Archive | August 16, 2013

Jeffrey Kuhner interviews Walid on WRKO in Boston

Jeffrey Kuhner, the morning drive talk show host on WRKO 680 in Boston, interviewed Walid today about what’s going on in Egypt. Among issues discussed: Is Egypt headed for a bloody civil war? The role of the Muslim Brotherhood / Mohammed Mursi in Benghazi What should Americans make of the Million Muslim march on Washington, […]

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AP’s Matt Lee helps Paid Liar Jen Psaki do her job

Associated Press reporter Matt Lee asked State Department ventriloquist dummy Jen Psaki if Barack Obama was worthy of his Nobel Peace prize in light of what’s going on in the Middle East. Psaki’s two word answer (“Yes, Matt”) said quite a bit, not just because of the answer but because of her visible reaction. It […]

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Syrian rebels McCain supports executes young boys

Syrian rebels have done it again. They’ve justified their cause by executing two young boys at point blank range. These are the forces supported by jailed Muslim Brotherhood leaders in Egypt who the Obama administration is wanting released. When Senators John McCain (R-AZ) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) went to Egypt recently, they pleaded for the […]

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Libyan Intel document bolstered by events in Egypt?

It would appear that the Libyan Intelligence document we referenced in our original report about an Egyptian connection to Benghazi, may have gotten another dose of credibility. According to a reputable Arabic source, an official with Egypt’s interior ministry has revealed that two individuals named in that Libyan Intelligence document have been arrested at Rabaa […]

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Simon Conway interviews Walid about Egypt

Simon Conway interviewed Walid on WHO News Radio 1040 in Des Moines, IA today about the latest developments in Egypt. As a conservative from Great Britain who broadcasts from Iowa, Conway is indeed a rare bird. Walid referenced this post in which we reported on Muslim Brotherhood snipers killing their own supporters and unsuspecting protesters. […]

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