The Armies Of The Antichrist Are Near, And Russia Will Take The Victory (Part 5)

By Walid Shoebat (Exclusive) 

Should Russia import evangelical pastors like New York’s pastor Timothy Keller who says “being gay doesn’t send you to hell”?

Tim Keller

Tim Keller

Does Russia’s Orthodox Christianity have a Rob Bell, kissing up to the sodomites, calls sodomites “passionate disciples of Jesus just like I’m trying to be. So lets all get together and try to do something about the truly big problems in our world, that I believe would have us ban together and tackle together”?

Rob Bell

Rob Bell


How about Obery Hendricks of New York Theological Seminary who makes himself to be a man of love while he says that Christians who go against sodomites will go to hell:

…[A]ll people are equal under the law, so constitutionally everyone should have the right to sacralize, to marry, to have all the rights of the one they love, whether its in the same sex or not. … Jesus gave us one major way to judge one another, thats the end of Matthew 25. He said ‘if you have not done it to the least of these, you have not done it to me.’ As you have not fed the hungry and clothe the naked and shelter the homeless, you have not done it to me. He said those who don’t look out for one another — he said that they are the ones who are going to go to hell.


Obery Hendricks

Obery Hendricks

I would have discussions with Theodore about Putin’s anti-gay legalistic attitude. Theodore countered by asking:

Tell me, when Jesus went to the temple in Jerusalem, and He saw what thievery was being done there, He did not ask for “a dialogue,” or a conversation or did He give a lecture on “law” versus “grace”. He did none of these. He had made a scourge of small cords, he drove them all out of the temple including the sheep and the oxen and poured out the changers money and overthrew the tables and said unto them that sold doves, take these things and don’t make my Father’s house an house of merchandise (John 2:15-16). In Acts 5, Peter struckSapphira and Ananias dead for cheating the community and Paul struck the wizard Barjesus with blindness (Acts 13:10-11), so if Russia wants to outlaw psychics and gay bars or if it wants to make Orthodox Christianity the main church, all power to them.

To Theodore, it’s not a matter of religious equality.

What is the limit of tolerance? Why do we insist that Christians in Syria, Iraq, Sudan, Central Africa, the Mindanao in the Philippines, and Pakistan not carry arms and fight their abusers while we fancy ourselves with the “right to bear arms”?

What love is this?

Where are the evangelical applauses for Russia’s crackdown on the gay agenda?

Such silence is not an issue of advancing love or Gospel, but that evil has many faces, including conservative; all the Christian cults have a conservative façade.

Why then should my American evangelical brothers join the ranks of the devil? We must then defend Evangelical Christianity from being influenced by the workers of iniquity and work tirelessly to save Christians from death.


What we must always do when we analyze our hearts is to review our works. Jesus commands us to think, “by their fruits you shall know them”.

Becoming a prophecy buff is not an example of “good works” but helping Christians and Jews in times of needs is.

How can we claim to emulate Christ and stand idle while Muslims kill Christians in Syria especially since Putin defends Christians?

And if the devil is sly, especially when Jesus said to be “as wise as a serpent,” we need to then ask; is the Prophecy Mania crowd paradigm on prophecy even godly?

The paradigm that “Gog is Russia,” “Vatican is Harlot,” and “Europe is anti-Christ,” is a view that is playing with fire and is a future catastrophe.

To explain this, let us assume, for an example a scenario arises that a conflict between Greece and Turkey comes about over sovereignty and related access rights in the area of the Aegean Sea, which later escalates into a military showdown between the two nations. Conflicts of this sort did happen. Assume that Russia will intervene and a greater crisis escalates and it’s a showdown; Russia goes against Turkey, a scenario that existed historically between the two nations.

Then we have eastern Orthodox nations also involved that want to bring the Hagia Sofia, the icon of the Christian east back to Christendom which Turkey currently is striving to convert it to a grand Muslim mosque.

Assume that one day the Vatican supports Russia and Greece in retaking Christian lands from the Muslims.

What would the prophecy crowd in the U.S. do?

