“Chemsex” Parties Are Becoming Popular In Ireland As The Sin Of Sodom Increases

The sin of Sodom has been spreading around the world. One of the things that Shoebat.com has warned about are the rise of “chemsex” parties, where sodomites take drugs, sometimes shoving the drugs into their genitals, in order to engage is homosexual acts. This increases greatly the risk of disease, illness, and death.

A lot of homosexuality has been spreading to Ireland, and according to reports, perverse practices such as Chemsex are now becoming much more common.

Around one-in-17 men who have sex with men surveyed in Ireland report taking sexually enhancing drugs within the last year, according to a survey.

The practice, known as ‘chemsex’, has received particular media coverage in London over the years and, more recently, in Ireland, mostly around the gay party and social scene.

It refers to the use of four main drugs – GHB/GBL (also known as G), crystal methamphetamine, mephedrone, and ketamine – in loosening inhibitions in sexual situations, heightening sexual arousal, enabling users to have sex for hours, or even days, and sex with multiple partners.

Research conducted in Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland and Wales was based on over 3,200 online questionnaires completed by men contacted via particular gay websites, such as Gaydar, Recon and Squirt.

Of these almost 50% (1,131) were based in Scotland and more than a quarter (632) were from Ireland. (source)

This disturbing, vile, and disgusting, but another case of the average world of the LGBT.

We know that the LGBT enjoys spreading HIV as part of a sexual fetish. (source)

We know that homosexuals love to masturbate with feces. (source)

We know that homosexuals admit themselves that they love to eat feces even though it spreads diseases, and then the homosexuals blame “the government” for why they became sick. (source)

We know that homosexual porn frequently involves eating feces and drinking urine. (source)

We know that homosexuals are bragging how 2018 is a great year because of these practices. (source)

We know that homosexuals abuse children using bizarre forms of torture. (source)

We know that homosexuals are causing the rise of drug-resistant diseases due to their activity. (source)

We know that homosexuals threaten those who oppose them with violence. (source)

We know that homosexuals will gladly murder the innocent. (source)

We know that homosexuals openly commit the most horrible blasphemy. (source)

Why then should it be a surprise that a homosexual would do something as perverse as shoving drugs into their organs to the point of endangering their own physical health?

These aren’t “new” ideas. They have been associated with the LGBT throughout history. It is just that, because of modern news, one can document these stories as they happen. They are part of a historical record that must not be forgotten because as much as times change, man’s nature does not.

The levels which the LGBT will sink to in degenerate, unnatural, evil behavior is almost incomparable. This is why St. Paul wrote in his letter to the Romans, and why the Old Testament says that homosexuality is a sin worthy of death and that “cries out to Heaven for vengeance.”

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