The Obama Family Needs To be Arrested, Found To Be In Secret Plot To Establish Islamic Law

By Walid Shoebat

This report includes all necessary evidence to establish the case for Malik Obama’s link to terrorism. I have acquired Israeli intelligence reports, which add more teeth to make the case even stronger. This includes financial evidence. The hyperlinks in this report are essential. They link to monumental details provided from primary sources. These are not simply opinions; they are intelligence and government reports.

Wanted for Questioning: Malik Obama, Mama Sarah Obama, Musa Ismail Obama, and Sayed Obama.

Wanted for Questioning: Malik Obama, Mama Sarah Obama, Musa Ismail Obama, and Sayed Obama.

The report concludes that Malik Obama’s Foundation (BHOF) was incorrectly awarded tax-exempt status along with the Mama Sarah Obama Foundation (MSOF). Evidence points to the disguising of both as charities when in fact they both advance terror causes.

Malik Obama, in his official capacity as Executive Director of the Islamic Dawa Organization (IDO) [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7], is also responsible for “charitable fronts” but in reality these are “used to finance terrorism” by partnering with the Union of Good (UG). Pursuant to Executive Order 13224, the U.S. Treasury has designated Union of Good as “Terrorist front” which acts as an umbrella organization that represents over 50 Islamic fundraising groups worldwide, including IDO and WAMY (World Association of Muslim Youth), which are official members of UG. WAMY is “an extremist Islamic foundation in Saudi Arabi oriented towards Hamas” (see intelligence reports and financial transfers of funds here and here). Malik Obama connects his illegally obtained BHOF and IDO fundraising in his promotional billboards in Kogelo as well as in his partnership with WAMY (see Malik’s meeting with Secretary-General of WAMY Dr. Mohammed Omar Badahdah) [1] [2] [3] [4] Cooperation between these groups happens, in part, via WAMY’s office in Nairobi, Kenya and Badahdah’s financial aid to Hamas.

As we wrote previously, depending on the translation (Organization vs. Association), the IDO can be identified as Munazzamatal-Da’waal-Islamiia. On a promotional board featured on the BHOF website, the IDO is shown partnering with the BHOF on one of the projects:

BHOF and IDO Connected.

BHOF and IDO Connected.

The official website for UG shows IDO is still active. IDO also has a bank account in Al-Shamal bank, where it receives donations. This bank’s initial operations were heavily financed by Osama bin Laden and was even named as a co-defendant in a lawsuit filed by the families of 9/11/01 victims. Al-Hayat even reported that bin Laden owned the bank during his time in Sudan.

This is the tip of the iceberg as to why the UG – with its affiliates (including IDO) – has been designated by U.S. Department of Treasury as “financial fronts” for terrorism (see intelligence report here). On the UG website’s homepage, the two main photos of its two most prominent leaders are #1 president of its organization Yusuf al-Qaradawi (the unwavering supporter for Hezbollah, Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist organizations) and the #2 man is none other than Suar al-Dhahab (Malik Obama’s direct supervisor) who represents IDO and works closely with Hamas (see intelligence reports here). Under the UG website’s “Contributing Institutions” page, UG shows that one of the partners is Malik’s IDO. The website even provides the method for donating and lists all the affiliated organizations, including the contact information for Malik’s IDO to direct contributions for Hamas:


The Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs (#19 on the list) in Israel (see #19 and also here), has investigated UG and concluded that:

“Dozens of foundations that are operated abroad by Hamas, most of which are members of the Union of Good, along with dozens of Hamas charitable associations active in Judea, Samaria and the Gaza Strip, form a well organized and coordinated support network, that includes Hamas’s fundraising arm abroad and the vital civilian and infrastructure networks in Judea, Samaria and the Gaza Strip. In this framework, tens of millions of dollars per annum are transferred from the overseas foundations to Hamas associations in the field.”

