Famous HIV-Infected Sodomite Pederast Arrested For Sodomizing Teenager, Exposing Him To HIV

The sodomites define themselves by their obsessive lusts and demand that people acquiesce to their demands to indulge in their insatiable and unquenchable desires. Many do not care who they hurt, what the consequences are, or even if their personal freedoms are jeopardized.

The Shoebat archives has chronicles many examples of the common behavior of sodomites. These include but are not limited to the intentional transmission of deadly diseases, inflicting dangerous medical wounds by means of severe abuse and then masturbating into said wounds for personal gratification, the rape of children and adults, extreme drug usage, human sacrifice, cannibalism, and murder, suicide, or both.

A famous sodomite from the reality TV dance show “Bring It”, John Conner III, was arrested and charged with statutory rape as well as exposing a minor to the HIV virus after he sodomized a teenager knowing that he was infected with the virus.

A Tennessee dance teacher who appeared on a reality show has pleaded guilty to the statutory rape of a teenager and exposing him to the HIV virus, prosecutors said.

John Conner III was scheduled to go on trial this week, but entered the guilty plea to felony charges of criminal exposure to HIV, statutory rape by an authority figure, and solicitation of a minor, Shelby County District Attorney General Amy Weirich said Tuesday in a news release.

Conner was once featured on the Lifetime reality TV dance show “Bring It,” which showcased competitive dance teams in the Mid-South, including Conner’s Memphis team, CNN affiliate WMC reported.

Conner was 26 years old in 2015 when he met the then-16-year-old boy on a social media website, prosecutors said. Conner had unprotected sex several times with the teenager in the dance teacher’s vehicle.

The teenager joined Conner’s dance team, the Infamous Dancerettes, and the two continued to exchange nude photos and text messages about their sexual activity, prosecutors said. Conner did not tell the teenager about his HIV diagnosis in 2012, authorities said. (source)

Conner knew that he had the virus since 2012. This makes one wonder if he sodomized the teen out of intense desperation for sexual gratification (something that is common to the sodomites), or if he did it for an erotic thrill of transmitting the virus.

There is a term used among sodomites called “bug chasing”, which is where “givers”, meaning those who are infected with HIV, seek out “breeders”, or men who are not HIV positive but wish to contract the virus out of perverted desires, in order to get “pozzed”, which is their terminology for infection.

This phenomenon is very real and disturbing. The 2003 documentary “The Gift” discussed this and featured clips of a sodomite party at a well-known sodomite den of filth where men go to infect and get infected. The San Francisco Gate did a feature story about the practice in 2016. It is not an uncommon thing, and likewise, there are many “pozzed” men who intentionally seek to unknowingly infect “bottoms” out of their own highly sadistic, evil, perverted, sick gratification.

What happened in this case was tragic all around on the surface, but the fact is that the teenager clearly chose to be sodomized willingly, otherwise it would have been a case of rape in the aggressive, forced sexual way (relations with minors is always considered statutory rape, but this is not necessarily an indication that the “raped” party was truly forced into sex, as many times it is consensual and especially in the case of post-pubescent teenagers). There are a lot of sodomite teenagers who choose to engage in sodomitic acts with older men, who seek out and desire this.

The wage of sin is truly death, and this story illustrates that. The teenager may have HIV or another STD, the adult is going to jail, and in the middle of all of this, the philosophy of sodom continues to spread unchecked, yet it will not be stopped because most Americans WANT sodom. Having noted this, it is a warning to the wise to avoid such degenerate behavior and to realize that such stories, while strange sounding to many, are just part of regular life for the citizens of sodom.

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