“Transgenders” Do Not Have Vaginas- They Masturbate Into Festering Medical Wounds (GRAPHIC PHOTOS- NOT SAFE FOR WORK)

The sodomite teenager Jaron Bloshinsky, known as “Jazz Jennings”, had his genitals mutilated in a show promoting said practices to people, including children, and is now the voice of a cartoon character promoting sodomite behavior:

When Hulu debuts its new animated series “The Bravest Knight,” people may recognize one of the characters’ voices – Broward trans teen advocate Jazz Jennings.

She plays Lily the Fairy opposite another fairy voiced by AJ McLean of The Backstreet Boys.

Based on the Daniel Errico book “The Bravest Knight Who Ever Lived,” the animated series follows Sir Cedric, a pumpkin farmer-turned-knight who is married to his Prince Andrew with whom he shares a household.

Sir Cedric will look back on how he became a knight as he shares his story with his adopted 10-year-old daughter Nia. The girl is also looking to be become a knight herself. Along the way, she learns that being worthy of knighthood is more important than slaying dragons.

The show is being lauded as one of the first children’s cartoons with openly gay characters.

“The Bravest Knight continues Hulu’s commitment to connecting with kids and families through bold approaches in storytelling, and continues to be a supporter of LGBTQ content and creators,” according to Hulu.

The streaming service will release the first five episodes beginning Fridayand the other eight later this year. Hulu is working with Big Bad Boo Studios on the show.

On Twitter, Jazz’s mom, Jeanette Jennings, celebrated the series. “This is a a very special animated program,” she wrote. “There will LGBTQ representation including @JazzJennings__ as one of the characters!”

Sir Cedric is voiced by T.R Knight (formerly of ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy); Prince Andrew is voiced by Wilson Cruz of CBS’ “Star Trek; Discovery”) and Bobby Moynihan (formerly of “Saturday Night Live”) plays the younger Cedric’s sidekick Grunt. Other celebrity voices include RuPaul and Wanda Sykes.

Voicing the fairy is one of Jazz’s latest projects. The 18-year-old known for her LGBTQ advocacy recently graduated from the Broward Virtual School in Coconut Creek where she was a valedictorian.

She’s heading to Harvard in the fall to focus on gender studies or religion.

The sixth season of her TLC show “I Am Jazz” which follows her life in South Florida with her family and friends, returns in 2020. (source, source)

Transgenderism is being pushed heavily now, especially being marketed to young children. Because of the seriousness of this and its potential consequence, I would like to discuss the connection between the sodomites and medical wounds, but in particular within the the “transsexual” movement.

Shoebat.com has used (and arguably was one of, if not the first to coin it) a description of the transsexual movement the the extent of ‘men chopping off their penises and drilling a hole between their legs’ for how a man “becomes” a woman. This is the literal truth, as I covered in October 2018 where I showed the barbaric and utterly disgusting, gruesome practice is this excuse for surgery.

However, something I never covered was the nature of the wound- as that is what it properly is -and the medical consequences of it. One does not need to dig deep to find that the psychological consequences of such “affirmation” practices are unhealthy, as the suicide rates for “transgender” people are very high. It is one thing if a man has his genitals mutilated because of another person and he did not want it, because he cannot fault himself. However, when a man does it to himself because he wanted it and then realizes that he cannot fix what he has changed, it is incredibly destructive to his mind because he doubts his own identity.

Below is an up close picture of a “vagina” on a sodomite.




The distinction between this and a real vagina is obvious.

A real vagina is naturally self-cleaning and always stays open, as medically speaking this is the reason why women have vaginal discharge- it is a part of the body’s natural cleaning and self-healing processes. This wound being called a vagina emits discharge, but not because of any natural cleansing. Rather, it discharges for the same reason that a wound or cyst emits discharge- it is the fetid emission of a wound that has not healed.

While vaginal discharge is not something one wants to keep around and not clean up, it is not (barring an STD or other medical condition) “unhealthy” as it is, biologically speaking, a different type of bowel movement, to be dealt with accordingly in a a proper manner and for which nobody needs to see a doctor for.

The transsexual, however, emits such “discharge” because it is a sign that the wound is not healing but festering. Since festering wounds can kill, it can be a sign of a serious medical complication. This becomes even worse when men attempt to have “sex” with a transgender.

In normal sexual relations, when the man puts his member into a woman, her organ naturally accompanies to fit his organ, and hence the reason for the name “vagina”, as it means “sheath” in Latin. Barring outside issues, there is nothing unhealthy about this act. However, because the “transgender vagina” is an open wound, a man who attempts to penetrate a “transgender” is not in fact having normal genital relations, but is masturbating into an open, infected, seeping wound.

