thompson Michaely, was in fact found guilty in 2012 of trying to burn down the Mount Pleasant Baptist Church in Alexandria, Virginia, an historically Black church. So, Donovan’s ideology of violence has materialized.

Maurice “Hjalti” Michaely,

Paul Waggener, the co-founder of the Vinland cult, still expressed his support for Michaely even after he was convicted:

Waggener also visited this terrorist in prison, as we can see from these photos one of which shows Michaely’s arm marked with “666”:

The metal culture is really an anti-Christian cult and it is full of paganism, satanism and Nazism. These church burnings did not happen in Egypt, Iraq or Pakistan. They happened right in the United States. The violent and antichrist urge for Christian blood is right in your midst.

As the spirit of Antichrist increases in the souls of the nations, it is not surprising that violent organizations and cults are gaining popularity. These groups are violently nationalistic, tribalist, pagan and revere images of skulls, wolves, rune symbols and the Swastika. They boast with excessive pride their love of violence, speaking oppression and revolt (Isaiah 59:13); they honor the god of fortresses (Daniel 11:38) in their love of bloodshed, death and satanic religion, and proclaim with the wicked:

But let our might be our law of right,
for what is weak proves itself to be useless. (Wisdom 2:11)

There is a rise in militant and paramilitary groups in Europe and the United States. For example, in Hungary just recently the far-Right party, Mi Hazank (Our Homeland) announced the formation of a new paramilitary group. The reason for the paramilitary, according to the party, was to combat the  “gypsy-terror”. The name for the paramilitary is planned to be “National Legion” and will “defend education, preserve military traditions and help save lives and assets in the case of a natural disaster.”

In the wilderness of Slovakia there is a paramilitary called the Slovak Conscripts, which has been trained by former Russian Spetsnaz commandos. These Slovak fighters went to Ukraine in 2014 to fight on the side of Russian forces. In Slovenia there is a paramilitary group ran by former fringe presidential candidate Andrej Šiško, who heads the nationalist non-parliamentary United Slovenia Party. Armed with guns and axes, the paramilitary group, according to Sisko, is trained by people with military experience and that “police are mostly on our side along with the intelligence services.” If this is true, this should remind us of the Gladio operations in which European intelligence agencies trained and backed nationalist paramilitaries. 

In Bulgaria there are many nationalist militants who like to patrol the Bulgarian-Turkish border in order to catch and scare away migrants. The Bulgarian paramilitary has been receiving support from German nationalist Tatjana Festerling, who was once a leader of PEGIDA but now runs an organization called “Fortress Europe” alongside Edwin Wagenfeld, the leader of Pegida’s Dutch offshoot. Festerling was active in trying to recruit “men of Europe” to travel to Bulgaria and join the fight against the migrants. Festerling has been collaborating with the Vasil Levski Military Union and even serves as the group’s International Relations Manager. The Vasil Levsky paramilitary organization consists mainly of police and army veterans.

Another supporter of Bulgarian paramilitaries is Jim Dawson, the leader of the far-Right British militant organization, the Knights Templar International. Dawson, alongside the leader of the racist British National Party, Nick Griffin, has visited Bulgaria to support the paramilitary organization, the BNO Shipka, and has even given the group uniforms, bags, clothing, and even bulletproof vests. 

Within the spirit of these paramilitary groups, there is an insidious drive to violence and a glorification of blood, carnage and domination. One sees this bloodlust within a particular group that is headquartered in Virginia, but that has branches in Europe as well. We are speaking of the violent, tribalist and pagan cult known as Operation Werewolf, which is centered in a cult compound in the outskirts of Lynchburg, Virginia. Within the circle of this cult are other entities that function within the same spirit of the group. There is the Operation Werewolf cult, and within this sphere there is the Dire Dogs, which is a group in Europe that functions under the same ideology as the umbrella group in Virginia. The Dire Dogs are led by one Leonardo Langbard, a fanatic pagan who believes in pan-European ancestor worship and a pagan ideology in which the wolf and the dog are revered. In a post on his Instagram, Langbard writes:

“Memories are treasures lost in times. The only true way we have to honor our ancestors and leave an immortal legacy on this world is to become fucking werewolves and bite hard.

Goths and Longboards always played an important role in my fantasies from when I was a kid. I feel them in my veins. I feel the ancient cult of the dog and the wolf as a holy heresy to unleash on this world once again.”

These wolf worshippers are like Zeeb, one of the kings of Midian, whose name means Wolf and who the prophet Gideon smote, an event that presages the coming Messiah and His destruction of all Antichrist forces (Psalm 83).

