Archive | August 28, 2013

John Brennan, the CIA, and Chemical weapons Propaganda

As a result of various reports today which allege that U.S. spies are certain Assad used chemical weapons because of intercepted communications, we received email about our report, Evidence: Syrian Rebels used Chemical Weapons (not Assad). To be clear, at the time we posted that article, all the evidence we could find implicated the rebels; […]

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Obama Will Advance Islam By Attacking Syria

By Theodore Shoebat The day after Obama’s reelection was announced, I wrote that Obama will be more reckless in his second term than in his first, in that he will work with NATO, France, and Britain, in attacking Syria, and on how the only one who would gain from this attack will be Turkey, because […]

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Enemy Agents or Cowards? Politicians should come clean

As we approach the twelfth anniversary of the attacks by Muslim Brotherhood-inspired jihadists on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, our leaders have either forgotten or have switched sides. Today, far too many of our elected officials want to side with… Muslim Brotherhood-inspired jihadists in Syria despite the fact that only 9 percent of the […]

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Nazi-Style Propaganda from the Obama Administration

By Keith Davies Watching the US media today – along with the Chief of propaganda John “Goebbels” Kerry, we are watching a classic case of Nazi-style aggression against another country without any concrete proof of the use of weapons of mass destruction by the accused party. “Undeniable evidence” has not been shown to us just […]

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