Fully Two-Thirds Of Americans Have The EXACT Same Mindset As The Refugees And Migrants

Shoebat.com has pointed out that the “migration” phenomenon, whether it is from Central America to the US, or from Africa and the Middle East to Europe, is being driven by the same two phenomenae, which are the desire to escape heinous violence in their native lands, as well as the invitation from the US and European nations to work and in so doing to earn the equivalent of several years worth of salary in their native land in a few months of low or below-minimum wage work.

I have consistently said that if Americans or Europeans were given the opportunity to earn the equivalent- several years of income in a year or months -that they would be just as aggressive as the migrants in going wherever they needed to.

According to a recent story, our assertion has just been proven true, as a poll has found that two-thirds of Americans are willing to migrate overseas for a better paying job.

The latest Randstad Workmonitor Mobility Index found 66% of U.S. workers would move abroad for a substantially higher salary, a share that slightly edges out the 59% of workers around the world outside the U.S. who’d do the same. (The survey doesn’t define what constitutes a “substantially higher salary” in its questioning.)

Higher pay would be the biggest motivator for Americans to work abroad, according to the survey. Slightly fewer U.S. workers would emigrate if it meant improving their work-life balance in a different country (64%) or to search for a more meaningful career (58%). And just about half would leave the country if moving abroad was the only way to hold onto their current job.

Jodi Chavez is group president for professional staffing at Randstad U.S. She tells CNBC Make It that these findings could indicate the need for U.S. companies to get more competitive with pay and benefits.

“Part of what this says is, while the talent shortage is very much alive in the U.S., workers have not seen the increase in salary they would like to see, and they are willing to move abroad to work globally and also improve their overall wellbeing,” she says. (source)

Does this mean that Americans are “welfare junkies”, or that they are “STEALING [insert foreign nation here] JOBS”???

No. It means that just like the Mexicans, Guatemalans, El Salvadorans Hondurans, Nicaraguans, and Panamanians who make the long and dangerous journey on foot or by car to the US-Mexican border, or for the Malians, Chadians, Nigerians, Nigerans, Sengalese, Ghanans, Togolese, Congolese, Eritreans, Ethiopians, Sudanese, Egyptians, Moroccans, Algerians, Syrians, Lebanese, and other races of peoples traveling by foot or car to the Mediterranean or Bosporous, and then crossing by boat into Europe, the Americans are doing the exact same thing, except with more money, but the principle remains the same.

This is not to say that there are not laws that should be enforced, or that this migration is not being encouraged for political manipulation in order to foment racism leading to nationalism, two points that we have long asserted and one can read about in our archives. What it does mean is that human beings of all colors and races, while having certain differences that do not detract from our common humanity as creations in the “image and likeness of God”, generally think the same in terms of patterns. It could be “Amadou” from Senegal, “Mohammed” from Syria, “Idris” from Sudan, “Pedro” from Guatemala, or “John” from a bedroom community outside of any major American city or “Hans” from the equivalent in Germany, but people think alike and if many are given the chance for a good opportunity, they take it.

Should Americans, if they have the opportunity to leave for a better job, go and take it?

My personal answer would be a resolute YES, and why not? So long as there are no moral issues that one sees or suspects, then there is no problem with helping one’s family.

The world is changing in the US, and this is not to discount the struggling and suffering of men, but the fact is that sometimes people have to work very hard to make ends meet, but if they are willing, they can be successsful

If this is the case, what is wrong when other people do it?

Just some food for thought.

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