Drug Cartel Terrorists Make Video Of Them Cutting Man’s Genitals Off And Forcing Him To Eat The Remains Before Sawing His Throat Open With A Knife

Drug cartel terrorists recently put out a video showing them cutting a man’s genitals off with a knife and forcing him to eat the remains before sawing his head off with a knife:

After a confrontation between criminal groups related to drug trafficking, in Rosario Tesopaco, a video came out showing how they tortured three men.

Apparently the torturing subjects are members of the rival cartel. In the images it is shown how they cut the genitals and put them in the mouth, in the end they cut off their heads. The aforementioned fact left as a result three burned-out trucks and various bullet-ridden houses.

Before the facts of insecurity in Rosario Tesopaco, it moves to the personal place of the army, @PespSonora and agents of @AMIC_SONORA. An armed confrontation that would have left some cars on fire was reported in the early morning hours. (source)

Just looking at this horrible scene is almost something out of a movie. However, it is not a movie, but reality.

Imagine if you had to live in Gotham City under the reign of terror from the Joker as portrayed by Heath Ledger in the 2008 film The Dark Knight.

You would not want to.

Now, imagine how many people from Mexico, Guatemala, and other parts of Central America feel about their daily lives. They don’t just have one Joker, but entire militias of Jokers. Jokers torturing other Jokers, Jokers fighting each other in the streets, Jokers kidnapping and murdering people on video, and even Jokers in the government who allow the Jokers in the militias to act with license.

In depends on the point that one comes from, but one can say that if one considers a particularly long journey from Tegucigalpa- the capitol of Honduras- to Brownsville, TX, it is approximately 1600 miles. Most point in Mexico, Guatemala, and even parts of El Salvador are closer by several hundred miles.

This distance- from the capitol of Honduras to the US border- is approximately the same distance as it is from New York City to Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX.

Would you risk the journey if it meant getting away forever from a society overrun and controlled by men like the Joker?

I do not say there cannot be laws enforcing border controls. Countries have a right to regulate migration and laws exist for a reason. However, immigration policy in the US is currently unjust not because of the rule of law, but because the government intentionally breaks its own laws and then used the breaks it has allowed as a way to leverage social and political support for other policies while at the same time using illegal immigration to subsidize large sectors of the economy, in particular mass agriculture which is used as a tool of US domestic and foreign policy.

But also don’t forget what is happening in many parts of Central America, and remember to put yourself into another person’s shoes.

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