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The U.S. State Department Is Now Al-Qaeda’s Command And Control Center

By Walid Shoebat The United States is “deeply concerned” about an Egyptian court decision to seek the death penalty for former President Mohamed Morsi, a State Department official said on Sunday. “We are deeply concerned by yet another mass death sentence handed down by an Egyptian court to more than 100 defendants, including former President […]

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The Amtrak Crash: Why The FBI Lied And Why It Is No Freak Accident Lending The Possibility Of A Terror Attack

By Walid Shoebat When the tragic Amtrak crash happened, initially, the media and the FBI reported that foul play or terrorism was ruled out. When this misinformation came out on the 13th of this month, reported on the same day, that such reports are not likely accurate, and that foul play or terrorism cannot be ruled out: […]

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BECAUSE THEY AREN’T MUSLIMS? Is that why the UN isn’t asking Europe and the U.S. to take in persecuted Assyrian Christians as refugees?

By BI: After failed negotiations, the Islamic State (IS) has refused to release 242 Assyrian Christian hostages captured during a late February raid along the Khabur River in Syria. Originally, they were demanding $242 million for the hostages. It is feared they will be turned into sex slaves and/or executed. Raymond Ibrahim  On May 1, IS demanded […]

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Donald Trump Attacks Obama’s Anti-Christian Immigration Policy, Saying: “Muslims can come in but Christians can’t, and the Muslims aren’t in danger but the Christians are.”

By Theodore Shoebat Donald Trump just attacked Obama’s anti-Christian immigration policy, in which Christians who are persecuted cannot come into the US, but Muslims — who are not being persecuted — can. He said: “Muslims can come in but Christians can’t, and the Muslims aren’t in danger but the Christians are.” Here is the video: […]

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