“We are not blowing up Mosques like others are blowing up Churches”

Naftali Bennett is the economic minister in the Coalition government and the leader of Jewish Home Party in Israel.

Here is a 24 minute interview on the BBC TV news program Hardtalk. Worth watching it all, which shows any Jew or Christian Zionist who understands the real issues that faces Israel and who advocates his position strongly, passionately with NO political correctness.

Via Bennett’s YouTube Page:

Naftali Bennett should be the prime minister of Israel and maybe one day he will be as he is only 42. We need real leaders like him both in Israel and the United States.



  • Dittman

    The host of that show made me sick to my stomach, that slimy limey refused to budge from his script and have a real discussion. There is only one solution to the Israeli “Palestinian” conflict, a one state solution. If the Arabs, Jordanians, and Egyptians who call themselves “Palestinians”, hate living the only free state in the middle east, why don’t they emigrate back to the lands of their ancestors? There has never been a state called Palestine; after the Kingdom of Judah fell that land has been controlled by a continuous succession of foreign powers until 1948 when the state of Israel was founded.

  • yahshua love’s you

    Hahaha wow if enjoyed watching this video love naftali Bennett powerful he stood his ground well he gives tikva=hope to the people in israel I pray that many many more people will vote for him

  • Nunya

    That’s your problem Naftali, you’re rational. There’ll be none of that in these negotiations.

  • richinnameonly

    Bennett is very likable and has an incredible amount of patience. I would probably have lunged across the desk to strangle that obnoxious interviewer. BBC “Hardtalk” seems to be the same as MSNBC “Hardball”, an equally infuriating show.
    I would consider it an honor if I were accused of being “out of step” with many, including the Obama administration. Good for Bennett!

  • Smallchero

    That reporter is a freaktard! He knows he is wrong, but he is an anti-Semitic, fearful male. He is bowing to islam due to fear, and political correctness! Don’t you know that he is a coward?! Just like Americans, yes, they have became cowards! I know, because I am an American and I see It daily here! Nobody will ever be happy until Israel is annihilated, and my Lord will Not ever let that happen! All the Israel haters have to know in their hearts that what they do and say is wrong, and that it makes no sense at all! A tiny little place for Jewish people to call their own, that was given to them by the Almighty, and everyone acts insane over it! It belongs to God and the Jewish people, period! Jerusalem, Israel is for those who were chosen and yes, again, that is the Jewish people. People need to grow a pair and quit cowering down to all these Islamic loving nuts, and to all these idiotic politicians that knows they are wrong, but will give their soul to Satan for a vote! How clear can that be? I am angered deeply over this argument about dividing Jerusalem and/or Israel!!!! It is complete insanity for any person to even try to make an argument in favor of such heinous actions against the Jewish capitol and state of Jerusalem, Israel. Enough genocide is enough! No one should expect people to give what little they have to the enemy over and over again, while that enemy keeps murdering and destroying everything they touch. The ‘palestinians’ bring mayhem to Israel every chance they get. I see no trust in any of the words that they say to Israel. They are trying to completely destroy Israel and every Jewish or Christian person all over the world, so why can’t people admit to this proven truth!!??!! This is insane! There is absolutely no common sense in any thought or words that any person can think or say that can make it right to take away Jerusalem, Israel away from their rightful owners, The Jewish people! I wonder if I can make that any clearer to everyone!? All you anti-Semitic haters needs to get a grip and get a life! I am sick of it!! Leave Jerusalem and/or Israel alone!!!!!!! Thank you! A True Christian who stands with Israel always. <3 for Israel, forever….

  • hope40

    What an evil Imbecile is that Host. On the other hand, Naftali mutilated him with facts but of course he would have none of it. How upside down has this world become?

  • slhancock1948

    Naftali handled himself VERY well. That other guy was a real jerk. It seems as though you can vilify anyone on the right, a Jew, a black conservative, but it is assumed that ANYONE on the left is always right. PERIOD! The whole thrust was that the Jews are just wrong. Period. The assumption is that Obama and Kerry are right. Period. UGH!

  • marlene

    personally, i still support Netanyahu.

  • tabithakorol

    This interviewer is the most biased interviewer I’ve ever listened to! He brings up the views of Tsipi Livni, who would gladly cede israel, and Peter Beinert, who is a known Israel-hater (despite his being of Jewish descent). He will not listen to Bennett who tries to explain that Israel is only so big, and to keep ceding land to those who would kill the Israelis, is appalling. Why MUST Israel be the one to do something without demanding anything from the Palestinians. These Arabs have a place to go – 22 other Islamic countries; Jews have no place but this small country. Again, the interviewer brings up ways of diminishing Israel and Israeli’s needs…he is even threatening Bennett about boycotts! Never once does he demand peace from the Palestinians, demanding they stop teaching hate and name-calling to their small children, so that they can perpetuate the gate and never try for peace.