Muslims can have you Arrested if they don’t like you

‘Firecracker’ conspiracy theory leads to arrest and torture of Christians

Islamic blasphemy laws are unjust to begin with but in Pakistan, Muslims there have learned that when they don’t like someone, falsely accusing those persons of blasphemy helps them to feed their hatred for non-Muslims. Take the case of Tariq and Arif Masih, along with their uncle Younis Masih. Tariq sold firecrackers part-time. After a dispute with some Muslims who bought some of the firecrackers that didn’t work, Tariq was accused of packing torn pages of the Qur’an into the firecrackers.

We first wrote about this case last November and a recent Associated Press article referenced it.

Unjust blasphemy laws are used by mobs to persecute Christians. Lest anyone think such a time could not possibly exist in the U.S., consider that one of the reasons a video was blamed for the attack in Benghazi was to pressure non-Muslim countries to make any criticism of Islam illegal.

Since being arrested, Arif has been seriously tortured and his grave condition is of great concern to his family. Here is a video of Arif’s wife and his uncle. The pain they feel is very real and quite obvious as you watch them tell their heinous story:



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