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Christian Man, Sick And Tired Of Christians Being Killed By Muslims, Takes ISIS Terrorist And Beheads Him

By Theodore Shoebat A Christian man in Syria, sick and tired of Christians being killed by Muslim terrorist, captured an ISIS terrorist and beheaded him. As we read in one report on this act of justice: A Syrian Christian fighter has beheaded an Islamic State group (IS) militant to avenge people “executed” by the jihadists […]

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Muslim Man In Canada Attacks Christian Church And Desires To Kill The Pastor (Muslims Are Going To Start Murdering Christians In America, Get Ready)

By Theodore Shoebat A Muslim man in Canada, named Iqbal Hessan, attacked a church and desired to murder the pastor. This is only a sign that what the Muslims are doing in Iraq and Syria, they want to do in America and the rest of North America. I did a whole video on this anti-Christian […]

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HORRIFYING: Mass Grave Gets Discovered, Filled With 470 Bodies Of Victims Murdered By Muslims

By Theodore Shoebat A truly horrifying site was discovered in Iraq: a mass grave filled with 470 bodies, all murdered victims of ISIS. According to the report: Iraq has exhumed the remains of 470 people believed to have been executed by militants near Tikrit last year in what is known as the Speicher massacre, the […]

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American Forces Catch Major ISIS Commander And Kill Him (Justice Has Been Served)

By Theodore Shoebat American forces have just killed a major ISIS commander, Islamic State governor of Mosul, Ibrahim Younis Hamdani, as we read from one report: The Islamic State governor of Mosul, Ibrahim Younis Hamdani, was killed in an American airstrike Wednesday according to the Iraqi Defense Ministry. “Today, the ISIS governor was killed by […]

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FIGURES! Man arrested for several vandalism incidents at a Catholic church in Canada is a Muslim

By BI: Iqbal Hessan, 22, (photo below) Mississauga MUSLIM man from Afghanistan is facing several breaking and entering as well as mischief charges in relation to a number of vandalism incidents targeting St. Catherine of Siena church and school in Cooksville. For some reason, the Attorney General has not yet filed hate crime charges against the […]

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