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Bin Laden: Al-Qaeda must change to Ansar Al-Sharia

Ansar Al-Sharia IS Al-Qaeda By Walid Shoebat The Muslim Brotherhood umbrella is very large and covers countless front-groups. Yet, westerners often trip over themselves while trying to identify individual terrorists as being responsible for any given attack. Then they talk themselves into believing that some of these front-groups are moderate and can be dealt with. […]

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Belly Dancer rips Obama

It would appear that when it comes to Barack Obama’s overt coziness with the Muslim Brotherhood – especially in Egypt – he can’t even fool a certain belly dancer. One such example is the woman in this now viral video. At times, you may find yourself confused while reading subtitles because they don’t seem to […]

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State Dept. wants Brotherhood in new Egypt Govt?

Is the Obama administration actually lobbying for a Muslim Brotherhood presence in the new Egyptian government? The answer to that question appears to be yes. The question as to why continues to remain unanswered. There was apparently an attempt by U.S. Deputy Secretary of State and representatives from two other countries to meet with one […]

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Report: Mursi’s Inner Circle going on Trial for Murder

So, who’s right, the U.S. President who has made a career of lying his face off or the new Egyptian government, installed after Mohammed Mursi was removed by the military? As painful as it is to admit, the Egyptian government has more credibility at this point. With that as a premise, Mursi is now facing […]

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Benghazi Attacks and ‘Rogue’ CIA Employees

When the details of Operation Fast and Furious were revealed, the Obama administration wanted you to believe it was an operation hatched and run out of an ATF office in Phoenix; that was a provable lie. When the IRS scandal broke, the Obama administration blamed it on ‘rogue’ employees in Cincinnati; this was a proven […]

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