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If Bush lied then Obama is Lying now

By Keith Davies As events unfold in the Middle East and our dear leader Barack Hussein Obama through Mr. Purple Heart himself John Kerry, tells us that there is “undeniable” evidence that Bashar al-Assad’s regime used weapons of mass destruction on innocent civilians. The “undeniable” evidence is conveniently “classified”. The UN has not said there […]

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Did the Saudi Harlot Proposition Putin over Syria?

Harlots are emotional wrecks. They are very irrational and borderline schizophrenic. When one takes a look at Saudi Arabia, that country has many of the same characteristics, to be sure. For example, it supports Muslim Brotherhood expansion all over the world financially but is siding with the Egyptian military’s effort to defeat the Brotherhood. In […]

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When is it OK to Blame Bush?

By Ben Barrack While it’s accurate to say that the Barack Obama administration has been overplaying the ‘Blame Bush’ card for years now, there’s something Bush didn’t do that has allowed members of the legislative branch to get in bed with America’s enemies. After 9/11, Bush committed a grave sin of omission. He failed to […]

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Where in the World has the U.S. Gone? Muslim Mad!

By Bob Michael LAPD Police Detective Capt. (Ret) I have been working on a story after receiving many inquiries as to why there would be a marriage between Communist Bolsheviks (Obama), Islam (Obama) and the Muslim Brotherhood (Obama). I found Walid’s recent article very convincing as to the evidence overwhelmingly pointing to the Syrian rebels/Muslim […]

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Biblical Nugget on Damascus

By Walid Shoebat Note: We have received several requests asking about what the latest developments in Syria might mean from a Biblical perspective. So, here are some of my thoughts. We can sense the beginning signs for the fulfillment of Isaiah 17’s destruction of Damascus when we witness the embryo forming with the influx of […]

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Egyptians (and Conservative Americans) are on to Obama

The beginning and end of the video below is in Arabic but the meat in the middle is in English. Be patient until the 1:20 mark, when the anchor is done introducing the segment. At that point, he goes to a very well done report that compares the Muslim Brotherhood to the Nazis (actually, the […]

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Evidence: Syrian Rebels used Chemical Weapons (not Assad)

By Walid Shoebat and Ben Barrack Recent news of a chemical weapons attack in Syria smacks of desperation. The question comes down to who is most desperate right now, the Assad regime or the Muslim Brotherhood rebels? Consider that since June, Assad’s forces have been winning. According to a CBS News report from last month, […]

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