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Muslims See Christian Man Carrying A Bible, They Ask Him If He Is A Christian, And When He Says Yes They Take Him, Lock Him In A Room And Torture Him For Two Days

By Theodore Shoebat In Libya, Christians are not safe; Libya has become one of the most dangerous countries to be a Christian in. Recent stories that are being reported by Amnesty International reveal this reality. Charles, a 30-year-old Nigerian Christian, recounted his story as to what persecution he has suffered while living in Libya. Muslims […]

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Four Muslims Take Man Because He Owned A Blog, And Hack Him To Death With Machetes

By Theodore Shoebat Four Muslims in Bangladesh ambushed a man for owning a blog, and hacked him to death with machetes. According to the report: A masked gang wielding machetes has hacked a blogger to death in northeastern Bangladesh in the third such deadly attack since the start of the year, police said. Ananta Bijoy […]

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Muslims Overtake 100,000 Christians, Destroy Their Homes And Make Them Homeless, And They Also Slaughter 5000 Christians

By Theodore Shoebat A recent report came out that gives further details as to the severity of Christian persecution in Nigeria. In the six years in which Boko Haram has been unleashing their reign of terror, the Muslim jihadists have slaughtered 5000 Catholics and have made 100,000 Catholics homeless. According to the report: More than […]

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WATCH INCREDIBLE AMAZING FOOTAGE Of A MASSIVE BLAST From Yesterday’s Attack Which Seems Like A Nuclear Explosion

By Walid Shoebat It was claimed that warplanes from the Saudi-led coalition pounded a weapons depot on the edge of Yemen’s capital Sanaa Monday (a day before a humanitarian cease-fire which was scheduled today on Tuesday) when low and behold, the massive blast is claimed by Yemen to be an explosion of another kind. The blast […]

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Major American Christian Pastor Declares: ‘Satan Delivered Islam To Muhammad, Islam Will Lead You Straight To Hell’

By Theodore Shoebat Pastor Robert Jeffress of the First Baptist Church in Dallas is telling the true about Islam, saying that Satan delivered Islam to Muhammad and that Islam will lead you straight to hell. In his sermon he declared: It was Satan himself who delivered those delusions to those people to lead people by […]

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Spain Arrests Muslims For Spreading Terror Propaganda While The U.S. Upholds RIGHTS For Terrorists

By Walid Shoebat Spanish police arrested two people on Tuesday suspected of distributing ISIS propaganda. The local La Vanguardia newspaper quoted police sources as saying the latest arrests were made in Cornella, a small town near Barcelona. All what Spain’s interior ministry had to show in order to arrest these sympathizers was that these Muslims were spreading ISIS […]

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