To answer the question, we only need to review American prophecy buffs and the American policy in Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Sudan and Central Africa where the U.S. has flipped the lives of Christians upside down. For decades they have lived in relative peace and today they—as result of U.S. policy—are being hunted and butchered. Such policy is not void of support by the prophecy mania crowd.


Severed head of Syrian Christian

Severed head of Syrian Christian

One cannot argue that such policies in the Middle East were only a liberal agenda; very few in the evangelical circles initially opposed it.

It is a fact that American evangelicalism has been conservative morally but not so with foreign policy. With the exception of Israel, American evangelicals by large have supported the ousting of Mubarak of Egypt, Saddam of Iraq, Qaddafi of Libya, Bashar of Syria and the results were catastrophic to Christians.

Here is a photo of a Christian martyr in Iraq, after a Muslim blew himself up in a church. Is this what these prophecy buffs, who supported the ousting of Saddam, want?


Christian martyr after Muslim blew himself up in church, in Iraq.

Christian martyr after Muslim blew himself up in church, in Iraq.

On record and throughout the years, I have voiced my view against all of these foreign policies since I have always kept in mind the rise of Islam to kill Christians.

This is why we must work to help deliver Christians from Islamic oppression.  PLEASE DONATE TO SAVE CHRISTIAN LIVES 

Such conservatism is misleading and Protestant nations will likely repeat history and support the Antichrist nation of Turkey in the future—as they do now—and as they did in 1571 during the Battle of Lepanto.

The Battle of Lepanto

The Battle of Lepanto

The absence of Muslim-Catholic wars from their awkward interpretations was simple to explain; such struggle was described as the suffering of a “whore” who drinks the blood of saints, while the Muslim was simply “doing God a service”, not realizing that Arabia’s Islam was the vampire who hadn’t had its fill of sanguine Christian blood. I was always astonished; how can killing Catholics serve Allah, the false God of Islam, and also serve the true God of the Bible?

To these Islam was not even on their radar. It mattered little prophetically when I explained how the Bible in Revelation 13:2 was speaking of the greatest threat to Christianity. It was Islam that became this threat (beastly nation) as predicted in Scripture that occupied the region that was prophesied by John: Lion (Babylon), Bear (Persia) and Leopard (Asia Minor).


What prophecy buff spoke or even wrote of Lepanto when Catholic allies fought the Muslim Ottoman invaders? Fact is, Protestant states did not only support the Ottomans politically, but sent Protestant soldiers and supplied tin for the Turks to perfect their canons. In the end, most of the Protestant soldiers were killed fighting on the side of the devil while they were thinking that they were doing God a service. After all, they were killing Catholics who according to them was “Harlot”. In reality, they were serving the real harlot, Arabia’s Islam and Mystery Babylon.

Ottoman troops
Who drinks “the blood of the saints”?

Now we can understand the spiritual implications of all this and how we could think we are godly, when in fact, we have a form of godliness (2 Timothy 3:5) and are simply tracking prophecy as a time-table to bail out and not get involved with the real mission to produce good fruit.

The Muslims in Saudi Arabia are funding the slaughter of Christians so that they can literally obtain the blood of the saints and drink it. This is why we must help rescue the Christians.  PLEASE DONATE TO SAVE CHRISTIAN LIVES 





  • richinnameonly

    From the beginning of the Bible to it’s end, God tells us to follow him and no one else. He warns us of the false gods and about Satan, the father of the lie. He gives us all the information we need if we pay close attention. So sad that so many are not paying close enough attention and wind up believing the lies.

    • annabannana

      oh please…… give it up – your time has long passed, these days you are rightly regarded as nuts…

      • richinnameonly

        Hey banana, you should stay in your world of living off criticism of concepts you don’t appreciate and probably will never understand. Looks like you get a rush and inflated ego from trolling sites such as Walid’s. Pity is that in the long run you are the one that will be disappointed. Good luck and goodbye.

        • annabannana

          oh please – nuts is nuts is nuts….. that simple = it is not just liberals laughing at you – the right is laughing at you as well..

          keep telling yourself that this nonsense is not nuts…. and i will keep pointing out that we are all laughing at you

          • JCW

            And the fact that you would revel in your ridicule (by even bothering to spend time posting it over and over) tells me all I would ever want or need to know about you.

