Archive | August 26, 2013

Bill Cunningham interviews Walid

Talk show host Bill Cunningham had Walid back on his Sunday night national show to talk about the latest in Syria amidst reports that a strike on the Assad regime is allegedly imminent. Once again, the Obama administration’s interests are clearly in line with those of the Muslim Brotherhood. Is it a good thing to […]

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TIME Magazine (almost) gets a clue 2.5 Years Late

Is it any wonder why TIME Magazine is running on fumes? Two and a half years after the Arab Spring began in January of 2011, the liberal rag spent a few paragraphs entertaining the notion that Barack Obama supports the Muslim Brotherhood. After writer Jay Newton-Small spends an entire article presenting claims and evidence that […]

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Al-Jazeera: another Front in Islam’s Conquest

By Bob Michael LAPD Police Detective Capt. (Ret) Al-Jazeera is a name which made its entry into American recognition with its support (all in the name of journalism) of the Taliban/al-Qaeda and the feeds to Western news outlets. Al-Jazeera was born in November 1996 by the royal family which gave birth to it in Doha, […]

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