NETHERLANDS: Christian Asylum Seekers routinely threatened and attacked by Muslims

By BI: An investigation from the Christian Asylum Seekers Aid Organization ‘Gave’, found that in 75% of all Dutch Asylum Centers Christians are discriminated against, in 67% of the centers they receive death threats, and in 33% of the centers they are subject to physical abuse.


Balder  In many asylum centers in the Netherlands are Christians often threatened or abused by Islamic fellow residents. A majority in parliament supports now the party ChristenUnie’s proposal to stop the processing of cases involving asylum seekers who have in several cases been guilty of serious threats or physical violence.

According to the foundation’s staff, who examined 28 asylum centers, it is virtually only Mohammedans who are responsible for violence and intimidation against Christians asylum seekers. Former Muslims who are converts to Christianity are treated the worst.  ‘It is terrible that people often fled to Holland because of their religion, and should be safe here, are being oppressed the most.

  • Willing to die for Jesus

    Thanks for the reminder to remember Christian refugees. They are often lumped together with their Muslim phony ‘refugees’ in immigration detention camps and the Report isn’t lying (still can’t forget those Muslims throwing the Christians overboard in the Mediterranean).
    We all have to remember to let in Christian refugees and not let our entire “anti-immigration” view forget about these persecuted Christians. Immigration has been one of my number one voter issues for me, as for many Australians.

    • knight

      I really wonder how many Christians get out and come as refugees.

      Been a few attacks by Muslims on Christian refugees. One report on this site, and a few others this and last year in a quick search.

  • knight

    Got to get the Christians out and given priority

  • Vindician

    Why is it apparently so politically controversial to distinguish in the asylum system between those who are persecuted; and those whose beliefs, attitudes and actions are precisely in line with those that have caused the degeneration of society in their country of origin. These people need to be confronted with the fact that it is their own degeneracy, and not a set of map co-ordinates, that is the problem they need to escape from. If they are not prepared to make that escape i.e. convert, they have no business here and they should be returned to wallow in the muck generated by their own sin. Of course, this is a pipe dream, as our European societies are now too degenerate to identify degeneracy in others.

    The fact that these people felt they could behave in this way in Europe and be accepted for it shows how they already understand and are ready to exploit Europe’s weakness. And nothing will change here even in the event of new rulings from the Dutch government, except possibly the comfort of Christians attending the asylum centres as the abusive Muslims adapt to act on best behaviour before revealing their true colours at a later stage.

  • OrthodoxKGC2015

    ‘Whatsoever you have done unto the least of My brothers, so you have done unto Me”

  • dgala

    Almost every country in the world which was “Christian” with respect to the majority of its citizens has become a “cesspool” not necessarily because of “immigration” but because of multiculturalism & diversity mindset.

    In America (of course long ago), an immigrant assimilated into the new land; came here for a “new life” to welcome the opportunities offered. Once “new immigrants” came, without any desire to assimilate into the “new land” they brought with them their “old baggage” with the intent of “us” changing our ways to “accommodate” them.

    In the USA, as I’ve posted before, we have the United States Refugee Assistance Program. For the past 8 years, especially, the only people allowed to enter the USA under this program has been muslims. Any excuse they use gets them a “free ride” at taxpayer expense.

    Here’s a graphic I have presented before.

    However, the program DOES NOT give the privilege to those who describe themselves as Christians who may try to come here (USA) using the same or similar circumstances as those muslims. Probably has something to do with our muslim-in-chief and his minions.