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Muslims Invade And Conquer Christian Villages, Christian Militia Then Counter Attacks And Drives All Of The Muslims Out. The Church Bells Are Now Ringing In Celebration

By Theodore Shoebat ISIS invaded numerous Christian Assyrian villages that lie on the Khabour River, kidnapping hundreds of Christians and placing the areas under Sharia law. The Christian militants, who are part of a group called Syriac Military council, alongside Kurds and other Muslims, formed a counter attack on ISIS and drove them all out […]

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Parents in Britain who allow pre-pubescent children to convert to Islam should be arrested for child abuse

By BI: Trailer trashy-looking parents in the UK are allowing their adolescent children to become Muslims…totally unaware that the girls and even the boys will soon become sex slaves, no doubt, judging by how the Muslim men leer at them.

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Islamic State (ISIS): “We thank Allah for allowing us to rape non-Muslim young girls and women with impunity”

By BI: In its latest online magazine issue, the Islamic State (ISIS) defends ‘Rape Jihad’ by citing the history and doctrines of Islam in which Mohammed and his followers enslaved and raped non-Muslim women. ISIS claims correctly to be following in his footsteps. Frontpage Magazine Allah has opened the lands for His awliyā’, so they entered and […]

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The Duggars Are Demonic And Are Filled With Sexual Deviances, One Of The Duggars Was Found To Be Molesting Four Of His Own Sisters, And Multiple Other Young Girls, Fondling Their Vaginas And Breasts (WE WARNED YOU THAT THE DUGGARS ARE A CULT, AND WE WERE RIGHT!)

By Theodore Shoebat The Duggars are demonic and are filled with sexual deviancies. One of the Duggars, Josh Duggar, was found to have had molested four young girls, his own sisters! warned you about the Duggars last year, and many of you were upset about this, but in the end, we were correct in […]

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I Can Already Predict, I Can Even Guarantee It 100%, The U.S. Will Loose To ISIS

By Walid Shoebat I can already predict, I can even guarantee it 100%, the U.S. will lose to ISIS because the current U.S. Administration and the mess in Syria and Iraq is now proven to be a foresight of fools. I will start in Palmyra, biblical Tadmor, as it is still called today by all Arabs, […]

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Muslims, Masked And Armed With Guns, Break Into Church And Kidnap Two Christians

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims in Syria, masked and armed with guns, broke into a church and kidnapped two Christians, one of whom was a monk. According to the report: A Syriac Catholic monk and a church volunteer were abducted by masked militants from a monastery in Homs province yesterday, a human rights monitor reports. Father […]

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Why Australia and Thailand refuse to take in any Rohingya Muslim illegal aliens from Myanmar (Burma)

By BI: Even the Rohingya Muslims’ own native country of Bangladesh won’t take them back and have turned their boats around when they have tried to land there in the past. (See links below) Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, confirmed Thursday that none of the more than 8,000 Rohingya refugees caught in a weeks-long standoff at sea […]

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The Irish Government Is Now Forcing Christians To Make Cakes That Say: “Support Gay Marriage.”

By Theodore Shoebat In Ireland, a Christian business was punished by the government for refusing to make a cake that said, “Support Gay Marriage.” Their punishment was a fine of 500 pounds. I did a whole video on this: What we are seeing is a homosexual invasion. All of the people that tell me to […]

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