Archive | August 3, 2013

CNN’s Drew Griffin should not be trusted on CIA Story

Conservatives find it so refreshing when a liberal outlet performs what is called – in the parlance of Rush Limbaugh – a ‘random act of journalism’ that they’re often willing to overlook the history of the individual who supposedly committed it. CNN’s Drew Griffin appeared to commit a ‘random act of journalism’ when he reported […]

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Gartenstein-Ross gives 2-wrd Response to our 16-Pg Rpt

It’s probably a safe bet that Daveed Gartenstein-Ross didn’t see much value in reading our June 30th report but he was asked to do so – and respond in writing – by Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) at a House Joint Subcommittee hearing on July 10th. Much has transpired since that time but let’s go back […]

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