Multiple websites that tout fundraising activities include IDO sending charities to Hamas can be found [here] (see section: “IDO donations linked to Hamas”). Suar al-Dhahab is also vice chairman of the The Al-Quds (Jerusalem) International Foundation (JIF), which is also designated by U.S. Treasury under E.O. 13224 as a terror front for Hamas; financial transactions funding Hamas can be seen in intelligence reports (here and here pg.7 lists IDO). In one incident, Malik’s immediate supervisor, Suar al-Dahab raised over $8 million for JIF and in another incident, $1 billion is claimed by one of IDO’s affiliates, adding further to what we previously disclosed. The only projects in Kogelo, Kenya that qualify under a non-profit claimed by BHOF are: land, a well, and a mosque structure. According to Malik, the mosque was donated by “Dr. Muhammad Al-Maneea” from “Saudi Arabia” and “Ali M. Zaghmout” from Qatar; the well came courtesy of “Alislah Society” in Bahrain, which is also a terror front that funds Hamas (see appendix D, #9 from Intelligence reports via INTERPAL).

The U.S. government is authorized to block the assets of organizations and individuals that provide financial support to terrorist organizations. Both BHOF and MSOF are in violation of the Office of Foreign Assets Control (“OFAC”). Therefore, due process should be enforced. According to Reuters, Malik Obama is a U.S. resident who has lived in Washington, D.C. since 1985.

The Reuters report also claims that the BHOF is a…

“…charitable organization (Malik) founded to build houses for women and orphans…”

The BHOF funded the Barack H. Obama Recreation Center and Rest Area in Nyan’oma Kogelo, designated land for a mosque, a mosque structure, and a well. The BHOF raised money by falsely claiming to be a tax-exempt charity.

When chairman of the National Legal and Policy Center filed a complaint with the IRS, not only was it never investigated but Malik was allowed to submit an application (May 23rd, 2011) to the IRS which was met with a 501(c)(3) approval letter that illegally granted the group’s tax-exempt status retroactively, 38 months.

According to National Legal and Policy Center, this constitutes “common law fraud and potentially even federal mail fraud.” MSOF has a similar case, it essentially operates as a non-profit; it uses California Community Foundation (CCF), itself a 501(c)(3) based in Los Angeles, CA. CCF transfers donations marked for MSOF out of the U.S. MSOF’s operations are quite illegal based on Musa Obama’s own admission on Al-Jazeera and by monitoring MSOF’s activities in the Middle East. It operates as a fundraising entity in which 90% of such funds are raised from major U.S. institutions to send Kenyan students to the top 3 most radical Wahhabist madrassas in Saudi Arabia. When he was Secretary of State, Colin Powell testified in 2004 before the House Appropriations Committee that madrassas were breeding grounds for “fundamentalists and terrorists…”

On October 16, 2003, in a memo to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and other top Pentagon officials, then-Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld put forth a similar view. From documented studies, it is concluded that several of president Obama’s family members – including Grand Mother Mama Sarah (MSOF Foundation) including her fundraisers Uncle Sayed (Saeed, Sayid, etc.) Obama and Cousin Musa Ismail Obama, who admitted on al-Jazeera Arabic television, to funding scholarships from Africa to the top Wahhabi madrassas in Saudi Arabia.

Now with Malik Obama’s activities, a clandestine team that funds the promotion of global terrorism appears to be made up of several Obama family members.


  • BustNuts

    Obama wrote he would stand with muslims if it came to that.

    • Barbara

      Can you supply a link to that? Very helpful.

      • NebraskaFilly

        I believe it was written in his book, “Dreams of My Father.”

        • Barbara

          Thank you NebraskaFilly.

          • logdon

            Google obama I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction and it’s all there.

        • Christopher T. Farrell

          I haven’t seen the book, but I understand the oft quoted statement has in fact been misquoted frequently. I remember reading that the original publication of the book had it written one way and then it was changed in subsequent publications, so I don’t know, but “The future does not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam” could only have come from the lips of a Muslim. Obama is an enemy agent of islam practicing taqiyya.

        • Linda Murray

          That’s ‘DREAMS ***FROM*** MY FATHER’. Not… *OF* MY FATHER.

          That’s a BIG difference in meaning from just changing one word.

          *OF* his father means they were his father’s dreams… not his.

          *FROM* his father means he got HIS dreams from his FATHER’S dreams, also.

          • Peoriaboy

            Who in the hell is his father?Frank Marshall Davis or the cat that sucked money from england and america for free education and it still didn’t do any one any good as he only used it to chase white women. We don’t know for sure who his dad is as he looks more like Frank. Actually Frank accomplished more than the kenyan.

      • Leah

        I heard Obama say that before the ’08 election when he was campaigning. It is not a secret!

      • Aubryn

        If you are referring to the stand with muslims quote, it’s in Dreams From my Father page 216 I think, or 261. Sorry tired here.