Neopagans throughout the Western world are in a war against Christianity. Back in 2015, the Metropolis of Piraeus in Greece warned about Neopagan paramilitaries planning to spill Christian blood:

“They speak of a river of blood and piles of corpses… They express their intention to launch ‘a holy liberation war’ against Orthodox Christians whom they call ‘invaders who occupied the territory of Greece.’”

The Dire Dogs cult believes that violence is the greatest gift given to man by the gods. To encapsulate this belief, the cult utilizes the imagery of skulls, the wolf, Germanic rune symbols and also the Kolovrat, or the Slavic Swastika that is frequently used by Eastern European neo-Nazis. There is a photo of Langbard with a Kolovrat Swastika behind him:

Next to the photo are words from Langbard in which he praises violence as divine:

“The most precious gift that the gods have given to man is the ability and naturalness in being able to fight. Nature, existence, has given us enormous physical abilities to be able to fight and to be able to approach physical combat in hundreds of different ways, all through our own body, the ultimate creation and link between a god and an animal, both eternal sacred totems. Searching for the spirit through the physical is a duty, and for males, on average, as bearers of superior physical strength, it is a privilege and a spiritual obligation. Nature gives us weapons. The gods give us the glory of struggle and give meaning to blood and wounds. Thus they become archetypes, not divinities that we must reach, like animals in constant mutation, in order to reach a divine form, a legend, which is not necessarily linked only to the physical.”

There is a video from Operation Werewolf showing mainly European followers of the cult expressing their view on the group. Demonstrating the evil and animalistic nature of the group, one woman, with bone earrings pierced through her ears says: “Operation Werewolf is the thin line between man and beast.” In the same video two cult members can be seen boxing with Kolovrat Swastikas on their sweaters which say in Russian: “Manliness leads to heaven”:

The fact that Swastikas are used is indicative of the nefarious nature of this group. Chaos and rage are held in high esteem while Neopagan and anti-Christian sentiment are entrenched deep within the cult’s disposition. In the same video, Langbard can be seen saying: “Operation Werewolf is struggle, rage, frenzy, and sacrifice.” The violence is not just something glorified as a struggle against oneself’s weaknesses, but like Jihad, the struggle is applied against the enemies of “the tribe.” This Neopagan Jihad is being promulgated by the cult in Europe, as the cult’s most famous leader, Jack Donovan, went to Germany to tell nationalist Identitarians (who are part of the PEGIDA movement) that violence and terrorism are sacramental:

That their leader is in Germany promoting terrorism, and that the cult which he leads promotes Neopaganism and European tribalist ideology, and glorified violence, shows that this group not only aspires to inflict violence and bring about destruction, but also that it is part of an international network of Neopagan nationalists and tribalists.

This cult consists of pagan militants, and this is reflected in the photo posted by one of its members, Chase McDougal, in which he has a pistol and a knife alongside an image of Thor’s Hammer and the Wolfsangel:

An influential figure for the Werewolf cult is one Greg Walsh who runs the Wolf Brigade gym in Rochester, New York. While he does not push for any racist or tribalist ideology, Walsh is associated with leaders and members of the Werewolf Cult.

Greg Walsh

Like the Operation Werewolf cult, the gym also utilizes skulls and rune symbols, and its leader, Greg Walsh, is associated with the terrorism promoter, Jack Donovan, who interviewed Walsh in 2016 for his podcast. One can argue that its just an interview, but the fact that there are numerous photos of Walsh with Werewolf cult members cannot lead to the conclusion that it was simply one interview and doesn’t go beyond that. There is a photo of Greg Walsh with the Dire Dogs member, Leonardo Langbard:

There is another photo of Greg Walsh with Operation Werewolf member, Chase McDougal:

Notice in the same photo the man below them with the pagan Wolfsangel rune image on his shirt; this was the same symbol used by the pagan Nazi SS. The Wolfsangel rune was popular with the Nazis who used the symbol to represent the communal spirit of the National Socialist movement.

The Wolfsangel is also used by the Ukrainian Nazi paramilitary group, Azov Battalion:

The Wolfsangel is in fact a central image of the cult. In one post from McDougal, he holds an image of the Wolfsangel which he says he received at the Wolves of Vinland cult compound in Virginia:

The demonic is revered in the cult. There is a sweater that Greg Walsh’s Wolf Brigade gym sells that says: “And we shall live as demons from this day on.”

