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NEW YORK: Muslim contract worker threatens to “shoot everybody” at Syracuse Airport

By BI: A contract employee at Syracuse Hancock International Airport in upstate New York was charged Saturday with making a terrorist threat after he said he would bring a gun to work and “shoot everybody,” police said.  Mohammad Salak, a 33-year-old employee of the company Envoy, hired by United Airlines to handle ground services, became […]

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Taxpayers made to pay for Islamic indoctrination in US University

By Lee Kaplan Contributor to Hatem Bazian is a senior lecturer in Near East Studies at UC Berkeley. A Palestinian Arab, Bazian is also a supporter of Hamas and one of the terrorist group’s apparatchiks in the United States. Bazian was the founder of the Students for Justice in Palestine which has chapters on […]

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Muslims Kidnap Pregnant Christian Woman And Her Husband, One Muslim Tells Her That She Was “Impregnated By An Infidel” And They Murder Her Husband

By Theodore Shoebat  A Christian couple was kidnapped by Muslims in Nigeroa — who were all members of Boko Haram. After they took them, one of the Muslims said that she was impregnated by an infidel, they then murdered her husband right before eyes and promised that she, after giving birth, would be given to […]

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The Second Gunman At The Garland Texas Shooting Proves That Muslims In America Make Perfect Lone Wolves And Could Explode At Any Moment

By Walid Shoebat Nadir Hamid Soofi who has been named as one of the gunmen in the Garland Prophet Muhammad Art Contest shooting is what you typically find in most Muslim communities in America. He likes anti-Israel liberals like Christopher Hedges and Norman Finkelstein, he is pro anti-cop black movement, anti-pork … to most liberals, he seems, […]

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Christian Church In Georgia Gets So Upset At The Homosexual Movement That The Pastor Puts Up A Sign: “Homosexuality Is A Death Worthy Crime! Leviticus 20:13”

By Theodore Shoebat  A Christian church in Georgia got so upset against the homosexual agenda, that the pastor, Robert Lee, posted up a sign that says:  “Homosexuality Is A Death Worthy Crime! Leviticus 20:13” And another sign that said: “Gays and lesbians are disgraces to humanity”       The pastor of the church said: […]

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Muslims Take Three People, And Crucify All Of Them To Compare Them To Jesus Christ And Mock The Crucifixion Of Our Savior

By Theodore Shoebat  Muslims in Libya — all members of ISIS — took three brothers and crucified them as punishment for being loyal to the Libyan government. One of the brothers was accused of supporting the Libyan army, and when the other two brothers refused to turn him in, all three were crucified. The reason […]

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The Muslims Who Did The Shooting In Garland Texas Were Given Orders By An ISIS Agent As Part Of Major Plan For Muslims In America To Slaughter The People Of The United States

By Theodore Shoebat  As reported yesterday that “the attack in Garland Texas was carried out by ISIS lone wolves” and today the police revealed “Elton Simpson,” reportedly one of the two gunmen responsible for the shooting in Garland, Texas, was indeed a homegrown ISIS lone wolf and a convert to Islam who in 2010 had links to […]

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The Attack In Garland Texas Was Carried Out By ISIS Lone Wolves

By Walid Shoebat Regarding the attack in Garland Texas. As it appears that a tweet titled Sharia Is Light was tweeted prior to the shooting this message: Interpretation: “The brother with me and myself have given allegiance to Amirul Mu’mineen (Prince of the Faithful). May Allah accept us as mujahideen”. Amirul Mu’minin or The Prince of the Faithful […]

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