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AARHUS, DENMARK: Another European city nearly destroyed by Muslim immigration

By BI: Danish citizens, unfortunate enough to find themselves living in the middle of a Muslim-dominated ghetto, report being spat upon, beaten, and and having stones thrown at them, by a population, many of whom have a lot of time on their hands because they live on welfare benefits. 10 News  “Aarhus (2nd biggest city in […]

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Mother of one of the Garland, Texas Muslim terrorists says she doesn’t blame the cops for killing her son

By BI: Sharon Soofi, mother of Nadir Soofi, who had no criminal record, says she can’t imagine what went through her son’s mind when he did this. Apparently, Mrs. Soofi does not follow her son’s religion, or else she would have understood.

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Forty Christians, Tired Of Being Persecuted By Muslim Killers, Arm Themselves With Guns, Lock And Load, And Prepare To Fight Off Islamic Invaders

By Theodore Shoebat Forty Christians in Iraq, tired of being persecuted by Muslim killers, have armed themselves, and they are locked and loaded and ready to defend themselves against the Islamic terrorists. They call themselves Dwekh Nawsha, or “The Sacrificers.” Recently there was some beautiful photos taken of them: A 25 year old member of […]

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Soldiers Get Into A Gun Battle With Islamic Jihadists, Slaughter Forty Five Muslim Terrorists And Take The Victory

By Theodore Shoebat Military forces in Iraq were in a gun battle in which they fought and slaughtered forty five ISIS Muslim terrorists. According to the report: Clashes between Iraq’s army and the ISIL Takfiri militants continue unabated in northern Salahuddin province with Iraqi air force killing at least 45 militants. According to a Monday […]

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