The Swastika is also an image used by the cult. They will not use the generally known Swastika of the Nazis. But they will use the Kolovrat, or the Swastika used by Slavic neopagans and Nazis. For example, Chase McDougal puts the Kolovrat on a drum created for the purpose of ritual:

Jack Donovan, the leading figure of the Wolf cult, also sports the Kolovrat:

The neopagan character of the cult is obvious, with its use of pagan imagery and animal skulls. For example, here is a photo of Chase McDougal in the background of which he has the skull of a deer and an image of Odin’s chariot:

Another central image of the cult is the “Conflict Bindrune”, which was invented by a leading figure of the Operation Werewolf movement, Jack Donovan. He came up with the image by putting together two Germanic runes, the Algiz and the Tiwaz, to represent war and violence. In an article written by Donovan to explain the Conflict Bindrune, Donovan speaks of peace as either representing a truce or the result of full scale genocide of one’s enemies: “Peace could mean the total annihilation of your enemy. That would, after all, resolve a conflict. Permanently.”  To make an art form of his creed, “Violence is golden,” Donovan encourages his followers to sport the Conflict Bindrune, which they certainly do:

There is another gym that is tied to the Werewolf cult in Nashville, called Vengeance Gym, which uses the Algiz rune:

The explicitly violent ideology of the Werewolf movement is quite apparent. The group has a meme that says: “Thoughts and prayers don’t work as well as bullets.” Underneath these words it reads: “kill your enemy.”

Alongside the Wolfsangel, skulls and guns, violence is upheld as a virtue within this subversive cult. Another one of their shirts says: “Silence is golden, Speech is lead.”

This circle of pagans will describe themselves as a “strength cult”:

These people are of the same mentality as those warned about in the Book of Wisdom who say: But let our might be our law of right (Wisdom 2:11).

Even the fitness inspiration for the cult, Greg Walsh, has expressed violence towards a certain journalist who wrote an article about his gym. Walsh, enraged at the article, put a photo up on his Instagram of a book entitled, “People to kill” next to a knife. He captioned the photo by saying:

“I made a mistake last week and participated in an interview with a local business newspaper.

Much of the article consisted of direct quotes,

which I stand behind completely,

but there were sentences of editorial that are inaccurate, inflammatory, and damaging;

Those, I rebuke, and condemn.

Physical and intellectual weapons:

Be aware the dangers of both,

and know that if you step out of line with one,

you had better be able to use the other.”

There is another gym that is connected with the Werewolf cult, the Vengeance Gym in Nashville, Tennessee. In a post made by the gym it reads “We don’t give a shit what colour, sex, social status, orientation, or religion you are”, and then later on deems as enemies those who believe in egalitarianism and emphasis their reverences for the image of the ouroboros, or the self-eating snake image of occultism:

“Are you capable of devoting yourself fully to your craft? Do you seek to better yourself not only in isolation but also by those you surround yourself with? If so, welcome, train with us. …but if you believe that “Public Service” is facilitated by cowardice rooted in ignorance then yes, we absolutely hate you, and you will never be welcome in our sanctuary”

.Weakness of the mind is the catalyst for weakness of the body, and Egalitarianism is a false god you’ve purchased on insecurity and spiritual credit

.This isn’t about left or right, this is about the cyclical nature of all things, ouroboros manifested in self destruction/resurrection”

The cult reveres the occult image of ouroboros, or the self-eating snake that has been used by occultists since far antiquity, from the ancient Egyptians, to the pagan Norse, to later occultists. The Ouroboros is used to symbolize death and rebirth (thus the consumption of the tail and yet the snake living regardless) by the cult which sees itself as going through a process of ‘resurrection’ through exercise. 

The occult snake image of the Ouroboros

The head of the gym, Sky Lemyng, went to the Wolves of Vinland cult compound in Virginia, as he made clear in his Instagram page:

The Vengeance Gym follows the creed of Jack Donovan, that “training is sacrifice”, as we read from their official website: “All training is sacrifice and you should be making sacrifices as often as possible …  At Vengeance we regard training as a daily ritual sacrifice or the highest level of personal hygiene.”

The slogan headlining the Vengeance gym’s official website is “The hunt is on. The war is now. No truce. No surrender.” The words are placed around an image of a line of human skulls pierced together with a spear:

The site also bears the words: “Strength worship” and “Welcome to the Kvlt [Cult]”, adjacent to a human skull penetrated by arrows:


This worship of strength is at the center of the cult’s ideology. This is explicitly made clear in the manifesto of the Werewolf cult by one of its leaders, Paul Waggener, which states:

Militant-aggressive, often favoring extreme methods. We pursue physical strength as an act of devotion, with religious dedication. Portions of our day are given over to the pursuit of physical strength through training with weights, calisthenics, martial arts, and so on, just as someone else might say their prayers, or go to church. This is our church, and every rep a prayer to the eternal gods of Iron and Blood. Our life is a ritual and so we make every place holy that is good and important to us. … We build more than muscle and tendon when we exert ourselves and push our bodies and will to the breaking point, all in the search for the elusive goal of “more.”

