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Muslims In Texas Take Guns And Open Fire On A Crowd Of Conservative Americans, Righteous Police Officers Take Up Their Guns And Kill The Muslims

Two Muslims in Garland Texas were shot dead today (Sunday) afternoon in the parking lot outside the Curtis Culwell Center, where the American Freedom Defense Initiative was hosting its inaugural Muhammad Cartoon Exhibit and $10,000 Cartoon Contest. Police authorities had beefed up their presence at the event. Police said two men then pulled up in a vehicle and shot a Garland […]

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IRAQ: Islamic State (ISIS) child jihadi executes man by shooting him in the head at point blank range

By BI: In the video below, an Iraqi ‘spy,’ alleged to be working with Iraqi intelligence forces, is shown being led to his death. The murder is carried out by a child soldier and is monitored by a crowd of masked jihadists all affiliated with the Islamic State. This latest video title translates as: “The Reap of […]

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WISCONSIN: Shutting down churches and replacing them with Islamic Indoctrination Centers that support Hamas and Hezbollah

By BI: The Islamic Society of Milwaukee has purchased a former church across from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Union and will convert it into a mosque for a growing east side Muslim community, Society President Ahmed Quereshi said. JS Online  The Islamic Society purchased the former Point of Grace property at 2223 E. Kenwood Blvd. […]

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The American Military Has Been Fighting And Dying All This Time To Advance The Caliphate Agenda

By Walid Shoebat The way American policy is going, ISIS staying alive and powerful would be less disastorous than to deal with what is on the horizon: Turkey controlling Syria and Iran controlling Iraq and the Hormuz. We read the Middle East and Obama’s Middle East policies like we read the clock. After the FSA was […]

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Muslims Take Three Hundred Innocent Men, Women And Children, And Butcher Every Single One Of Them

By Theodore Shoebat  Another major massacre just happened, in which Muslims in Iraq — all members of ISIS — took 300 innocent people, all men, women and children, and slaughtered every single one of them. A Yazidi lawmaker said that “they were shot at a prison camp in Tal Afar. ” Legislator Mahma Khalil said: The […]

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