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Daily Kos pulls article implicating Syrian Rebels

On August 29th, Dale Gavlak published a very damning piece that implicated the Syrian rebels in the Chemical weapons attack in Syria on August 21st. We reported on Gavlak’s article yesterday. So did the far left-wing Daily Kos. Today, Markos Moulitas and the boys appear to have taken it down: Yesterday afternoon, Secretary of State […]

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Obama gets Cold Feet

By Keith Davies The president’s conspiracy to scapegoat Assad and use a “little” war to distract the media and American people away from the scandals that plague his administration has failed miserably, thank G-d! Based on yesterday’s press conference and John Kerry’s blustering warpath speech, today’s events are stunning. Obama’s bluster and bluff is incredulous. […]

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More Photos that Implicate Malik Obama and Lois Lerner

A couple of weeks ago, we reported the claims of the former Chancellor of the Constitutional Court of Egypt and current adviser, Tahani Al-Jebali. She alleged that one of the reasons Barack Obama keeps siding with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt (Syria too, for that matter) is that his brother is a major player with […]

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Attacking Syria in response to Video

By Ben Barrack When then UN Ambassador Susan Rice appeared on five Sunday talk shows after the Benghazi attack and blamed a video, it gave legitimacy to an absurd charge. Egyptian Salafists wanted to use it to attack free speech and the Obama administration didn’t want the American people to know that it was a […]

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Who’s the Bigger Cowboy now?

By Keith Davies Dale Gavlak, an establishment journalist from the bullpen of the Associated Press, The BBC and NPR has confirmed our findings that it was the Rebels who perpetrated the Chemical Weapons attacks. She also confirms that the source of these weapons was Saudi Arabia as one of the videos we posted demonstrated. Here […]

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