  • RKae

    Does that include Obama’s imaginary son that he keeps talking about?

    • prodigal

      I wonder why he sees no issue with the thousands of young Christian men and boys slaughtered in Africa by muslims because of the name of Christ?
      Note even a peep???

      • RKae

        I guess none of them look like his imaginary son.

        • logdon

          Unlike the dead Trayvon Martin.

          What an idiotic statement?

          How if his white half genes became dominant? Would he have to black him up a la Al Jolson? Just imagine.

          Or the boy was an albino grey black with ginger hair?

          Obama is so ludicrous it is quite obscene.

  • spamster

    Great work, Walid.

  • Cynthia Banks

    Is anyone hopeful of a grand jury investigation?

    • NebraskaFilly

      By whom, Holder? Yeah, right! Don’t know enough about the law to say any more.

      • Cynthia Banks

        Exactly, but there are states that could go after him

  • yahshua love’s you

    I like how the picture is made nice Four criminals on a row can’t wait when these scums get brought to justice

  • prodigal

    Thank you for this fine work that adds to the substantial evidence for anyone who has eyes to see and ears to hear.

  • gfk400

    Obama is a very rigid dictatorail jerk. He is spitful, and very trite and not contrite at all.

  • srw

    Are these “charities” getting US grants to spread their terrorists ways. l believe some study came up with how much actual charitable work the Clinton Charities did… came out to be less than 5%. This is a great tax write off for all these people. Exactly where did the 13 Billion $$$$ our Att Gen Holder ripped off from the banks go…. $9 billion to the Justice Dept and $4 billion to community action groups…Poof it is gone.

    • DMCRN

      I believe the day of Obama’s first inaugeration, 2 TRILLION DOLLARS went “missing” from our National Treasury. 60 Minutes did an expose about it last year. (Yes! 60 Minutes!) They asked Ben Bernanke if he knew where the money went. His response was, “Yes”. Then they asked him to SAY where it went, and his response was, “No.”


    Nothing is gonna happen…..We have a congress full of pussies and whores.

  • justathought22

    This is not a surprise. Sadly many many many people have know about this yet refuse to do anything because the liberals scream racism. Just freakin do your job already. This is disgusting that they are more worried about a word than the people they are supposed to serve!

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  • Allen Victor Cox

    How can this Tyrant remain in Power? As For the Military how can they serve tis Usurper who is in Bed with Terrorists? 9-11 gets more and more obvious what it was carried out for!

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  • Leah

    He did use the word “Muslim” when he said the very same thing in a campaign speech. I heard and saw it and would TESTIFY to it!

  • iResist

    Bull. “Audacity of Hope”, page 261. Simple Google books search will confirm this if you don’t have the book.

    Furthermore, why should we trust anything FactCheck spews when it’s financed by the Annenberg Foundation, one of whose founding member is – GASP! – Barack Obama?

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  • mark farley

    madonna said we now have a black muslim in the WH so it must be true … lol

    • Arrest Obama

      Madonner and Obama nation both have homeless brothers..

      Must be a liberal trend, to let the taxpayers or charity pick up the tab for their poor relations.

  • iResist

    What are you talking about? Where did I ever say this information came from Shoebat?

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  • Tish

    Well it’s official ..we are all residing in BIZZARO WORLD….up is down, left is right, if this wasn’t so tragic…it would be the stuff of a conspiracy novel…I shake my head and wonder why obama and others are not being escorted by heavily armed men, clad in black clothing into a black SUV with tinted windows, speeding off to Leavenworth..Are they afraid of race riots ? Can’t be that…DHS is better armed than our military.they sure as hell have enough bullets.Are they afraid the fabric of our society will self destruct ? Not doing anything is already tearing this nation apart..It has not been this divided since the civil war..If anybody has the answer..I need to hear it! In the meantime..i am allowing a small portion of my pitiful paycheck for bullets and canned food..I can’t believe i even said that..This is definitly BIZZARO WORLD

  • marvin nubwaxer

    conspiracy buff BS.

    • Linda Murray

      How often do you wax that ‘nub’, Marvin?

  • marvin nubwaxer

    wow, i’d never believe anyone would ever make a sane comment here. thank you.

  • Snarkytunes

    if you’re going to fact-check try using something other than an Obama Zombie suck up site

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