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Woman Married To Muslim Man: “I was raped hundreds of times”

By Theodore Shoebat A woman named Naila was married to a Muslim man and she describes how for years she was raped hundreds of times, physically abused and horrendously tortured. She said: Every time my husband approached me, it was sheer torture. Sometimes physical, and forever mental and emotional torture. He was physically brutal and […]

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Russian Government Says Drugs Will Not Be Legalized In Russia, Not Even Marijuana

By Theodore Shoebat The Russian government has ruled that drugs will not be legalized in Russia, not even marijuana. God bless Russia for this decision. The problem with the West is we have too many drug junkies running around, high off pot and influenced by hallucinogenic narcotics and substances. The ruling came after the Global […]

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What Every Christian Must Know About The Religion Of The Antichrist

The knowledge on the religion of the Antichrist was exposed as Islam by numerous Church Fathers, both from the Orthodox and the Roman Catholic Church. My good friend, Thomas King, has done an in-depth compilation of entire statements from these Fathers of the Church. They are truly a breath of fresh air in comparison to […]

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Muslim Brotherhood Infiltrator of DHS who Called for Caliphate Leaves DHS One Day after Sotloff Beheaded by ISIS Caliphate

A man who has been identified as a Muslim Brotherhood infiltrator of the U.S. Government and who was identified as a person of interest in a 2012 five-member Congressional inquiry has stepped down from his position with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). It is not yet known the reason(s) behind Mohamed Elibiary’s departure but […]

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Obama’s Plan to Kill ISIS: “Aid Moderates” who want to “Kill Bashar” who is already trying to “Kill ISIS” and lets hope that Bashar’s “Moderate” killers in the end “Kills ISIS”

By Walid Shoebat Ya. Tonight we will find out Obama’s Plan is to Kill ISIS. Here is my prediction on Obama’s plan. Except that it will be very complex plan to explain. Here, I will try to explain it, but unfortunately, its so complex that I will have to write it in a very complicated […]

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Jewish Bible: Could Hamas and ISIS be Today’s Amalekites?

“When you go out to war against your enemies and Hashem your G-d will deliver them into your hand and you will take from them captives…”,(Deuteronomy 21:10). Every week, the Jewish people read a parsha (section) of the Torah that corresponds with the Jewish Calendar.  Last week’s parsha is ‘Ki Tetze’ or translated ‘when you […]

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The Duggars Are A Cult

By Theodore Shoebat The Duggars’ are a cult, they promote the cult organization of Bill Gothard, and many victims have come out to give their accounts on the sexual abuse he inflicted upon them. I have done an entire video exposing the Duggars’ connection with Bill Gothard, and how the Gothard cult, and those like […]

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MORE Evidence ISIS and ‘Moderate’ FSA Rebels are the Same

U.S. politicians with a vested interest in supporting the ‘moderate’ Syrian opposition are increasingly being exposed as supporting a lie. The latest example comes from Lebanon, where a small village there is home to substantial collaboration between ISIS and FSA. Via Lebanon Daily Star: Free Syrian Army commanders around Arsal vehemently deny any involvement in […]

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