Are The Changes Coming To The Church In Germany And The Rise Of “Traditionalism” In Austria Part Of A Strategy Of Tension?

The Church in Germany has a history of extremes in the good and the bad. She was very influential in helping bring the Faith around Europe and the world as well as fight against many evils, and she has also been the progenitor of many evils as well with the Protestant Revolution and the de-Christianization of Europe.

Noting this pattern, it is with again great concern that has criticized the rise of Germanic and pagan nationalism again while at the same time we have seen a curious interest from Germanic people claiming the Catholic Faith who are working alongside pagans. We expressed this recently in two pieces, one of which contained exclusive video of Alexander Tschugguel, the “Pachamama idol drowner”, and his direct refusal to denounce the ideals of a major party in Austria that supports paganism which he knows about, that of the Austrian Identitarian Movement (IBO) which was co-founded by Martin Sellner.

According to recent news, the Church hierarchy in Germany is now planning to ‘integrate’ various propositions from the Amazon synod into the Church.

Now that the Pan-Amazonian Synod is over, attention is turning to the German bishops’ “synodal path” whose latest development is the publication of a joint letter from vicars general representing 10 German archdioceses which strongly endorses the synodal process that begins Dec. 1.

The letter, published on Tuesday, was addressed to the German bishops’ conference and the largest and most influential lay group in the country, the Central Committee of German Catholics (ZdK).

The vicars general, representing the archbishops of Berlin, Essen, Hamburg, Hildesheim, Limburg, Magdeburg, Münster, Osnabrück, Speyer and Trier, wrote that they considered “fundamental reform of the Church in Germany to be urgently necessary, indeed essential.”

According to, a news portal administered by the German bishops’ conference, they said they wanted a Church “in which plurality and diversity are desired and permitted” as only an open and diverse church has the chance to “remain effectively present” in society. And they see the “synodal path” as means to achieve this.

Cardinal Reinhard Marx, the president of the German bishops’ conference, has said the two-year synodal path of meetings proposes to tackle “key issues” arising from the clerical sex abuse crisis, ostensibly with the aim of helping the Church align with the times. In particular, the bishops are set to question the Catholic Church’s perennial teaching on priestly celibacy, human sexuality and the role of women in the Church.

Noting that such changes can be painful, the bishops’ representatives said they hoped the “synodal path” would engender “an honest and open dialogue, characterized by mutual trust and respect and the willingness for mutual understanding.”

But they also notably ask the bishops’ conference and the ZdK to “refrain from insinuations and even accusations of lacking ‘orthodoxy.’” They said a reliance on “God’s spirit” will help participants to take “reasonable steps” to renew the Church.

The Spirit of God can help “to determine the appropriate ratio of Tradition and Innovation today,” they added.

“We expect that the results of the synodal path will change our practice significantly,” the vicars general concluded. “We want, and are open to, such changes. Moreover, we are ready as administrative managers in our dioceses, together with our bishops, to implement reform decisions.” (source)

It is well-known that there is much heresy in the Church right now. This is especially true in Europe, where not only do a majority of those who claim to be Christian regardless of denomination save* Poland (41%), then a distant Slovakia (26%) and Romania (25%), less that 20% of people attend Church at any given time. A similar study from the UK Guardian shows similar numbers.

There are many Christians of good will who want to help preach the Gospel and spread the message in a Europe that has returned to paganism. However, there are also many Christians who see their Christianity- it does not matter the denomination -still as an extension of political fighting related to national interests. In that sense, the Protestant Revolution never stopped, but just changed forms.

One of the dangers that we see today is that many Christians are looking for an earthly savior to the current crisis, and that as they are working sometimes openly with pagans, they may proclaim Christ and believe in Him, but will mistakenly follow a leader who later becomes a new Hitler with all of the paganism, eugenics, and anti-Christianity that happened during the Third Reich.

We know for a fact that in Western politics, there is no fundamental difference between the “left” and “right” wings save for emphasis in the moment used to gain power but all leads to the same philosophies being applied and to the exact same miserable ends.

Right now, there has been a controversy in the Church over evils being done by the “left”. This is the branch that supports open sodomy, idolatry, paganism, heresy, and all forms of disordered behavior. Many bishops are in this camp.

On the “right”, we have many people of good will who want to oppose this and truly are doing amazing work. However, as has pointed out, there is a clear infestation of people who claim to hold to the ideals that the “right” is supporting but will not condemn the ideals of and specific pagan movements in politics, as well as are or have worked with people who have highly questionable ties and are refusing to denounce, renounce, or oppose them publicly, in addition to refusing to answer basic questions about their origins.

It is a known fact that the Catholic Church worked with the CIA in the form of the OSS in order to oppose Soviet Communism. This partnership does not seem ever to have died, but moved with the agency. This is at the same time there were direct, open attempts by Soviet Communists to subvert the Church.

When one reads history, it becomes highly difficult to separate the agency from Operation Gladio, as the two would seem to be one, the former existing for the latter. The programs of Gladio, known as “stay-behind” operations, used a “strategy of tension” by creating conflict between two polar opposite points of a view and then using the controversy generated to control discussion and eventually society itself.

Given what we are seeing- the rise of a “traditionalist” movement in Austria (the same nation where it is arguable that both World Wars I and II also started) with many questionable people tied to them, and the rise of this “liberalism” in Germany, one cannot help but ask if one is seeing the governments of the world attempting to use the Catholic Church against herself as a part of their own “strategy of tension” to start a third world war.

Regardless of what happens, pray always, make sacrifices, and like the ant in the story of the Grasshopper and the Ant, prepare well for the winter of the soul and world that is coming.

*Wikipedia lists Ireland’s church attendance rate at 35%, but these numbers are older and inevitably less accurate since they are highly in favor of the elderly. While this is the case for all of Europe, there are greater proportional numbers of people of marriageable age (18-34 demographic) who attend than in Ireland.

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