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Antichrist Turkey Betrays The U.S And Plans To Occupy Syria

By Walid Shoebat It is always strange to see how the media writes their articles when exposing a mess. For example, The International Business Times exposes the situation about how the cutthroat Turks being the sleazy type that wants to take over Syria by supporting “radical Islamist factions”: On the battlefield in northern Syria, moderate rebel groups […]

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Christians Must Commit Civil Disobedience And Defy Anti-Christian Laws To Defeat The Islamic And Satanic Takeover Of The Country, Before Christian Persecution Hits The US

By Theodore Shoebat If we are going to defeat the satanic and Islamic takeover of the country, then Christians are going to have to commit themselves to civil disobedience and defy any anti-Christian laws that are imposed on the Church. In Florida the government took out a Nativity scene and in its place put a […]

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Dear Donald Trump: Nero Burned Rome And The Christians Had To Pay And Now Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings Burns Baltimore And The Cops Have To Pay?

By Walid Shoebat We are turning back to pagan Rome. When Nero ordered his thugs to burn Rome, the Christians became the scapegoats. When this week Baltimore was burned by thugs who were for years indoctrinated by black identity politics, it was Baltimore’s Nero, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake who was responsible, so today  six scapegoats have been chosen […]

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SOMALI MUSLIM WOMAN: “If more Muslims would read the quran, more Muslims would leave Islam”

By BI: “Allah is a god who hates and Islam is NOT a religion of peace,” says this Somali woman who left Islam after she arrived in Sweden and is now a Christian. Vdare via TROP  Mona Walter, an ex-Muslim living in Sweden who left Somalia for Scandinavia as a refugee, says she read the Koran for the first […]

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The BLACK-DEATH Plague That Wiped Out Millions During The Middle Ages Is Now In Colorado USA

Four people and a dog in Colorado might be the first instance of person-to-person transmission of the Bubonic Plague in the United States in 90 years. It started with a sick pit bull, and its owner, two vet techs and a close personal contact of the dog’s owner all ended up infected. The two veterinary technicians who […]

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Shinzo Abe, The Prime Minister Of Japan, Makes A Speech In America To Get The US To Help Revive The Imperial Japanese Empire

By Theodore Shoebat Shinzo Abe, the Prime Minister of Japan, just made a speech a few days ago to the American Congress. Abe did what works in convincing Americans: he cracked joke and used American lingo, and very subtly intertwined such deceptions with his real goal: persuading the US to enable Japan to remilitarize their […]

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Christian Woman In Iraq Who Is Being Persecuted By ISIS Begs Obama To Be Allowed To Come To America, Obama Then Coldly Refuses To Allow Her To Come To The US

By Theodore Shoebat A Christian woman named Sister Diana Momeka of the Dominican Sisters of Saint Catherine of Siena, who lives in Iraq and is being persecuted and who is also helping the persecuted Christians, requested to the Obama administration that she be allowed to come to America to tell Americans about Christian persecution in […]

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