“Christian” Woman On The Batchelorette Says She Can Do What She Wills Because Jesus Still Loves Her

A woman on the “Batchelorette” TV show who claims she is a Christian became offended when asked about Christian sexual morality, and said that she can do what she wants because Jesus loves her:

This season of “The Bachelorette” with Hannah B features polarizing Christian contestant Luke Parker, known as Luke P who tells the Bachelorette what he thinks about sex and her response is now being considered the “most explosive” moment of the season.

In a new promotional video which features clips of what will happen for the rest of season 15 of “The Bachelorette,” Luke P is shown telling Hannah B, who he professed his love for, what he believes about sex.

“Let’s talk about sex and how the marriage bed should be kept pure,” the 24-year-old who traded his player ways to follow Christ told Hannah B.

“Let’s say you have had sex with one or multiple of these guys, I would be wanting to go home,” Luke P admitted.

Hannah B, also a professing Christian, immediately took offense to Luke P’s comments and confessed that she has had “physical relations” with some of the other contestants but “Jesus stills loves her.”

Luke P has been pegged the season “villain” by the other contestants and mainstream media. Although he spoke of his personal convictions and hopes for his future bride, the Gainesville, Florida native’s comments are being taken as an attack towards Hannah B who pegged the conversation the “most explosive of the season.”

“Regardless of anything that I’ve done, I can do whatever, I sin daily and Jesus still loves me. It’s all washed and if the Lord doesn’t judge me and it’s all forgiven, then no other man, woman … anything can judge me,” Hannah B told Entertainment Weekly after the promo aired.

“Nobody’s gonna judge me, I won’t stand for it,” she continued.

The show premiered May 13 and among the 30 men who hope to find love and propose to the bachelorette by the season finale was Luke P. His charm gained favor with Hannah B early on, and he was given the first impression rose in episode one. Again she crowned him “Mr. Right” on the second episode (May 20) and in episode 6 she also named him, “best kiss.”

According to the promotional clip, however, Hannah B seemly sends Luke P home after their “sex” chat and even flips him off as he is leaving.

“My faith that is a big, huge part of me and a lot of times people get Christianity and religion messed up,” Hannah B told ET. “Your faith should be something personal and a relationship and it’s not to judge others.”

Although many people have labeled Luke P’s comments “controlling,” others slammed Hannah B’s for “presuming on God’s grace.”

She went on to tell ET that being physical with others on the show doesn’t earn her a “scarlet letter.”

“Honestly my faith had grown so much and I realize what relationship with the Lord is really about, I don’t have to carry that,” she concluded.

Luke P. took to social media to address some of the things shown on the promo video.

“1. I’m over the Luke P show/drama….2. I’m not a virgin and never claimed to be, but I have decided to wait until marriage with my future wife,” he wrote on an InstaStory.

According to the Gainesville Times, Luke P is a member at Christ Place Church. He has taught Sunday school, is part of a small group and regularly volunteers with the college ministry in his church. A leader of the ministry, Mike Robertson became well acquainted with Luke P before his journey to “The Bachelorette” and said he helped advise the young man on what to expect during the reality show. (source)

Years ago, I was working in a warehouse job. One of my co-workers was named “Al” and he had been there for a while. “Al” was a self-professed born-again Christian who proclaimed his faith and attempted to evangelize people on the job. When I told Al that I am Catholic, he proceeded to “preach” to me about how the Catholic Church is evil and a false Church and all that stuff- the typical rote drivel from men such as Al with no knowledge to back up his words but too filled with his own ego to listen objectively and consider it. I asked Al about his faith, and he told me how he was saved from drugs and loves preaching and wants to preach the word and spread it all around. He said that he was “sinless” because he has been “saved” and nothing can take his salvation away, and he said it with confidence.

While he was doing this a fellow employee rode by in a forklift. She was a young woman with a low cut shirt and large breasts. Al immediately turned his head towards her and focused on her cleavage in a very obvious way, and then said “Man look at those t*ts, I would love to shove my d*** between them.” He then turned back and went to talking about how his religious beliefs.

What struck me about the entire incident was the seamless nature of the incident. The transition between discussing his relationship with Jesus and sinlessness, to openly lusting after and talking about masturbating between a co-workers breasts, back to talking about religion saw no break in the conversation flow. He did not even stop to consider what he was doing or the effects of it.

The incident with Al is not a surprise, but it is a microcosm of American Christianity at large regardless of denomination, and especially with the Protestant sects. There is an open divide between what one claims to believe and what one practices, and it is to such a point that one says that one can believe and do what one wants so long as one as a “relationship” with Jesus, noting that these sects many times scorn the term “religion” as something divisive, going so far as to say that God does not want “religion, but relationship.”

The definition of religion is the proper worship of God as He desires it. Therefore, it is impossible to have a “relationship” with God without religion because a “relationship” with no boundaries or expectations of the other person is not a relationship, but something manipulative and abusive where people do what they want. In a human relationship between friends, one expects that a friend does not steal or cheat the other- that is an expectation of a proper friendship. It is effectively a boundary. If one decides to break that boundary consistently, the relationship can end because the rules are not being followed.

It is a known fact that “cafeteria Catholics” are a huge issue in the Church, but this is well-known. Unfortunately, much of what passes as “Christianity” in America among the other denominations Christian-candy-coated paganism that serves to reinforce the current state of affairs without changing it at all. This is also why Christianity has been on a continual decline regardless of denomination, ethnicity, or age, because if being a Christian is about a series of values nobody takes seriously and involves wasting time at what is a crummy music concert once a week, what is the point of going unless one likes this?

This woman in the video is not “abnormal” with her reaction, but is just an average, American “Christian” in the 21st century whose reaction accords to her true beliefs, which is that she believes she can do what she will, which is not Christian, but the tenet of all darwinists, satanists, occultists, and those who put power over the will of God.

Her entire insistence on “not judging” is absolutely heretical and anti-Christian. Indeed one is not “the judge,” but one must distinguish between right and wrong, truth and error, and to be honest. Yet this is what “Christianity” is for many, their idea of a “free pass” for their actions without consequences or the desire to repent. God will grant forgiveness and absolution, but only those who seek judgement now, coming to terms with their accusers before they reach the judge and are forced to reckon. (Matthew 5:21-26)

Another interesting point was her response to having fornicated. Why did she get so upset? The man admitted he did but stopped doing it. What is wrong with her? Perhaps the question, one reserved for the future, would be what secrets does she have in her past that she is trying to hide?

But for now, it is enough to recognize that in the US, religion is often times a reflection of the status quo rather than something that attempts to elevate it or exist outside of it. This incident that happened on this show is only one more thing which illustrates that point.

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