Archive | August 12, 2013

Benghazi: Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood implicated

As promised, below you will find what we believe to be a Benghazi bombshell, published at Pajamas Media. There are no hyperlinks in the Executive Summary; they can all be found in the full report. Executive Summary When it comes to the Benghazi attacks, there is clearly an effort underway to avoid implicating Ansar Al-Sharia […]

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The Arab Camel ‘Guilty’ for Sars-like Virus

By Walid Shoebat Middle East respiratory syndrome corona virus, a Sars-like virus could have come from camels, prompting further investigation into camel meat. Tests on a group of 50 single-humped Arabian, retired racing camels in Oman proved 100% positive and Saudi Arabia was responsible for 63 of the 77 confirmed MERS cases. MERS coronavirus doesn’t […]

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