Archive | August 18, 2013

Was Kidnapping Amb. Stevens the Objective in Benghazi?

By Bob Michael Can we really believe the kidnapping story, and other deflections floating around, regarding the plan of the Benghazi attack of 11 September 2012? Is it a “difference” that doesn’t really matter “at this point”, as Hillary Clinton rhetorically asserts? I’ll digress just a moment. After a question from Republican Senator Ron Johnson […]

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Barrack Show

On today’s Barrack show… By any sane standard, news that the brother of Al-Qaeda’s number one, Mohammed al-Zawahiri was arrested by the Egyptian military should be cheered. Yet, western mainstream media and Democratic Party – along with Republican whacko birds John McCain and Lindsey Graham – seem to think it’s bad news. In short, Egypt’s […]

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