African Migrants Stroll Across The US Border Wearing Designer Clothes And Carrying Luggage

Video has emerged from US Border Patrol showing the patrol letting African migrants cross carrying what appear to be handbags and wearing designer clothes:

Groups of hundreds of Africans, Haitians and others from Central and South America continue to trudge across the U.S.- Mexico border in record numbers, despite promises from Mexico to help stop the massive migration.

Footage from the Del Rio Sector of the border in Texas shows scores are making their way in mini-caravans, with many arriving well-dressed in designer clothes, toting luggage and backpacks with their children in tow.

“#USBP Del Rio Sector Border Patrol agents apprehended 2 large groups of over 100 in 2 days,” CBP South Texas wrote in a video post on Twitter. “Total of 3 large groups this fiscal year.”

Border Patrol agents came across the first of the two most recent groups on June 22, when 105 crossed the Rio Grande River and into the United States.

That group consisted of 82 Haitians, with the rest from South America and Africa.

On Monday, another group nearly twice as big – 205 – waded across, undoubtedly inspired by the success of the first group. The second wave included 122 Haitians, with dozens of others from Africa and South America, according to a statement from U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

“Del Rio Sector Border Patrol agents have apprehended people from over 45 countries around the world,” Del Rio Sector Chief Patrol Agent Raul Ortiz said. “Our agents, along with the assistance of our DHS partners, continue to meet each new challenge as the ongoing humanitarian crisis evolved.”

Del Rio Sector agents apprehended 164% more unaccompanied children, 1,034% more family units, and 70% more single adults through May than they did last year. It’s the same situation across the entire southwest border, with every single sector witnessing staggering increases compared to 2018, CBP data shows.

Through May fiscal year 2019, agents apprehended 56,278 children (74% more than 2018), 332,981 family units (463% more), and 204,248 single adults (27% more).

Border Patrol agents on the southwest border apprehended 132,887 illegal immigrants in May alone, while the running total for fiscal year 2019 stands at 787,161 through May – roughly the population of Seattle or Denver.

Most are claiming asylum, a legal loophole that leaves Border Patrol agents with few options but to process their claims and release them into the U.S. while they await adjudication, which takes years.

It’s to the point that Border agents don’t even attempt to stop illegal immigrants from breaking the law.

“At the U.S.-Mexico border in El Paso, Texas, several migrants were spotted climbing a fence as Border Patrol agents looked on,” TicToc by Bloomberg posted Thursday.

The video shows three migrants blatantly scaling a very tall fence as at least as many agents waited, patiently watching from the other side. (source, source)

I have consistently maintained that the “migrant crisis” is not a “crisis” at all, but a government-orchestrated population transfer for the specific purpose of inciting nationalism among the people, leading then to militarism.

People do not just swim over from Africa carrying luggage. Neither do they simply get on a plane because most are broke. It is possible that one or two people could be an exception, but not hundreds of people unless they received direct help from an outside source.

Did these people “buy” or “have” these clothes, or were they gifted to them, just so happening at the same time a photographer was present to take pictures of them for the news?

Does one not think that the government could not keep them out if they wanted to?

These people are NOT invading- they are being trafficked it with the direct consent and assistance of the government for the purpose of sowing destabilization.

These are not the people to be angry with, for they are pawns in a giant game of chess. The real anger is at those in industry and banking, as well as those in politics who willingly kowtow to their wills and enable the situation as it currently is to persist. Likewise, the common people in society, most of them having good will, who blame the problems on “those migrants” are also being pawns as well for the same individuals who engineered the crisis to begin with.

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