Archive | May 30, 2015

NETHERLANDS: Christian Asylum Seekers routinely threatened and attacked by Muslims

By BI: An investigation from the Christian Asylum Seekers Aid Organization ‘Gave’, found that in 75% of all Dutch Asylum Centers Christians are discriminated against, in 67% of the centers they receive death threats, and in 33% of the centers they are subject to physical abuse. Balder  In many asylum centers in the Netherlands are Christians often […]

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Muslims Commit Five Million Abuses Against Innocent People, In Just Five Months

By Theodore Shoebat ISIS Muslims have committed five million abuses against innocent people, in only five months. According to one recent report: The High Commission for Human Rights in Iraq (IHCHR) has estimated the Islamic State group, or ISIS, has committed at least five million human right abuses in only five months, and has categorized […]

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SWEDEN: Elderly Swedish pensioners being evicted to make room for flood of Muslim colonizers and illegal aliens

By BI: 400 Swedish pensioners in Munkedal are being thrown out from “the Peoples House” after a so-called asylum baron decided to buy it and convert it to a home for new Swedes Muslim illegal aliens, welfare dependents , and potential terrorists from the third world. Swedish Surveryor  Local Social-Democratic politician Åsa Karlsson looks forward to the new […]

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Sharia-compliant New York Times won’t publish Mohammed cartoons but just published painting of Virgin Mary covered in elephant poop AGAIN!

By BI: The New York Times’ hypocrisy regarding displays of “offensive” religious imagery runs unabated. An article yesterday about the sale of Chris Ofili’s controversial painting showing the Virgin Mary clotted with elephant dung against a porn-collage background, was accompanied by a photo (below) of the offensive work. Newsbusters  Yet when the paper refused to reprint a cartoon of […]

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