          • annabannana

            nah – ridicule is what you deserve….. even the right ridicules shoebat and his sycophants….. unless you want to wax poetic about how this is not true and that you lot are actually respected?

            please continue…..

          • JCW

            Again, you think way too much of yourself.

        • donethattoo

          Rich, it’s easy to tell a PAID troll like that one. Just click on their profile and see that all of their gazillion posts are antagonistic and full of “leanings”. LOL.

          • richinnameonly

            Yes, I did that before responding. Easy to see what the person is all about. Maybe he’s really Obama!

      • JCW

        “This is the end – for me the beginning of life” — Last words of Dietrich Bonhoeffer

        • annabannana

          yeah, Bonhoeffer never suggested that the antichrist was coming…. he never stressed that a christian fundamentalist (as putin is) is the antichrist.

          Bonhoeffer was not nuts… shoebat, apart from lying about his past, is without a doubt, nuts…..

          • JCW

            You might want to read some more regarding Bonhoeffer’s views on Antichrist. Also where in the world did you get that Mr. Shoebat says that a Christian Fundamentalist is the antichrist?

          • annabannana

            i likely know more about bonhoeffer than you, in fact, the simple reality that you are attempting to compare shoebat to bonhoeffer proves this adage…

          • JCW

            I doubt it, but that is not what I was doing. I so dislike people who think way too much of themselves. And you my dear think way too much of yourself. You are the one who is nuts.

  • John J Phillips

    Walid is spot on when he says “Now we can understand the spiritual implications of all this and how we could think we are godly, when in fact, we have a form of godliness (2 Timothy 3:5) and are simply tracking prophecy as a time-table to bail out and not get involved with the real mission to produce good fruit.”

    Most Christians I know who are looking for the rapture are mainly concerned about getting out of here before the real persecution begins.

    • annabannana

      “Walid is spot on when he says “”

      nah – just crazy

  • H2o2Bill

    Why is it that Tim Keller and Rob Bell are named as representatives of the Church in the US? Ravi Zacharias spent an entire week debunking Rob Bell’s book. On his Christian Radio Program. Oh and I know Ravi got to close to the Mormons but he didn’t stay there either and if he goes astray I will cast him away as being a false teacher too. And how can you point out the faults of one group in order to justify the false teachings of another? That makes no sense, the RCC does not line up with Scripture nor others that are similar but go by a different name.

    Then you mention the way Protestants supported the Muslims during “The Battle of Lepanto”. Was this all Protestants? Or was it a few? I have read the book of “Fox’s Christian Martyrs” Is it not understandable (not defend-able) of how Protestants would fight against Catholics in a physical manner. Is it not like the cry we hear here because now it’s Muslims killing Christians? I have researched the 200 million number concerning the number of Christians killed by the RCC and it seems legit; not that it’s perfect or the real truth it is much less than that, but to call some one a liar for using the figure 200 million is not a honest assessment of the information available either. Debate Chris Pinto I would listen with a open mind prepared to have my mind changed. And what if we cut it down to 50 million it’s still really hard to understand how anyone would want to defend this so called Christian denomination.

    “Assume that one day the Vatican supports Russia and Greece in retaking Christian lands from the Muslims.” (Walid Shoebat) Um we don’t see that happening what we see is the Vatican getting involved in the dispute over the “land” in Israel. And rumor has it he is going to side with the Palestinians. We see the Pope calling for some kind of world wide Socialism something Walid seems to point out that the US is falling into (Socialism) and rightly so I might add. We see the former Pope calling for some kind of global economic system along with a police force to enforce it. No I don’t have the quote on me. It freaked me out when I heard it that kind of stuff get’s my attention more than Obama this and that. We have a new Pope what is going to the response of Walid and company if his morals the Churches morals begin to deteriorate? The one homosexual group that did the photo shoot with the Pope seemed really excited about him being picked as the Pope.

    And what of all the interfaith worship services we here of that the RCC is involved in? Walid seems to pick and choose of what he is going to expose on certain things. Sorry that is the way I see it. Maybe I’m wrong and if I am I will make a full apology.

