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Muslims Attack Ten Christians As They Are Trying To Sleep, And Hack Them To Pieces (The Muslims Kill For The Cause Of The Antichrist)

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims in Nigeria attacked ten Christians as they were asleep and hacked them to death with machetes. Surely these Muslims kill for the cause of the Antichrist. I did a whole video on this attack: According to the report on the story: Islamic militants have hacked to death at least 10 Christians […]

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The Christian Nations Of The World Will Unite Under Christ, They Will Form Christendom, And Fulfill Their Divine Destiny, And That Is To Fight And Destroy The Armies Of The Antichrist, And Be Ruled By The King Jesus Christ

By Theodore Shoebat Individualism is one of the greatest enemies of the Church. Individualism isolates us from the universal, and hinders us from seeing the Mystery Of The Divine Destiny. Individualism says that what Christianity is all about is our personal relationship with Christ that is void and detached from the plan of God for […]

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Obama Desecrates Memorial Day And Agrees To Commit U.S. Military To Serve Under Turkey’s Conquest Of Syria (The U.S. Is Now Officially Advancing A Grand Caliphate)

By Walid Shoebat Obama desecrates Memorial Day. The U.S Military will now be committed to advance an Islamic Grand Caliphate. Hard to imagine? Its easy if you try, by simply reading our report. Yesterday, on Memorial Day we open the papers to read the headlines Turkey and US ‘agree in principle’ to provide air support for Syrian rebels. […]

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