President Trump Declares That Unborn Babies Have “Inherent Value”

President Trump has declared that unborn babies have “inherent value” and much to the happiness of pro-lifers.

The Trump administration reaffirmed its commitment to protecting the rights of women in and outside of the womb this week at an international population summit.

The Nairobi Summit on International Conference on Population and Development 2025, which is happening in Kenya this week, largely is a meeting of abortion activists and pro-abortion political leaders, according to the Heritage Foundation.

Hosted by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), the summit is focusing on supporting and promoting abortions and recognizing the killing of an unborn child as a human right. The leading groups insist that abortion and reproductive rights are “the bedrock of gender equality,” The Guardian reports.

Pushing back against the pro-abortion agenda, Valerie Huber, the United States special representative for global women’s health, told the summit that America will not support abortion.

Instead, Huber said the U.S. is investing programs that support the human rights of all women and girls “without compromising the inherent value of every human life – born and unborn.” (source)

I do not believe Trump for one second.

To explain why I make this statement, let’s compare Trump’s statements to another major beloved political leader on the “right”- Viktor Orban of Hungary, and his statements on the Muslims.

Orban has made many statements against the Muslims that sound on the surface to be sensible. However, there are four points that one must consider.

First, he is a Protestant, but his wife is Catholic. Hungarian Protestants have a long history of alliances with the Turks against the Faith and for Islam going all the way back to the Reformation.

Second, his political party, Fidesz, was founded as a liberal party in 1988 but became “conservative” after losing in elections in 1994- the party changed its platform to align with the popular consensus. It was originally a communist-aligned party, and Orban himself used to call himself a communist. This might mean less to Americans, but basically for many people in Eastern Europe, once a communist, always a communist.

Third, and very interestingly, Orban was educated at Oxford- while being funded by George Soros’ Soros Foundation. George Soros is one of the important financiers and leading voices providing the intellectual and material- i.e. financial- support to cause this “refugee” crisis. He was also behind the bogus “color revolution” in Ukraine, and he has been attempting to take down Russia but has so far failed.

Fourth, when Orban was in college, he studied Philosophy under Zbigniew Pelczynski, who was funded by George Soro’s Open Society Foundation that played a major role in the revolutions I made in my previous point.

As such, Hungary has a president who since 2016 is outwardly against refugees and says he is sending troops to the borders, etc., yet at the same time refugees will pass through Hungary in mass. This same President, supposedly so “anti-EU,” was educated by scholars and involved in political movements that are and were very pro-“European.” In spite of being so pro-Hungary, he was financially supported by the very man and his group dedicated to destroying Hungary and all of the nations of Europe with Muslim refugees.

Something does not make sense.

Has it ever occurred to anybody that if Hungary really wanted to, they could lock down their borders with the army and keep everybody out? Or perhaps, does Orban want this mess?

Like all politicians, any great politician becomes so because he knows the temperament of his people and what they want to hear. The Hungarians want to hear NO MUSLIM IMMIGRATION- but that is not what is happening. The Muslims are being allowed to pass through- all to Germany. This is because the refugee and all of the anti-Islamism in Europe is a lot deeper than just bad government policies, stupid decisions, and money. This is about reviving a German, anti-Christian Empire at the cost of the bodies and souls of all the European people.

Now one cannot say that Trump is making his statements as part of reviving an American Empire at all. To the contrary, his statements give him the appearance of being “pro-life” along with some select actions, when the reality is that abortion is continuing without any end in the future, and it is because abortion is but “raw materials sourcing” for the DARPA-funded projects that major universities, corporations, and entities in Silicon Valley are pursuing as a part of integrating biological organism to advanced robotics and AI-related technologies in pursuit of the next super-soldier, which increasingly has indications of based out our research is going to look something like the “cyborg” type robots from the Terminator film series. This does not include other eugenicist projects such as CRISPR, which openly have stated they require certain tissues from aborted babies in order for them to function.

The new darwinists, transhumanists, and madmen of today are intent on bringing science fiction to life, but they cannot do it without a supply of dead babies for parts, and the government is directly subsidizing and encouraging this along with all major governments in the world. Russia, China, England, France, Germany, Italy, Turkey, India, Japan, and even smaller nations such ad Denmark and Sweden are not innocent.

This is why Trump says what he says. He is controlling the pro-life movement by elevating their hopes while allowing a plan to continue just as Orban is controlling the views of his people by making one claim and then not responding to it in a serious way.

As far as Trump, he will continue to play the role which he was assigned, read from his political script, and when the show is done for the day and the curtains draw to a close, he and his friend in the Republicans, Democrats, finance, industry, and the Israeli lobby will meet at the restaurant to laugh together over $200 steaks and $300 bottles of imported wine.

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