Archive | May 31, 2015

IRAQ: Iranian-backed Shia militias take a page out of the ISIS book of torture, burn a Sunni Muslim alive

By BI: A graphic video out of Iraq was leaked online and alleges to show Iraqi Shia militants burning a tied-up Sunni Muslim over a fire while he screams for help. HEAVY  The Islamic religious divisions of Sunni and Shia are a major driving force behind the unrest in the Middle East. Sunnis are puritanical in […]

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ROTHERHAM, the British ‘mecca’ for Muslim paedophile rape gangs which target pre-pubescent and teenage white Christian girls, wants protests against them banned!

By BI: Frequent marches, demonstrations, and protests against the Rotherham Muslim sex gang and prostitution ring scandal are having an ‘unacceptable financial and emotional impact’ on people in the town, a council commissioner has warned, demanding that the protests be banned under the Public Order Act 1986. The Star  The council first came to national prominence when […]

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Give me a Coke, no ISIS please!

By BI: The IT chief at Bangladesh Coca-Cola is one of two men who has been arrested as an Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist suspect. Maybe the CEO of Coca Cola America, Muhtar Kent, should be investigated, as well. He is a Muslim, after all, who supports amnesty for Muslim and other illegal aliens. al-Arabiya  An IT manager […]

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