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Muslim Brotherhood apologist Josh Rogin cries in his Beer

It is indeed noteworthy how many blatant Muslim Brotherhood apologists there are who masquerade as journalists. One such example is Josh Rogin, who writes for the Daily Beast and Foreign Policy. Rogin was on the participant list of a Muslim Brotherhood conference in Qatar this past June, which may help to explain why he’s bemoaning […]

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Report: Major Ansar Al-Sharia Egypt figure arrested

Mohammed al-Zawahiri has reportedly been arrested near Cairo by Egypt’s security forces. If that last name sounds familiar, it’s because Mohammed is the younger brother of Al-Qaeda’s number one, Ayman al-Zawahiri. The younger brother is also a prominent figure within Ansar Al-Sharia Egypt, a group believed to be connected to the Benghazi attacks last year. […]

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Do Egyptians blame Obama for Anti-Muhammad video?

In the wake of the 9/11 attacks last year, it was noteworthy how Obama administration officials were so adamant when it came to insisting that they had nothing to do with the anti-Muhammad video that many tried to blame for the attacks. It almost smacked of ‘thou doth protest too much’. We now know that […]

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CAUGHT ON FILM: Churches Burnt And Ransacked In Egypt

The shameless media in America cares more about Muslim Brotherhood “demonstrators” being killed and injured, than Christian churches being burnt and devastated by the very same Muslim Brotherhood. This is why we must become the media. Here is a video of the Church of Bishop Moussa razed in flames: Here is the Prince Tadress Church […]

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Insider In Egypt: Attack On Christians “nothing less than a furious satanic attack”

From The CP: The recent barrage of attacks on Christians in Egypt, including on members and churches of the nation’s Coptic denomination, are of a scale unseen in modern times and being described as satanic, according to sources living in the country. The persecution watchdog group, Open Doors USA, says Egypt is engulfed in a […]

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Reporter: “monumental attack — unprecedented in modern times — on churches throughout Egypt”

From Gary Lane: What do Muslim Brotherhood members do when Egyptian Security Forces launch a forewarned operation to clear them from Cairo tent cities? Attack Christians. That’s right. Morsi supporters responded with a monumental attack–unprecedented in modern times–on churches throughout Egypt. The torching and destruction of churches occured within six hours of the start of […]

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