Paul Waggener also has the Kolovrat Swastika tattooed on his chest, as can be seen in this photo of him with gym leader Greg Walsh:

This manifesto was designed by one Francisco Albanese, a writer for the white tribalist publication, Counter Currents, which is ran by the racist talker, Greg Johnson. In one article published by Counter Currents, Albanese calls for ethno-nationalist anarchism:

“I think that tribal anarchism provides the best and most viable option for the ethnic and racial survival of minorities disadvantaged by “diversity.” It is only outside the state and that community members can interact more closely and become more dependent on each other. It is only outside the state that whites can come to understand the true essence of community and construction of a common destiny.”

Francisco Albanese

The ethno-nationalism of the article reflects the underlying Neopagan racism of the Werewolf cult. This is further evinced by the pagan rhetoric done by the head of the Werewolf associated Vengeance Gym, Sky Lemyng, who posted on his Facebook page about how people need to “reconnect” with their ancient ancestors and become a tribe:

“We owe every breath we take to the tribal bonds of our ancestors.


Regrettably, most people living today are completely estranged to such an idea.


A more fulfilling life is possible, but we must be brave enough to seek out this quality of relationship.


Reignite, reconnect, and reclaim your perfectly natural urge to create tribe.


There is nothing to gain by deviating from this human instinct.


And no, this is not a picture of native Americans. This a recreation of my tribal ancestors–the indigenous people of northern Scotland.”

A push for tribalism is hand in glove with the Neopagan cult of blood and soil. The cult has a religiously fanatical view on physical exercise and makes the purging of “weakness” as a sacrament. The Facebook page for the Vengeance Strength gym is riddled with sayings exhibiting this cultic adoration of pain and the ‘eradication’ of weakness. One post reads:

“Every defect,

Every fracture,

Every impurity,

Should be suffered, natualized, appreciated,

And then–


These people are possessed by the spirit of those wicked deviants who the Bible describes as saying: “But let our might be our law of right” (Wisdom 2:11). Given that this cult is tribalist and based on an anti-Christian fixation on Germanic paganism, one has to wonder how this belief in eradicating “every defect” and “every impurity” could be expanded into a policy for a society. This cult of strength is exclusivist and expresses antagonism for others who are opposed to them or unlike them. They describe their enemies as “weak,” thus in their own fantasies the “weak” (their enemies) need to be eradicated.

They scoff peace, mock prayers and proudly proclaim that life after death only belongs to the strong. In one post the Vengeance gym writes:

“Peace is a false god


And too short may life be cut


At sound of gunfire…


Or pangs of idle monotony


Prayers and tears won’t grant immortal legacy


Life after Death is gifted only to those who truly live


With purpose and triumph


Who howl wildly into the dangerous night


Who take what life owes them”

The man in the photo is Matthias Waggener, one of the leaders of the Operation Werewolf cult, and a Neopagan who exhorts for the tribalist movement. One of his allies is one Brian Butler who has on his shoulder a tattoo of the Kolovrat (Slavic Swastika):

Matthias’ brother, Paul Waggener, is a leader of the Werewolf cult and also has the Kolovrat tattoo. Both of the Waggener brothers are the leaders of the Wolves of Vinland cult compound in Virginia alongside the White tribalist and homosexual, Jack Donovan. Paul is also tied with the Wolf Brigade gym’s founder, Greg Walsh, who does not mind allying with a Kolovrat tattooed Neopagan who worships heathen deities and does bizarre rituals in a cult compound. 

Greg Walsh operates within a circle of these Neopagan cultists who love the Slavic Swastika. There is another photo of Walsh in which he is with an Odinist named Joseph Brett Williams who also bears the image of the Slavic Swastika:


Williams is a part of the anti-Christian rage culture that is innate within the Neopagan cult movement. There is a photo of him in a church with a shirt that expresses his irrational hatred for Christianity:

Williams hates Christianity because it destroyed paganism in Europe. He writes next to the photo that: “The old churches are renown for being built on top of ancient Germanic holy grounds. The majority of runestones are being found under the church’s or built into the walls in the basements.”

The antichrist spirit of this group and those like them only illustrate their satanic drives and pursuits, and whatever evil will come about from them should only remind us that such ideas and ideologies are not worthy of toleration.