Archive | August 15, 2013

Andrea Tantaros interviews Walid

Andrea Tantaros interviewed Walid today on the subject of Egypt. The conversation soon turned toward an Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood connection to the Benghazi attacks. This subject greatly interested Tantaros who was intrigued by the connection of Tariq Taha Abu Al-Azm to the attacks. Based on the questions Tantaros was asking, she seems to have a […]

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Lindsey Graham, Muslim Brotherhood Community Organizer?

During an appearance on Lou Dobbs Tonight on Fox Business, a primary challenger to Senator Lindsey Graham hit a home run by quite aptly describing Graham. South Carolina state senator Lee Bright said that instead of returning to his district during the August recess, Graham went to Egypt and behaved like a “Community Organizer for […]

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Jihad Marriages in Egypt (War on Women)

As western media Muslim Brotherhood sycophants propagandize the plight of their masters in Egypt and then wonder why security forces have a problem with it, there’s another story that doesn’t get told. It’s the story of Jihad marriages, a real war on women that leftists like to project onto conservatives in America. That war is […]

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Egypt: The Truth

When it comes to the recent deaths in Egypt, the western media narrative has already been set: Innocent, unarmed Muslim Brotherhood supporters and members are being gunned down in the streets and brutally beaten by police who just do it because they can. The Muslim Brotherhood supporters are repressed and persecuted victims. That’s propaganda; it’s […]

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