    If you ever going to win over Churches in the West you have to prove your case from the Bible and in this case that means you need to prove the teachings of the RCC and the Orthodox Churches from the Bible. Otherwise they will never listen to you.

    You have to remeber when you talk RCC or anything similar to it to Christians in the US they thin of the RCC members here in the US they think of what the RCC teaches. Is there any difference in the Churches in the East than the West that might help your cause? I’m searching here maybe I’m missing something.

    There is a lot going on in the world today Islam seems to be a big piece of the puzzle but not the only one. The Pope and the Israel/Palestine dispute will prove most interesting. The way Putin deals with the meltdown of Ukraine will also be most interesting. And I can’t think of another word besides interesting right now, please forgive me it don’t sound right to me.

    To be honest when I read about “Hagia Sofia” My Gnostic Radar sent up a warning light. I think it’s a false alarm. They say the bones of Patriarch Athanasius are underneath the structure and I’m wondering if that is the same Athanasius that I heard about through a video on youtube of how he deafened the deity of Christ , wow what a story that was.

    Well one more part to go,

    Rom 10:8-10 But what does it say? “THE WORD IS NEAR YOU, IN YOUR MOUTH AND IN YOUR HEART”–that is, the word of faith which we are preaching, that if you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved; for with the heart a person believes, resulting in righteousness, and with the mouth he confesses, resulting in salvation.

  • kagai

    Sin no longer sends us to hell, not accepting the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ condemns us and leads to hell. Christ died on the cross for the sins of all mankind. All sins are bought and paid for, put your faith in Christ and you will be saved, reject Christ and you will be justly punished. I believe that this is what Tim Keller was getting at, but I do think he was a little too “PC” in his answers and didn’t defend God’s word well in that interview.

    “For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him. Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because he has not believed in the name of God’s one and only Son” ( John 3:17-18 ).

    “And he is the propitiation for our sins: and not for ours only, but also for the sins of the whole world.” ( John 2:2 ).

  • Lidia

    Some Catholics believe that the Great Catholic Monarch from the west will fight against those who go against the Catholic Church. According to the Catholic prophesy, Rome will fall to the enemies of the church. You can guess who the enemies may be. He will unite all the Christians (including the orthodox church) and make one universal church or Catholic Church. He will lead the Army of the Cross. Some say he is now in his 20’s and will be a great Christian military leader when he reaches 40. When he defeats his enemies, he will become a great king and Saint. He will save Christianity. He will precede the anti-christ. Do you think Russia will join his army? Do you believe in the Catholic prophesy of the Great Monarch and the angelic Pope?

  • yahshua love’s you

    I find it so funny how today guys like Tim Keller and his colleagues are the ones keeping many from Gods kingdom for God loves homosexual’s but he does not like homosexuality for the lord had made Adam and Eve but we know that they had sinned against God and that’s how humans today are sinful and the lord has given men over to their lust but Yahweh send his son to die on the cross for all our sins including homosexuality but now people like Mr Keller are actually saying that yehoshua ha moshiach can not change the homosexual and save him there for homosexuality now is being promoted on TV and on school and its a spirit thats anti women and it shall destroy society Yahweh help us shalom

  • annabannana

    lol….what a bunch of nonsense and crazy – and yes – that includes you posters supporting crazy shoebat….

  • God did destroy Sodom and Gomorrah so l guess, that how one look at this is their own opinion but l would think, that if a person does not stop being gay and repent, then they will not go to heaven, the new kingdom here on earth… but then God also made man and woman and that is enough to tell me two people of the same sex should not have sex with each other…

  • sumsrent

    “so that they can literally obtain the blood of the saints and drink it.”
    Folks… this is “literally” true. They are selling the blood of Christians to the wealthy Saudi’s to literally drink.
    Another reason which makes Islam satanic to the core!

  • shoebat

    And you cite a New York Times article that gives voice to Ibrahim Hooper???

    We have long addressed these kind slanderous claims. CNN’s Drew Griffin is a proven liar who attempted to smear us..

    You’re also encouraged to pick up Unsung Davids (Chapter 10) and read about the lies about Walid told by the likes of pseudo-journalists who are in the business of slander, not journalism.

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