Hindu Liars Declare That Christians Are Safe In India

Recently, India’s Minister for Minority Affairs, Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, met with the U.S. Ambassador for International Religious Freedom, Samuel Brownback. During that meeting, Minister Naqvi told Ambassador Brownback that the rights of minorities were absolutely safe in India and are being protected by the BJP-led government.

According to reports, Minister Naqvi told Ambassador Brownback that “India is an example of unity in diversity for the entire world.” According to Minister Naqvi, not a single major riot has taken place in India since the BJP-led government took power in 2014.

Unfortunately, these lofty claims by the Minister for Minority Affairs do not reflect reality in India. According to the Evangelical Fellowship of India (EFI), the number of violent attacks on Christians have more than doubled since the BJP-led government took power. In 2014, EFI recorded 147 violent attacks against Christians in India. In 2018, after four years of BJP rule, EFI recorded 325 incidents.

Indirectly referencing these and other violent incidents documented against other religious minority communities, Minister Naqvi claimed these were “criminal incidents against individuals of minorities.” Minister Naqvi went on to explain that strict action has been taken by law enforcement against the perpetrators of such crimes.

Again, the Minister’s claims do not reflect reality in India. According to a recent report by the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), Christians in India have already suffered 247 instances of persecution in 2019. According to ADF, First Information Reports, a report filed by police that initiates an investigation, have only been files in 28 of the 247 cases documented. (source)

The statement that India’s Christians are not protected is an understatement. The rise in Hindu nationalism corresponds directly with violence against Christians, and it has continued to grow so much and so consistently with each year that India has now become one of the top ten most dangerous nations for Christians.

Shoebat.com has been very clear and consistent on this issue, which is that Hindu nationalism is as much a threat to Christians as is Communism or National Socialism, for indeed, Hindu Nationalism is but a saffron-colored version of the brownshirted Nazis of Germany. They hate Christians and Christianity, they worship their own race masquerading under an abundance of false idols and “gods” as a part of Hindu “culture”, and they want to commit genocide just as Hitler and Stalin did, except this time with super technology assisting them.

Nothing good can ever come from Hindu nationalism. It is presented as a response to “decadence” and “Islamic terror”, yet for every problem it claims to solve, it creates two or more others as it is a race-based response to a matter of truth, which transcends race and identity for all people.

The BJP is but the political face of major Hindu terrorist groups such as the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and her sister groups who, working with the intelligence service of India (RAW), they are attempting to incite Hindu sentiments in the name of “Making India Great Again”, which does not mean an expansion without, but the destruction from within of their own people in the name of nationalism.

Violence against Christians has reached a fevered level, with one attack happening on average every 35 hours, and more coming still. Christians are safe nowhere in India, and the Hindu nationalists have made clear that they expect a major global conflict in about a decade, which is when they intend to being their campaigns of state-backed violence against Christians.

If you are a Christian in India, now is not the time to talk about “tolerance”, but to GET OUT OF INDIA while it is possible and to prepare to help those who are still there. The US has a history of caring only about Christians when it is politically advantageous, and in a conflict between China and the US, which is coming as well, the US will back India and conveniently ignore her violence so long as the US finds a benefit from doing this.

It is not going to be governments who will be the heroes of India’s Christians in the future, but individual Christians and Christian groups who can help the people there to escape or survive the hell that the nationalists are planning. Whether or not they are successful is another matter, but the fact is they do not intend to lose, and if they are already planning on murdering the 15% of India’s over 1 billion strong population that is Muslim, they are certainly not going to spare Christians either.

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