If Bush lied then Obama is Lying now

By Keith Davies

As events unfold in the Middle East and our dear leader Barack Hussein Obama through Mr. Purple Heart himself John Kerry, tells us that there is “undeniable” evidence that Bashar al-Assad’s regime used weapons of mass destruction on innocent civilians. The “undeniable” evidence is conveniently “classified”. The UN has not said there is “undeniable” evidence and the news media here or internationally have not confirmed our government’s “undeniable” findings. We, on the other hand, have provided significant evidence to the contrary or if you are skeptical of our findings certainly many questions that need to be further investigated.

Obama and Bush

Obama and Bush

If I remember correctly, back in 2003, after the Iraq war was over, the Democrats accused Bush of lying about weapons of mass destruction. We were told that all the intelligence – both from the CIA and our international allies – showed that Saddam Hussein had these weapons; he had used them in the past to kill his own people. Yet, the Democrats used the fact that no weapons were found as a political weapon to undermine the war, provide encouragement for the enemy, and demoralize our own troops. When the surge was announced to turn Iraq around, the Democrats fiercely opposed such a move, including then Senator Barack Hussein Obama. Al Gore castigated Bush publicly that the war in Iraq was “playing on our fears.”

Now for the real kicker. It was said back in 2003 that the weapons of mass destruction Saddam Hussein had were secretly shipped to Syria, an allegation also ridiculed by the Democrats. Yet, how did Assad acquire the chemical weapons he’s allegedly using? Maybe the Saddam shipments were true. If so, it means the Democrats must accept as true, that which they originally scoffed at – if their theory that Assad used Chemical weapons is true.

Today, we have come full circle with these Democrat fools who act just like the George Bush they criticized for engaging in the same behavior; now they take the American public for fools too. The Republicans went to the UN, presented evidence and received the blessing of the UN to take down Saddam Hussein but Obama, who used to swear by the UN, has no interest in making any case there. Obviously, Russia and China are having none of it and rightly so. Britain and France, who also seem to be Muslim Brotherhood-friendly, wish to appease their domestic Sunni terrorists and play along with Obama. The hypocrisy of Democrats and the liberal media continues to show no shame.

Obama, being an arrogant fool, always speaks before he thinks and painted himself into a corner with his “red line” and has no room to diplomatically maneuver. If he does not strike, he looks weak and if he does strike, the entire Middle East will blow up. Even a nominal cruise missile strike will accomplish nothing militarily; it will only create a bigger mess.

Deposing Assad will bring a new Muslim Brotherhood victory. Maybe Obama wants this to compensate for the Muslim Brotherhood loss in Egypt, which obviously disappoints him greatly.

America has botched up the Middle East from the policies of Eisenhower right through to Obama. We need to drill and frack for our own oil and gas, use as much Canadian oil as we can get and stop buying energy from the Middle East. Energy independence has been ignored by both Republicans and Democrats and will cost us dearly with many more lives and treasure lost in the future.


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  • Article excerpt: “America has botched up the Middle East from the policies of Eisenhower right through to Obama. We need to drill and frack for our own oil and gas, use as much Canadian oil as we can get and stop buying energy from the Middle East. Energy independence has been ignored by both Republicans and Democrats and will cost us dearly with many more lives and treasure lost in the future.”

    AMEN to that Keith! Great commentary! Indeed, America has botched up the Middle East policies and they got more botched when politicians muddled their hands in military actions rather than allow seasoned military commanders do what needed to be done a long time ago. Now, America has redlined” itself into a situation that is going to make matters worse, thanks to the inept handling of Middle East policies by this Administration’s politicians who are siding with the Muslim Brotherhood.

    I have posted this before and wish to share it again here where back in 2004 my Internet post stated that we were basically going to be in a “no win” situation with our involvement in trying to export “Democracy” to Iraq and the Middle East. Here are some excerpts from my post in 2004 :
    Posted: Mon Jun 14, 2004 5:22 pm Post subject: A Democratic Iraq: Threat to Arab World:

    Terror organizations will continue to disrupt every effort to establish Democracy in Iraq for the very reason that Democracy and Islam Do Not Mix.

    The National Constitutions of most every Arab nation have established Islam as the national religion, the Qur’an as the guide for governance – from which Sharia laws are established and meted out, and that only Muslims can serve in the military and political government.

    Terror organizations view themselves as “freedom fighters” and “protectors of Islam” in the army of “Allah.” They view ANY Muslim who cooperates with an American led coalition to establish Democracy as a “traitor to Islam” and are therefore given authority by Qur’anic decree to kill traitors who have become “friends and allies of the enemy.”

    The mess that has resulted in Iraq is due to going into war without knowing that Islam and Democracy do not mix and that the Arab world would view Democracy as a threat to their entire ideology; political, social, and religious.

    June 30, 2004 will not establish Democracy; it will inflame the Arab world even more whereby terrorism will continue to target all members of a governing council for assassination and threaten Iraqi citizens with death if they cooperate in any democratic voting process.

    Here we are at August 27, 2013 and still no Western-style Democracy in the Middle East and never will be.

  • Jim

    Unfortunately, we have become a nation that no longer holds the truth in high esteem. It seems that politicians, especially, can lie, deny and stall; and then when they get caught, all they have to do is apologize. The major news networks, once considered the bastions of free speech, no longer hold themselves accountable for reporting the truth, the whole and nothing but the truth, so help them God. But instead, they have become complicit in this crime against the American Constitution, our freedoms, and the liberties that our forefathers fought and died for. Where is this all going? Let’s just say that I’m not very optimistic about America’s future.

  • MrKeith

    Do we really believe the above agenda is quite this simple? Their plans are from A to ZZZZZ in every step, of the military industrial complex that take paths with alternate options. They control the oil interest of Iraq to the poppy fields in Afganistan, are all being capitalized upon. Most of our oil fields across the USA has been capped by law for years. My math of this, we use everybody elses oil till they’re dry. Then who is boss? Politics as usual, let the Muslims run to fight until they drop, where ever they pull the strings. Come on, the Catholics, Muslims, Masons … are all in on the same game. Then all the same game liars in the US and the British Queen who uses the U$ to the call the shots. But does the everliving of the Holy Bible, say oops, didn’t see that one! Read the book its prophesy and law will not waver. More than a third of the world will go down with them as it soon unravels. The Messiah is our only hope.

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  • rich

    If we survive to 2016, are enough people going to wake up and give us a decent president at least? Or will voter fraud and the sum of satan’s current schemes plunge us further down? I wouldn’t be surprised if Obama declared martial law and postponed the 2016 election. If that happened there would be a civil war.

  • Clare

    When I was in high school, I used to tell my parents that I didn’t do it but they said that they had evidence that I did. But I knew that I didn’t and I asked them to prove it. They said the details were classified and grounded me to my room.

    Maybe Obama is a lackey to Saudi Arabia (who has heavily invested in America and is on the rebels side), maybe O & Co. are lackeys to the military industrial complex, and maybe O has hurt feelings over his inability to retract The Mire of the Red Line.

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  • Sonique1

    Well said Kevin. This is exactly what I always said. Saddams Chemical stockpile was shifted out of Iraq and taken to Syria, precisely what Iran is advising Assad to do right now. BUT Assad did not use these chemical weapons. There is more evidence of the Al Qaeda REBELS using them instead.