British Pro-Life Activist Denied Entry To The US

Caroline Farrow is a mother of five who is involved with the pro-life movement. While attempting to travel to the US to attend a series of events related to her work, she found out that she was placed on a banned list to her surprise and with no further explanation.

The UK director of an international pro-life organization was refused entry to the United States today.

Caroline Farrow, a British Catholic apologist and mother of five, was not permitted to board her flight for Orlando this afternoon, even though her travel to the USA had initially been approved by the Electronic System for Travel Authorisation (ESTA). Farrow is a frequent guest on British media and is the UK Director for CitizenGO.

“Your ESTA has been denied,” Farrow told LifeSiteNews an airline representative told her at the desk, but could not tell her why. (source)

This is a very interesting story. But as the first question that one should ask is, who is Caroline Farrow?

Like with most people, we really know very little about her and who she is. However, a quick overview of her public information reveals a lot.

Farrow admits openly on Twitter that she is the UK campaign director for CitizenGO.

CitizenGO is a political advocacy/lobbying group that associates with and supporrs Catholic causes such as opposing abortion/sodomy/euthanasia/contraception, as well as promoting marriage and the family. The organization was founded in Spain in 2013 but has extensive contacts throughout Europe and the Americas, especially on the political right. John-Henry Westen of LifeSiteNews is on the board, and he is accompanied among those such as the Lega Norde tied World Council of Families President Brian S. Brown, and Ignacio Arsuaga, the founder of HazTeOir, which he created in 2001 and was tied to promoting the same ideals as CitizenGo but in a Spanish and Hispanic context.

Both of these groups have been tied to El Yunque, a Mexican Secret Society founded in 1953 which says that its goals are the ‘defense’ of the Catholic nature of Mexican and Spanish society against communism, freemasonry, and Judaism. However, what is interesting is that one must consider that during those years when the group was founded, the CIA had just began to become highly active in Latin America, most notably with her overthrow of the legitimate Arbenz government of Guatemala as well as the establishment of the Stroessner dictatorship in Paraguay, both which took place in 1954.

At least eight Catholic Bishops, including Cardinal Antonio Cañizares of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments at the Vatican, have condemned El Yunque because as she is a secret society, she is actively operating in violation of the tenets of the Church, which explictly opposes secret societies and is one of the reasons why she has always been against Freemasonry. Indeed, the anti-communist and anti-masonic nature of El Yunque does not absolve her of her mode of operation and claims to be Catholic, something which members of the group have denied they are. Likewise, El Yunque has been tied to political violence, including student protests and assassinations.

It is known that the CIA had been working with “anti-communist” groups, either by creating or funding them during the Cold War years in order to advance American political hegemony. Many of these groups were Catholic, as the Church supported the OSS during World War II and of which support naturally rolled into the formation of the CIA and her subsequent anti-communist position. However, as we and others have pointed out, the CIA promoted nationalism and National Socialism as an “antidote” to communism, which was being advanced by the Soviets, and that the purpose of this was to create social tension that they could then use to manipulate or exploit a society in order to better rule the people, thus effectively ruling men by means of corrupting them.

To what extent El Yunque, HazTeOir, CitizenGo, or the accompanying individual founders, funders, and employees (such as Ms. Farrow) are tied to “stay-behind” operations is yet to be uncovered. However, considering all of these connections that show a clear link from the CIA-tied far right, a secret society, and connections to legitimate public groups, one must ask the question as to why Farrow was actually denied entry to the US. Was it because she is objectively “pro-life” and this was something that was immoral? Or perhaps was it, at least in part, related to her being the UK representative for a major political nationalist group that is actively pushing for right-wing political change in Europe that is moving the continent towards war and is tied to many questionable and even nefarious groups?

If one thinks about Farrow in this way, one might look at her situation like that of the infamous American “counter jihad” writers Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer and how they were denied entrance to the UK. The British government said they made their decision because it would not be in the public good, and while they complained about it, has pointed out how both Pamela and Robert have deep tied to individuals involved in drug trafficking, satanism, the far right, neo-nazi thugs, pagans, and other highly dishonest, disreputable, or just outright disgusting people with histories of criminal or political violence. They were not banned because the UK is “afraid” of Muslims and Islam, but because both work for entities promoting revolution and supporting openly subversive elements of society under the dual covers of patriotism and free speech.

The sodomite lobby is very powerful in the US, and it is a direct threat to Christians in the short and long term, and more so than it has ever been. But perhaps in this case, maybe, the reason why Ms. Farrow was refused entry was not because of her positions, but because of her employer and connections, for by one’s friends and associates is a man known for who he is.

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