Some sodomites intentionally make cuts on their anus and rectal cavities before being sodomized in order to mix their sodomite “partner”‘s semen with their bloodstream. Even if a sodomite does not do this, the very act of anal penetration creates many cuts, wounds, and fissures because the anus is not created to withstand the kind of penetration that a penis does to a vagina. This can cause anal discharge and infected wounds, which are long acknowledged “health” issues that the sodomites face because of the fact that they are abusing what is the tube for removing feces from the body for indulging their own and often times, insatiable perverse inclinations. Because of this, “transgender vaginas” being used for sexual purposes- “normal” penetrative sex -are as arguably bad as the sodomite masturbation with feces (not withstanding the obvious immorality of the act) in so far as it is creating a vector for the uncontrolled spread of all kinds of diseases because bodily fluids from another person (semen) is being injected into the other person’s bloodstream in an area that is already wounded. As a result, “transgenders” open themselves up to a multitude of infections that they have to constantly seek treatment for.

Normal people do not masturbate into medical wounds. That is sick and evil. However, that is what “transgenders” do as a part of their normal lives and call it normal. When one combines this with practices such as anal penetration, the potential for them to contract or infect another with disease is tremendously high.

But this is not the end of the medical issues. Men naturally have members of different sizes. While there is a near obsession among men with being “well endowed”, having a large member does not necessarily mean romantic success with a woman because there is only a certain depth of nerve endings that it can touch. After this, the head of his member will hit her cervix wall, preventing it from going any further and if a man tries to force it, causes a lot of pain for the woman and even physical damage.

When the doctor goes to “make” a vagina, he has to create it to all its different dimensions, including depth. The vagina is a muscle, while the “transgender” wound is just that- an open wound. As such when a man puts his member into the wound an starts masturbating into it, he can at the very least accidentally tear open the wound far more than what it already is, causing potentially serious medical issues leading to hospitalization.

A man who penetrates a woman too hard usually just has a grumpy woman who stops having relations in the moment and yells at the man. A man who masturbates into a sodomite “transgender” too hard may have signed his own death warrant.

But perhaps the most interesting issue is “dilation.” Some women have “tighter” and “looser” vaginas, but they are all at the end of all a hole between her legs that is a part of her natural biological makeup. While some women are increasingly walking around with objects inserted inside of them for sexual reasons (one only needs to read online forums and self-help articles to see discussions about this), it is just for that reason. Indeed, there is no woman born ever who has to do this in order to prevent her vagina from sealing up permanently.

Since the sodomite “vagina” is an open wound, the body is naturally going to try to heal it. Men are not meant to have a hole between their legs. If a hole is made, the body is going to try to heal it by closing the hole. The sodomite is required to medically interrupt this process by placing objects inside of the wound to keep it from closing. This is a process called dilation.  It is unsanitary and many people who have to do it regret mutilating themselves, as the following photos show.



People claim they want what is best for people who say they are “confused” about their gender and want to mutilate themselves.

It is interesting because there is much talk about supporting this practice, but so little about what it actually involves and looks like and the consequences, which are permanent changes with deadly effects.

Make no mistake, anybody who claims to “support” transgenderism or the transgenders is supporting people who self-inflict festering medical wounds and then have other people masturbate into them.

Would you eat a piece of food from a restaurant if you think you saw the server wipe his nose with his hand and not wash it? Of course not, and somebody who did that would get fired for spreading disease. Yet how then can one support inflicting permanent, festering medical wounds and then invite strangers to masturbate on them? Better yet, how can one support making such wounds and then doing said reprehensible practice to small children?

This is what the “transgender” movement and sodomites need to be called out for and most importantly, all of those who go along supporting them. The people who support them who are not “transgender” need to be publicly called out for their complicit support of this filth, and if need so to be made to feel ashamed of themselves in the same way of which the sodomites did for those who did not support “pride.”

There is nothing normal, let alone “proud” about masturbating into another man’s open wounds. Yet as the Pew Forum shows, approximately 70% of Americans yield support to the transgender agenda.

Would you let a stranger cut your child’s genitals off, drill a wound between his legs, then masturbate into the wound? Only a sick reprobate whose mind has been given over to evil would support that, and yet, 70% Americans support it.

If this is not a revival of Sodom worse than what was going on before, what is?

One must call them out for what this is and what they are doing, lest one be forced to reckon with the seriousness of this act and its consequences, for the wage of sin is death, and the sin of Sodom, a sin so great it cried to Heaven for vengeance, eventually brought down the wrath of God on those cities as a message for all time.

Both Lot’s wife and Abraham were told not to look back at Sodom, yet both of them did. Why was Abraham saved and Lot’s wife condemned? Because Lot’s wife looked back with longing, and she was turned to a pillar of salt. Abraham looked back, and he did so with love- the love of God that brings perfect mercy and to the reprobate, executes perfect justice. To put this in a modern context, Lot’s wife would have likely been talking about “my gay best friends” while Abraham would have been the man who called the sodomites by their own titles- sodomites -and told them that they are evil and will be punished.

Are you Lot’s wife, or Abraham?

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