Archive | August 29, 2013

The Great Syrian distraction (from Egypt)?

The Obama administration is losing the battle over Syria before firing a shot. As it dithers on what to do, Egypt appears to be continuing the crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood. If directing everyone’s attention away from Egypt and toward Syria was by design, it may be having an effect similar to directing everyone’s attention […]

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Associated Press: Assad may not have launched Weapons

Yesterday, Barack Obama told a couple of adoring sycophants in Judy Woodruff and Gwen Ifill the following about the use of chemical weapons in Syria: “We have concluded that the Syrian government in fact, carried these (chemical weapons attack) out.” One day later, The Associated Press (h/t WZ) reported something a bit different: The intelligence […]

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Is Obama about to create his own Vietnam?

By Keith Davies World War Two was the last major war America has chosen to win. Every other war the United States has fought since then, we have decided to lose in the halls of Congress or to mass hysteria from the left that destroys the single purpose of winning any war. Winning elections at […]

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Fort Hood and Benghazi parallels

The tenure of outgoing FBI Director Robert Mueller began one week prior to 9/11/01. He will officially step down twelve years later (to the day), on September 4, 2013. Two things of serious import happened on Mueller’s watch. First, Anwar al-Awlaki was let go in 2002, despite their being a warrant for his arrest. Second, […]

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Benghazi is why Obama can’t be trusted on Syria

Today, Barack Obama told media sycophants Judy Woodruff and Gwen Ifill of PBS, that his administration had ‘concluded’ that Syria’s Bashar Al-Assad had used chemical weapons on his people. Of course, sycophants never do their job, which is why these two met their unassailable leader with adoring eyes instead of adversarial questions, which is what […]

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