Muslims Attack College Students And Slaughter Them “like sheep”

By Theodore Shoebat

Muslims in Nigeria attacked a college and mercilessly slaughtered dozens of students. They burned them alive, shot them dead, and when some tried to escape through the windows, they seized them and slit their throats.

It has been estimated that 40 students were murdered in the attack on the Federal Government College Buni Yadi, but soldiers are still counting the corpses.

The jihadists at first set fire to the college administrative block, they then attacked the college dorms, wherein they locked the students in and began firebombing them. One professor said:

students were trying to climb out of the windows and they were slaughtered like sheep by the terrorists who slit their throats. Others who ran were gunned down.

This is the reality of Islam; it is a road that springs from the depths of the hell, whose end is only perdition, tyranny, and destruction.



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